Severe storms, tornadoes tear through Southeast

SOUTHEAST (NBC) - A severe storm system wreaked havoc across a large part of the country bringing everything from flooding to tornados.
In Kentucky a woman and her teenage daughter were trapped in their van by floodwater.

It took over an hour before rescue crews pulled them to safety

"It just came up really quick and started to move the van sideways," said Janet Vinson.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the storm spawned a tornado in the dark of night sending residents scrambling for shelter

Witness Rii MacFugison said, "As soon as I got in I told everybody it's here. By that time we were running to the back, the tornado hit."

Outside, the high winds tore at buildings.

"The roof is totally gone off his house. It's flattened, the whole roof is gone," said MacFugison.

Trees were ripped from the ground and cars and planes tossed like they were toys.

Not far from little rock, Arkansas, a police cruiser's dash cam caught the storm as it passed by.

The camera shows arching power lines and flying debris.

But the winds weren't the worst for the one mobile home park where homes caught on fire in the storm.
By daylight you could see, what the fire hadn't destroyed, downed trees nearly did.

And once again, in a year where severe weather has already brought so many, such misery, communities are being left to pick up the pieces and move on.

Incredibly no deaths are reported though there several people were injured.

Posted by Logan Smith