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Fairfield Co. moonshine bust is biggest in county's history

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Fairfield County deputies have made one of the biggest moonshine busts the county has ever seen.

It took a gun, an ax and about half a dozen Fairfield County sheriff's deputies to get rid of a total of 30 gallons of moonshine.

"I am very proud of what took place," says Sheriff Young.

Investigators say they found about 20 gallons of the clear moonshine and another ten gallons of the dark, which are flavored with fruits.
And that's not to mention the four 55-gallon stills.

"This is a big operation," says Young.

Big, and dirty. We saw bugs inside one still, and a field mouse crawling around another.

A narcotics team stumbled upon the booze as a part of a drug bust.

"They were telling me you're not going to believe this," says Young.
Because the moonshine bust is part of a bigger investigation, we can't tell you where it was found.
But Sheriff Young says it's one of the biggest busts in Fairfield County history, and from the looks of things, the stills have been there for a while.

"We thought we did not have anymore," Young told WIS News 10.
Young says the last time moonshine was found in Fairfield County was five years ago.
Right now there are no suspects in this case, but investigators are looking.

"We will continue there's no doubt about that," says Young.

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Bryce Mursch

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