What is Your Worth?

Simran 'Simmi' Singh
Simran 'Simmi' Singh

So often women judge there worth on what they can do, how many tasks can be completed, or the degree to which others need her. As important as this all seems, it can also lead to feeling like a drained cup. Children, jobs, partners, and chores can lead to a deficit of time for the self. And often, the little things, and sometimes the big roles that women play within a family, a home, or a career can get taken for granted. That is why it is necessary to know your own worth.

It is not for the sake of shouting it from the rooftops, or making other people aware. It is first to become aware ourselves. How do you value yourself? What do you consider valuable? Do you make excuses as to why there is no time, not enough funds, or simply that others needs are more important? How often do you place yourself on the back-burner? It is time to...

  1. Buy yourself flowers.
  2. Have a massage or day at the spa.
  3. Take yourself on a date.
  4. Buy something frivolous or fun.
  5. Take a bubble bath with candles, rose petals, and champagne.
  6. Say no once in a while.