April showers

Simran “Simmi” Singh
Simran “Simmi” Singh

MIDLANDS - Emotion is something that sometimes people feel afraid of sharing. There are people that wish they did not have to show certain emotions, particularly those that are sad, or angry or uncomfortable. As April approaches, so do April showers. Nature teaches us there are seasons for all things. Every part is necessary and serves a purpose. Showers, water, rain, tears...all signify cleansing; a washing away.

It is essential, as women, that we allow our emotions to flow, tears to shed, and laughter to flow outward. When we suppress our feelings and emotions, we also suppress our power. Unless we are willing to recognize every part of ourselves, we cannot recognize ALL of ourselves. So the next time a tear comes your way...

  1. It is time for a cleansing.
  2. A healing of an old wound is about to occur.
  3. An abundance of joy is waiting just on the other side.
  4. You have just moved to a new level of growth and understanding who you are.
  5. You have allowed yourself more access to your power.
  6. You give other women the permission to be vulnerable, authentic, and strong

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