The inner child

Mothers Day just passed but for a woman that day needs to remain prominent year round. Within each woman, regardless of age, there are a multitude of younger women that are calling out to be seen. heard, loved, and mothered. These are the parts, pieces, and places of ourselves that may be wounded, shy, afraid, or hidden. Although the period before Mothers Day is spent acknowledging the Mother...the rest of the days need to be a time to sit with the little child inside and know her. It is a time to be the mother to that essence and give her what she, perhaps felt, was not received.

This is called unconditional love. It is an opportunity to know yourself on deeper levels. It is a chance to cherish yourself in ways no other individual ever can. It is the greatest gift of gratitude you can bestow upon your soul. It is in these places, these moments, these quiet parts of ourselves that the courage to be greater can blossom.In listening to their small voices, you will understand your fears and your desires. you will come to know what your heart yearns for. You will discover who you really are...

Allow yourself to feel.
Allow yourself to heal.
Allow yourself to play.
Allow yourself to speak.
Allow yourself to be heard.
Be your own witness.

Simran "Simmi" Singh, Life Coach, Founder of BELIEVE...Choices for Conscious Living and Steward of 11:11 Magazine, is committed to the empowerment and growth of humanity. For comments or contact:  Lexington County, SC.