Four 218th soldiers survive attack on Humvee

AFGHANISTAN (WIS) - You've seen video of attacks on troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this one hit close to home.

In what was a very close call, an IED badly damaged one of the 218th's humvees while patrolling the desert in Afghanistan earlier this month.

On board was South Carolina legislator James Smith, who told WIS' Hannah Horne, "It's amazing we're alive."

It was the work of an improvised explosive device, or IED, that targeted a group of our soldiers.

Photos sent to WIS show the front end of the humvee torn off, the engine a mangled mess and nothing left of the truck's undercarriage.

Another photo shows the men who were riding in the truck when the explosion happened. They include Representative James Smith and three fellow soldiers.

Smith tells WIS they are all ok but suffered scrapes, bruises and at least one had a concussion.

Smith said the team of nine soldiers and two interpreters spend their days in rugged terrain - going from mountains to deserts, in extreme weather conditions, chasing the Taliban.

He said, despite the dangers, it's been an "amazing experience" and he's privileged to serve.

This team will be some of the last members of the 218th to return home.

He asks for continued prayers for all of the soldiers who are in what he called "very bad situations."

Reported by: Hannah Horne

Posted by Bryce Mursch