Many happy reunions at welcome home ceremonies for 218th

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Welcome home ceremonies for 218th soldiers were held all over the Midlands Thursday.

Two women who were there will be having a very sweet Mother's Day.

A warm embrace for the mother who's been embracing a warm cup of coffee while her son, Lt. Tyler Gibbs, was away.

"He's just always been very patriotic," says Deborah Gibbs.

Weeks ago, we introduced you to Deborah Gibbs' coffee group in Sumter, where they gathered to help Deborah get by.

Now she has her son back. But she says the coffee group will still brew on -- but with a different flavor.

"We will still be talking about him, the ladies trying to fix him up," Gibbs says.

"I'll swing by their coffee club, and say what's going on, how you doing," says Lt. Gibbs.

At the moment Deborah was getting ready to embrace Tyler, another mother-child reunion took on a different meaning.

Adriana is two, and when you're that young, waiting five months to see mommy is a long time.

"That's amazing. I haven't seen my baby since December. I'm happy, I'm just glad to be home," says Spc. Demetria Dickerson.

While on the ground in Afghanistan, Demetria says she missed the first moments when Adriana began to talk, and more.

"Just being around her, just watching her play and missing everything, watching her grow up, a lot," says Dickerson.

But now Adriana's got a lot to tell her, and everyone's got a lot of catching up to do.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith