(4-2-2008) What do you think of the decision to name Darrin Horn head USC basketball coach?

What do you think of the decision to name Darrin Horn head USC basketball coach?

  • DT, Columbia, SC
    As an engineer with a graduate degree, a published book and several innovations, I earn nothing near the amounts paid Coach Horn. Guess instead of us parents calling our kids in to do homework, we should send them back outside to practice sports more.
  • TW, Irmo
    When any team at USC is able to keep their players on the court or field more than the time spent in jail I may start to care again.
  • Nc, lexington
    I feel sorry for Coach Horn. I have watched wonderful coaches come and go in USC basketball, after having their careers all but ruined. I knew Coach Odom and his son when I taught in Winston-Salem; there is not a finer role model for young men anywhere. How did USC treat him? With little respect and no class! Good luck, Coach Horn; you will need it here!
  • JC, Irmo
    Just another new chicken to pluck!
  • NG, Columbia
    Refreshing to have a young coach who acknowledges what is most important to him...his faith. South Carolina Gamecock Basketball will definitely benefit from his talent, commitment and his faith.
  • TA,
    The youth in a new coach is a step in the right direction, however, I do feel that his compensation package is high. As a former member of the Gameecock Club, it wasn't unusal to be solicited for monies to support USC sports. I no longer belong to the Gamecock Club because they didn't seem to care about the members, only the member's money.
  • TS, Irmo
    I don't think people should be dissapointed or doubt him, he's got a good record and we should be excited to have him as our coach.
  • RM, Columbia
    (Please use)I think this is a great start for USC to get back to thier winning ways: It will take time for Coach Horn but I see USC making a run at the SEC title in a few years and a NCAA tourney birth also. Gamecock Basketball has been waiting for a coach that can make it to the NCAA's year after year: And I am tired of USC going to the NIT and I know a lot of USC fans are also, Please use my response Thanks GO Gamecocks!!!
  • jd, columbia
    great!! maybe the students will get behind the basketball team like they do with the football team.
  • JT, Columbia
    He has to be a great man with a daughter named Caroline.
  • WS, Newberry
    Why can't USC take their basketball program seriously? USC has never had a consistent good team, EVER! Who is this new guy? Why can't we get someone that will recruit and will bring home at least an SEC title every year? USC Basketball is horrible. I am a gamecock fan, but the basketball team needs a miracle. Good greif...
  • JS, rRdgeway
    If you compare what the new USC coach is receiving compared to other universities such as Duke, UNC, UCLA, you will see the the new coach is under paid. The athletic department I believe is self supportive and the salaries are not paid from student tuitions.
  • RB, Rock Hill
    This is a great hire. Someone young with energy, and someone who will energize the basketball program. A welcome change.
  • KP, Sumter
    I think Horn is an excellent pickup for USC. Grant and Capel were the first choices but declined the job. WKU was once a very good basketball team in the 60's and 70's but have not done very much since that time. Horn did an excellent job in getting them back into the tournament this year and making a run to the Sweet 16. He is young and enthusiastic and will do well with USC's facilities.
  • BC, Blythewood
    The decision to hire Horn appears to be an excellent first hire for Eric Hyman. The youth and energy that he will bring to the Gamecocks is something that is sorely needed. Though there appear to be no scholarships available this year, and therefore not an issue right now, I am concerned about his ability to recruit championship level talent to the USC program to compete for SEC Championships year-in and year-out. I'm not saying that he can't recruit, just that I didn't see a massive amount of talent at Western Kentucky.
  • TC, Columbia
    Great choice. Young, but not too young and a successful mid-major coach. Just what our AD said he was looking for. With that being said, we paid him way too much money. Give him a nice raise from where he is coming from but make him earn the rest. $800K plus guaranteed is way too much.
  • WS, Lexington
    I think It is Great and I hope that he can begin to Make South Carolina a place to be recruited by and start a winning tradition... Nice also that we will schedule W. Kentucky also.
  • DT, West Columbia
    I know nothing about Darrin Horn, so what follows has nothing to do with him personally. What caught my attention was the astronomical salary the new coach will make. $250,000 base pay, $550,000 in endorsements, appearances, etc., and other possible incentives that could earn him as much as $1,100,000 (more or less)!!! And that is just the head coach of the men's basketball team! What about his staff? What about baseball? What about FOOTBALL! It boggles the mind. The next time USC complains about a lack of funds I don't want to hear it.
  • HB, Columbia
    He sure is cute. USC won't have any problem filling the seats with females once he starts coaching. He needs to be the recruiting coordinator for the women's team.