In Honor of Moms

Simran "Simmi" Singh
Simran "Simmi" Singh

So often as we grow older, thoughts come to mind of the things that our Mothers say. In many instances we find ourselves repeating the same phrases, using the same motions, and mimicking gestures. To our shock and surprise we comment and say things to children, friends, and loved ones that we never thought we would say...because we are simply acknowledging that in doing so.. we might be becoming our mothers. In lieu of Mothers is important to honor them for who they have been in our lives.

You chose your mother just as she chose you in a cosmic contract for the purposes of both learning some lessons, achieving growth, and discovering one another. She has been your role model, both good and bad...and for that be grateful. She has given you the version of love, femininity, strength, courage, vulnerability and perseverance that was what she had been taught. In doing so, she also gave you the right to choose...the right to follow within her footsteps and continue her tradition... or the option to select a different path and establish your own legacy.

As you move through this week...and you think of your Mother
Honor her for who she is, who she has been, and who she continues to become.
Honor her for her struggles, heartbreaks, and attempts.
Honor her for her wins, successes, and creativity.
Honor her for being herself.
Honor her for doing the best she could in the moment.
Honor her for holding the torch of the feminine.
Honor her for living, breathing, and being who she needed to be for you to become who you are. 
And accept the way that all women desire to be acknowledge, accepted, loved, seen, and heard

Simran "Simmi" Singh, Life Coach, Founder of BELIEVE...Choices for Conscious Living and Steward of 11:11 Magazine, is committed to the empowerment and growth of humanity. For comments or contact:  Lexington County, SC.