Cola. plans to follow Cayce's lead on idling city vehicles

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - The city of Cayce is trying to save gas and money with a new anti-idling policy.

The idea is to get employees in city vehicles to turn off the engine if they are parked for more than 30 seconds.

City leaders say idling vehicles take nearly 20 percent of fuel that a vehicle has in its tank.

They hope to save about $60,000.

The voluntary policy does not affect certain public safety vehicles, including utility vehicles and sanitation trucks.

Also in an effort to save gas money, City Manager Johnny Sharpe tells us Cayce has switched over to electric lawn mowers and bio diesel for vehicles that use diesel.

We wanted to know if other cities planned to adopt similar policies, so we contacted City of Columbia Mayor Bob Coble.

He says the city has verbally communicated the need to minimize idling throughout the city's fleet, and he tells us that the city is working on developing a written policy.

When that policy is announced, count on WIS News 10 to bring the details to you.

Updated by Logan Smith