California group comes to Bishopville to investigate "Lizard Man"

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - Stories of the Lizard Man and the van belonging to Bob and Dixie Rawson in Lee County have hit the national media.
After one man saw the Rawsons' story, he came to Bishopville to check it out.
Tom Biscardi runs Searching for Bigfoot, a group out of California that investigates experiences with creatures like Bigfoot.

"We traveled over 3100 miles to see what chewed up her van," Biscardi told WIS News 10.

Searching for Bigfoot has been around for 35 years. They came to Bishopville to ask questions about the legend of the Lizard Man.
The Bigfoot team will also make molds of the teeth marks the Rawsons say they found in their van.
Then they'll run those molds against imprints they say they already have in their system to see if there is any kind of match.

"We're going to do some swabs, and with the swabs we're going to take the blood samples and see if we can get some DNA out of them," said Biscardi.

Biscardi says he has been investigating Bigfoot-like incidents for about 35 years.

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Posted by Logan Smith