(3-31-2008) What are your thoughts on the Columbia City Council race?

What are your thoughts on the Columbia City Council race?

  • JP, Columbia
    There is so much fraud, corruption, theft and waste of taxpayer money, they should all be replaced, the mayor, administrator and all council members.
  • CM, Columbia
    City Council is poised to make a number of important decisions which will affect the future of our city. We citizens cannot afford to take a hands off approach. This city council election has inspired many people to take interest and action on these critical issues. We are voting for Belinda Gergel because she brings the intelligence, energy and experience necessary to guide Columbia toward the greatness that it so richly deserves.
  • AO, Lugoff
    Chalk this up to be a typical political race in the great state of SC. Candidates begin getting desperate for votes at the races end and will do and say anything at the expense of another to capture a vote.
  • RS, Columbia
    Whomever city residents decide to elect, I just hope its an improvement on the current slate of jokers who run one of the most incompetent governments in this state. I hope the new council members can get a grasp on absurd city salaries that are out of control, inept accounting practices, and stop Mayor Boob from siphoning off tens of millions from Water Department Revenue to spend on everything else BUT water system maintenance.