(3-28-2008) Do you think the city of Columbia should allow Beer and Wine sales on Sunday?

Do you think the city of Columbia should allow Beer and Wine sales on Sunday?

  • AW, Orangeburg
    no beacuse sunday suppose to be a day of rev. even though god did turn water into wine but that was because the water back then we infectous to drink it is already i think against federal Law to buy Beer on Sundays execpt in private
  • WS, Batesburg
    What's the big deal? Can't you buy drinks on Sundays at restaurants? What about tightening laws on gun control? What about the law against burning the United States flag, bet you didn't know that is "not" illegal. Government seems to think that the ten commandments aren't important and shouldn't be placed in some places, yet they want to keep us from working and drinking on Sundays? Government has no "common sense".
  • WT, Columbia
    No,there are 6 other days of the week to buy alcohol.
  • SJ, Camden
    Yes, it's time for the Bible belt state to loosen it's reigns on us. The Blue collar law needs to go also.
  • KP,
    Yes. If I can go to a restaurant or pub and obtain alcohol, I should be able to go to a store and buy alcohol.
  • TD, wedgefield s.c.
    Its about time we had a real "separation of church and state"not to mention the selectivity of the silly blue laws..its nothing but an antiquated trade restriction..although me and my wife dont drink,we dont see the logic in not being able to avail yourself of all the goods and services at your favorite store,reguardless of what day of the week it is...thank you for asking.
  • mr, columbia
  • Mh, columbia
    I think this sorry state needs to move up with other states and quite staying twenty years behind!! I‘m glad we're moving away from this sorry state soon!!
  • FW, Winnsboro
    No. We've legalized so much illegal stuff already that we are simply out of control. We take God out of our children and fill them alcohol, drugs and gangs !! We as Christians need to take a stand in whats right and make our voices heard!
  • MW, elgin
    Yes beer and wine sales should be allowed on Sundays.Columbia allows beer and wine sales at restaurants and bars on Sunday so what is the difference if people buy and take it home to consume.
  • LA, Columbia
    Why not?
  • AR, Ridgeway
    Why not , SC is full of booze hounds any way and are going to get it one way or another so why not let them buy it on sunday. they have no regard for driveing drunk any way or with kids in the car or drinking around kids and buying it for underage kids. they will find some way to get it so go for it !!
  • MP, Cades
    I think before they even decide to do that, they should all together get rid of the blue laws.
  • DP, Winter Springs, FL.
    I wish alcohol had never been invented; not only does it destroy people's brain cells & liver, it drastically alters people's moods & actions, making them do things that a sober person wouldn't dream of doing.I know this because my father is a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol plays a major role in a lot of the violent crimes nowadays. So to answer the question of the day,no.
  • aK, Lexington
    No, there should not be any sales of beer or wine on Sunday. I still have a hard time with stores being open on Sundays. Just call me old fashion, but I am only 36 years old. The only time I do go shopping on Sundays are to the grocery store and only if I really need to go.
  • TH, Columbia
    Yes, beer and wine should be allowed to be sold on Sunday. If you are against this, don't buy it on Sunday: stock up on Saturay night and you will not be affected.
  • mb, columbia
    no i do not thank we sould have it at all
  • WW, Columbia
    Yes, if the voters approve it. The last time I checked, this was still a democracy where contrary to the NAACP, the majority rules.
  • TW, Columbia
    I think that the "blue laws" have been totally taken over by money seeking government, and by not allowing beer and wine sales on Sunday is just another example of how our government seeks to control our lives. I imagine if enough politicians wanted these laws changed, they would have been on the State House floor years ago.
  • AM, Goose Creek
    Good opportunity to ask the new City Police chief what his position on this would be.
  • JB, Columbia
    I beleive beer and wine sales on Sunday should be allowed. It is allowed in Charleston already and many other parts of our state. This could also help the revenue of many businesses. I truly believe that if someone is of age to drink, then our state lawmakers don't especially have the right to act as "babysitters" nor treat adults as though they are unable to make decisions for themselves.
  • MH, Irmo
    I think all of you have got problems. I guess that need is so great that why don't they just open 24 hours a day and let it take some more lives. When are you all going to wake up and see what the stuff that you can't live without is doing to innocent people that cherish there family. But I guess life is so bad you need to get something that for a moment takes all of your problems away. WAKE UP YOU PEOPLE and focus on things more important than selling that number one killer in the world.
  • WF, batesburg
    Of course you should be able to buy alcohol (any type) on Sunday. It should be a statewide mandate. You should be able to buy anything that you would buy any other day of the week on Sunday. If it's against your religious beliefs to shop on Sunday, then stay home - just don't try to inflict your beliefs on everyone else. It's high time we get rid of the antiquated, ass backward blue laws.
  • KP, Lexington
    Not being able to puchase beer, wine, or alcohol on a Sunday does NOTHING to stop people - yes, even good, bible-banging, god-fearing Christians - to drink and get drunk on a Sunday. They just buy what they need on Saturday. To SR of W. Cola - how egocentric can you and others be? - not ALL religions celebrate their beliefs on Sundays. Does that mean spirits should not be sold on Friday or Saturday either to accommodate those religions? Why are SC's outdated, religiously one-sided, ridiculous 19th century edicts, allowed to intefere in the right of any business owner to operate and sell their services on a Sunday, at any time of the day. It is time, past time, for the death of ALL Blue Laws in SC. You are either religious or not. You either go to church or not. Old, stupid laws should not change your basic principles. If they do, how strong are your beliefs anyway? Let them sell whatever they want every day of the week - as a consumer you do not have to buy the products if you do not want to - no matter what day of the week it is. SC, it is time to become part of the 21st century!
  • sM, Columbia
    Sounds to me like a bunch of drunks responded to this question. And if thats all that is driving the decision on this, we are in trouble.
  • CL, Lexington
    Yes! I personally don't drink at all, but I think it's just another way to keep the Government controlling of it's citizens. The same goes with the Lexington County Blue Laws. They are outdated and need to be removed. My husband makes sure he has a 12 pack on Saturday if he decides to watch games/race and drink beer. Get with the times South Carolina, this has nothing to do with God. Just another way for our elected officials to control this backwards bible belt State.
  • TC, Columbia
    I just saw some of the other viewers responses on your seven o'clock report and don't agree with the person who said "it is not a neccessary item". Are lottery tickets or candy bars a neccessary item?! This persons response was bias against alcohol. I think that we should be able to purchase alcohol on any day of the week. Most people prepare for this but for those who don't and want to throw together a dinner party on Sunday, should not have to race out to the store at 11:45 on Saturday night.
  • TS, Columbia
    Yes, stores should be able to sell beer and wine on Sundays. We can go to restaurants/bars and drink on Sundays. What's the difference? It's not going to increase drunk driving accidents. Going to a restaurant/bar creates a higher chance of that. But, we can all buy what we WANT on other days. So, we can drink as much on Sundays as any other days. Really, what's the real issue here? If you don't drink or want to buy on Sundays - DON'T.
  • MF, Columbia
    The issue sounds like you are promoting drinking and driving on Sunday since you will not allow customers to purchase what they need on Sunday and go home to drink.
  • KM, Columbia
    Allowing alcohol to be sold on Sunday isn't going to change the fact that I'm a practicing Christian. I don't see any reason why my religious affiliation/beliefs should dictate how someone else lives their lives.
  • BA, Hopkins
    Why not? Most individuals who drink on Sunday get their supply throughout the week or purchase the alcohol Saturday evening, whether at a bar or retail outlet. If drinking on Sunday is 'unholy', then some should read their Bible more. Wine was drunk with meals during these times. When Communion in the church was practiced in earlier times, sacramental wine was served. For those who don't want booze sold on Sundays, let them buy the stuff and drink on Saturday.
  • LK, Columbia
    I am usually hung over on Sundays and dont want to buy beer but I think if I wanted to I should be able to do so.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    From reading a lot of the comments here, the problem with South Carolina is that so many want to impose their religious beliefs on others and fail to use their gray matter. Most people stock up on beer, wine, and liquor on Saturday because they know alcohol is not sold on Sundays. If you want to believe in Jesus, Buddah, Mohammad, or whoever the latest religious fashionable is that is your business. Please keep it that way - Your Business.
  • m , columbia
    i think it is the most ridiculous thing for people to not be able to buy beer on Sunday. not everyone shares the same religion-so why should we keep these old, southern baptist laws? it shouldn't matter what day of the week it is
  • BR, Lexington
    Yes, I do think the City of Columbia should allow beer and wine sales on Sundays
  • LP, Irmo
    Yes. We definitely should. For South Carolina to have these blue laws makes us look backwards and behind modern times. I don't think stores should be closed until 1:30 anymore either.
  • BR,
    I completely agree with PW, sumter. People will go to bars/resturants on Sundays to drink, then drive home. I think it may eliminate drunk driving and accidents. Drinkers are going to get alcohol on Sundays anyway, might as well make it legal. This is a country of freedom anyway.
  • TS, Elgin
    Yes I do think that Beer And Wine Should Be sold on Sunday .For the fact that if you don't want to by it on sunday Don't
  • SH, Columbia
    No. Maybe people should seek rehab if they can't make it one day without.
  • Cs, chapin
    I will not buy any more beer based on Sunday sales , I would just change my buying habits.I now buy a 12 pack on Saturday to allow for Sunday closings, but if The stores want to be open I will only buy the six pack each day.Yea I win
  • Cs, chapin
    I will not buy any more beer based on Sunday sales , I would just change my buying habits.I now buy a 12 pack on Saturday to allow for Sunday closings, but if The stores want to be open I will only buy the six pack each day.Yea I win
  • LA, Irmo
    I think beer and wine should be sold on Sunday. Think about it this way. Why buy enough to stock up during the week for a get together on Sunday? I'm going to be tempted to drink up my stock on Friday and Saturday and need to refresh for Sunday lol But. I think if they do that, then they also need to allow sales of all kinds on Sunday
  • SR, West Columbia
    Sunday is the Sabbath,,a day for going to church and being with family. Not only should it not be sold on Sunday ,but no place should even be open on Sunday. That is what is wrong with our world now. People put everything before God !! Absolutely NO !!!
  • cm, elgin
    Absolutely not. There are enough drunks on the roads Monday through Saturday. And selling cold beer is just plain stupid to start with. It's invitation to buy it and drink it immediately, generally while driving
  • JW, Lexington
    Yes. I think that the time has come to open up beer and wine sales on Sunday. You can buy anything else that you want on Sunday.
  • RB, Chapin
    Serious drinkers have always been able to obtain beer/wine on Sundays why not make it legal.....
  • RS, Columbia
    Well, the City let's everything known to man happen in City Hall and is run by a bunch of incompetent crooks so why not sell alcohol on Sundays.
  • PW, Sumter
    YES! It is the most ridiculous thing to not sell beer or wine on Sundays. Everyone in the state of South Carolina does not share the same religion or religous beliefs. What's next? Banning the sales of tabacco on Sunday?? How about gas? Maybe we should all ride horses on Sundays. Get over it. If you do not want to drink beer or wine on Sundays then don't buy it, but who gives you the right to tell me that I can't?!?!
  • KL,
    Of course. If people want to drink on Sunday, they'll do it regardless. Just stock up during the week. Do you think NOT selling alcohol on Sundays will keep people from drinking? These Blue Laws are the silliest thing I've heard of.
  • GM, Columbia
    I do not agree with the sale of any kind of alcohal on Sunday.
  • DA, Irmo, S.C.
    Yes. Other states sell beer and wine on Sunday, and you can buy clothing, groceries, etc.; so why not Beer and Wine?
  • TH, Lexington
    I think all cities/counties in SC should allow beer and wine sales on Sundays. Who has the right to tell citizens what they can and can not buy and when they can buy it. And to take it a step futher all counties/cities in SC should get rid of the blue laws. They are outdated and once again I vote for political officials to make decisions on my behalf that are part of the whole. The decision of when and what to purchase is no one elses business but mine.
  • JB, Columbia
    Absolutely the city of Columbia should allow beer and wine sales on Sunday.
  • jb, chapin
    Without a doubt this has been a big issue in South Carolina. I can see both sides of the argument but it is time to move on just like with the mini bottle.We are last in the changing of any and all old school rules and we need to see what changes we can make to improve our general lifestyle without feeling like we are boxed in in our own community as to our freedoms of purchase.
  • mb, columbia
    No! Anyone that wants beer or wine on Sunday should plan ahead. This is not an item that is necessary.
  • MP, Columbia
    Yes. If I decide on Sunday afternoon to have friends over for dinner or a get-together that evening, I should be able to hit the grocery store real quick to pick up some wine and beer. Anyone who feels this is against their religion doesn't have to buy it.
  • TD, Elgin
    What a hypocrite Bob Coble is. He claims nobody has contacted him about Sunday sales. It is unbelivable that none of the beer and wine distrubtors has done so. If we allow all the restaurants to sell alcohol on Sundays, and the grocery stores are allowed to be open on Sunday, the why can't all have the choice to by alcohol on Sunday? There certainly is a lot of alcohol sold at Fort Jackson on Sundays. Let the retailers decide. If they want to open on Sundays and they have the business, let them make sales.
  • CW, Sumter
    Of course alcohol should be available for purchase on Sunday. I can only hope that the county and/or city of Sumter follow suit. This goes hand-in-hand with the government getting their hands in the baseball steroid issue; aren't there more important things going on than wasting legislation time on regulating days for alcohol sales and baseball players' steroid use?!
  • AG, Columbia
    I think the city of Columbia should absolutely allow beer and wine sales on Sunday because not only will it create a significant economic impact in our city, but it is also a step in the right direction to help rid Columbia of some very outdated blue laws.
  • FB, Lexington
    It seems odd that persons who want to plan an activity involving beer or wine on Sunday have to make an effot to buy more than enough on Saturday knowing the government will bar the purchase on Sunday. If you can go into a resturant and drink all you want and not at home; isn't there an irony here?
  • TC, columbia
    Don't we have ENOUGH problems already? Selling beer and wine will just add to the problems we already have. Besides....there are ways people will find other ways to get beer and wine anyway on Sunday...so what difference would it make? Oh, I see...it's all about the almight dollar!!!
  • DT, West Columbia
    I say yes. But since mine isn't the only say, why not put it to a vote?
  • JB, Gaston
    No, I do not. I believe that all stores should be closed on Sunday to give everyone a break and a day of rest and people that would like to go to church would not have to worry about having to work.
  • AD, columbia
    Yes, I think Columbia should allow beer and Wine sales on Sunday. Isn't it better to have people drinking at home? I agree that the liquor stores & big beer stores could stay closed and not feel that have to be open.
  • LR, Prosperity
    I feel that all liquor stores and sales should be suspended on Sunday, that God's Day and should be observed as such.
  • DS, Lexington
    I strongly believe that the city of Cloumbia should not allow Beer and Wine slaes on Sunday.
  • JK, Columbia
    I assume you mean sales in stores versus restaurants - yes I think it is about time Columbia moved toward the 21st century.