So What's LCD Treatment Like?

Well, it's very simple and safe. First we set you up with an automatic shoulder support system, the LCD system slowly lowers you into a horizontal position. You are lying face up and face down. The automatic shoulder support system stabilizes your upper body.

The advanced computer system automatically adjusts to the proper angle of distraction, an air bladder system acts as a fulcrum to the angle of pull, allowing us to target specific discs... are causing your pain and symptoms.

The distractive forces utilize a logarithmic curve to avoid proprioceptor response, which would create muscle spasm. The split table design decrease friction and allows separation of the vertebra, minimizing the effect of gravity. Basically, you lay face up and the amazing LCD computer simulates an anti-gravity effect on your back that helps herniated material return to its normal position and stop the pain.

Out patients describe the treatment as a gentle, painless, intermittent pulling of your back. Many patients actually fall asleep during treatment!
You'll typically undergo 15 to 20 treatments sessions. Each treatment last between 15-20 minutes. This, of course, depends on your individually case and is determined by a thorough evaluation.

Following each session, a cold pack and electric muscle stimulation are applied to help pain relief and speed the healing process. It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments. Some after just one. The really good news in... this is not something you have to continue to do for the rest of your life! So it's a very small commitment on your part!

Imagine living the rest of your life without pain!

Imagine waking up each day with zero back pain!

Now, you may be sick and tired trying new things. Maybe you've tried everything else already. Even so, YOU MUST give LCD a try!

Maybe you're considering the family doctor, your friend's doctors and every other type of doctor. First, let me say that most doctors do not know how to treat pack pain let alone use LCD techniques. Some are what I call "West Side Story" Doctors.

The only way they know how to solve their patients problem is by slicing and dicing with a knife! Despite all the education, the logic is absent and prevents them from solving the true problem. As a result, many back pain suffers make their pain worse after surgery. Please, and listen very closely right now, do not think that back surgery is the answer. Yes, many people have done the surgery and have gotten worse. (Up to 80%!)

Why do doctors recommend surgery so much? Well, that's a good questions. For one, surgery is big bucks! I'm not talking just for the patient, I'm also talking about for the doctor that performs it. There are many times a patient legitimately needs surgery. Some wounds, accidents and natural born deformities require surgery. However, for the average back pain patient, SURGERY may not be needed. This probably means you.

"Why Do People Have Surgery Even When They've Seen And Heard About The Poor Results? Just Ask This Person..."

Good question. Ask the man I recently read about that was mountain climbing. (This is a true story and you can probably remember reading about it a few months back.)

He was thousands of feet on the side of a mountain when he ran into a bit of a problem. His arm got caught between a rock and with his hang cord. He literally hung there trying to release himself for over 48 hours! His life was now in danger. He had to make a decision.

Will he starve up there? Will he die, or will he choose to cut his arm off!! (I don't mean to get so graphic, but the point of this story will be an eye opener for you if you're even slightly considering surgery.) He chose the latter. Yep, he chose to cut it (arm) off. True story. With his small buck knife he slowly removed his arm so he could free himself from dying. He later said that he didn't regret his decision. He said he'd rather save his life and live it with one arm, than have the opposite happen.

The last thing in the world any of us would do is cut our arm off! However, if it meant our life was at stake, we may consider it, but only in that situation would we do something so desperate. Which leads me to this: Why would someone cut off his or her arm? DESPERATION! No other choice! The last option! The only option!

Why does someone with back get their back operated on? Why do they choose the "cut" option? DESPERATION! The only option! No other choice!

Someone once said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge!" also, "With knowledge comes responsibility!" After reading the rest of this free report, when I reveal to you a simple, effective way to eliminate your back pain without surgery, you will no longer have to consider getting surgery because you will have the knowledge of a tiny little secret that most people who get surgery don't even know about until its too late. Fortunately, this isn't going to be you.

"So, if my family doctor really doesn't know how to eliminate back pain, and the only thing he or she will do is recommend me to a back doctor which will probably end up in the operating room, who does know, how can I get help to remove my back pain?"

The answer is revealed by starting on "page 1".

"Don't Start Here If You Want To Relieve Your Back Pain!"

Most start on page 2. This is wrong.

"Give me some pain killers!" "AHHHH I feel better!" "Wait a minute, it hurts again..." "AHHH, more pain killers, I feel better!" Wait a minute...." and so on.

Or, "My doctor told me I just have to live with the pain.." Or, "I'll just go get another MRI, maybe they'll find something this time..." Or, "Maybe I'll just take the plunge and get the surgery,
I'll only be out of work for a few weeks, forget about the risks or side effects...I'll be okay..."

My suffering friend, this is all starting on page 2, you're smarter than that...start on page one!

"Okay, how do I start on page 1?"

ANSWER: YOU must start by helping yourself by acknowledging the following 4 Secrets that most back pain sufferers either don't know or ignore about back pain:

1. Back pain is a symptom, usually not the problem
2. Back pain isn't eliminated by drugs (this is the biggest deception)
3. Your body is equipped with a built in "back pain removal system" for me to use anytime 
4. Back pain gets worse by my lack of maintenance and poor physical health

Listen, this isn't some mumbo jumbo stupid attempt to get you to buy some supplements or magic back pain relief pill. This is me trying, yelling desperately, "DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER. YOU MAY BE GOING THE WRONG WAY, LET ME HELP YOU!!! YOUR BACK CAN POSSIBLY FEEL BETTER, YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE PAIN FREE, STOP, STOP!! You need to give this almost incredible new technology called LCD! I'll show you how in a minute.