After delays, families of the 218th are ready to welcome them home

LUGOFF, SC (WIS) - The wait on travel delays for 218th soldiers stuck in Kuwait is excruciating for family members here at home.
One of those still waiting is Carol Bowling. But Tuesday she finally got the news she has been waiting for.

Around the Bowling residence in Lugoff there are signs that a soldier is fixing to come home.
A yellow ribbon on the mailbox, and balloons in the den next to a family picture were all supposed to be in place for Doug Bowling's return last week, but now Doug is scheduled to get back later.

"Hopefully he'll be in Bragg on Thursday," says Carol Bowling.
Carol has been waiting for word on Doug's return. He was supposed to be back last Tuesday, but a bankrupt airline postponed their reunion, and getting answers hasn't been easy.

"I talked to him a few minutes ago, he said they may be getting some more news soon," said Carol.

We asked Carol if she was worried that different news may be bad, and she said, "I'm wondering... I'm wondering... I'm hoping he'll hurry up and call me."
Carol thought that she and her children Jay and Leanna would be spending their first weekend in months with Doug last week. But something told her to hold off on putting up those welcome home balloons last Monday night.

"I'm glad I didn't because it was the very next morning that I found out they weren't coming home. We still have those balloons waiting," she says.
Most frustrating is all the preparation, only to have to do it all over again one week later.

"Your house is ready, your yard is ready, your house is clean, then you hear it's going to be a little while longer. It's frustrating," Carol told WIS News 10.

There's also having to explain to her small children what daddy is doing while he's supposed to be playing "kissing monster" with them at home.

But just minutes after we finished our interview the phone rang. It was Doug, and the news is good. Doug should still be home on Thursday.
But Carol says she's not going to be happy until Doug's boots are on the ground at Fort Bragg.

"I'll believe it when he's here," she says.

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Reported by Drew Stewart

Posted by Logan Smith