Wrought Iron: A Great Way to Add Curb Appeal

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(ARA) - The handcrafted look of wrought iron has been gaining popularity in a wide range of home décor for some time now. In fact, it was named the number one decorating trend for 2007 by noted designer Melodi Oswald.

These days you can find the decorative metal on entrance doors, fences and porch railings. Homeowners have also embraced wrought iron as a decorative element, like hinges and handles, on garage doors for some time. But did you know that the new trend is for wrought iron to be used as the primary building material in the construction of garage doors?

This look takes center stage on the Dynasty Iron Doors being distributed by Amarr.

"Name any area of the home -- bedrooms, kitchens, patio areas and garage doors -- and you'll find a rapidly increasing consumer demand for wrought iron," says Vickie Lents, Amarr's residential doors category director. "Wrought iron can be adapted to any decorating style, either as a primary element or an accent, and is quickly becoming highly sought-after in garage door design and construction."

This unique, old world look is catching on in many parts of the country as more and more homeowners seek to increase their home's curb appeal. Those who have utilized the look of wrought iron are more than pleased with the results.

"Homeowners who have installed ornamental iron garage doors tell us that they provide the 'wow factor' they've been searching for," Lents says. "Garage doors, and many other home accents, have been moving toward a European style and this is a continuation of that trend."

In addition to new construction and modern homes, wrought iron garage doors also work well with the architecture of a wide range of historic homes. Whether the style of home is Tuscan, Old World, contemporary or historic, wrought iron garage doors are the perfect complement to the highly popular tile roofs, stacked stone home exteriors, and even brick. Lents says that consumers like wrought iron because it helps soften the overall look of a home's exterior, giving it texture while making a powerful style statement.

The doors recently introduced by Amarr are manufactured by Dynasty Iron Doors, a company with a reputation for excellence in wrought iron door construction. Based in Phoenix, Dynasty started using wrought iron in the construction of entry doors, and then pioneered the look for garage doors.

"We've received a tremendous response from consumers who are hungry to use wrought iron in their homes," says Dynasty co-founder Kevin Wright. "When you think about it, garage doors are a large piece of the exterior look of your home, so it's fitting that ornamental wrought iron be part of the overall architecture. Wrought iron garage doors give homes unique character and curb appeal."

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