Stepping beyond the line

Simran "Simmi" Singh
Simran "Simmi" Singh

In identifying the uniqueness of an individual, fears tend to arise about what others will think, what this all means, and how much more we are now required to be. What holds you back from stepping beyond your comfort zones? Are you grappling with feelings of unworthiness or non-deservedness? Is there a fear of failure or the unknown? Could it be that the greatest fear of all is actually being successful and having all you dream of?

Take a moment to imagine the life you desire. Settle into the feelings of it...where is it in your body? Breathe into the images as if they are real and exist in this moment. How do those around you feel about your life? How do you feel within the image? Can you invite that scenario into your life and affirm that you deserve it.

You have the ability to create your reality. What are you doing to manifest the vision that is your life's dream? Are you allowing yourself to believe that life can happen through you or are you buying into the limited perspective that life happens to you. Use the following steps to begin changing your reality into what you desire...

  • Who and what do you need to forgive?
  • Close your eyes and breathe.
  • Imagine the life you desire.
  • Tap into the feelings of having what you want.
  • Truly visualize yourself there in this moment.
  • Breathe into the vision and affirm its truth.
  • Release any individuals from the forgiveness work, especially yourself.

Simran "Simmi" Singh, Life Coach, Founder of BELIEVE...Choices for Conscious Living and Steward of 11:11 Magazine, is committed to the empowerment and growth of humanity. For comments or contact:  Lexington County, SC.