(3-25-2008) Do you think interest in the Iraq War has decreased over the past 5 years? If so, why?

Do you think interest in the Iraq War has decreased over the past 5 years?  If so, why?

  • SM, Lexington
    I believe it has. It's gone on so long, it's become old news. I know it isn't for those with loved ones in the armed forces over there, but for the general public, I think their focus has shifted closer to home. Right now their wallets are being hit, between gas prices and the recession that isn't coming our way. That's where the focus is now.
  • SH, Columbia
    Yes. 1. Americans have forgotten what this war is about; it's about the perished lives on 9/11. 2. The liberal media attention doesn't state any positive result of this war. The only thing I ever hear is negativity and how many lives have been lost. Could something positive be reported sometimes? Or does the public only want to hear doom and gloom because misery loves company?
  • LA, Irmo
    Yes, the interest has decreased. It's because when the war first started, everyone wanted revenge. Or to keep the war away from home. Now, we're going through a "recession", can't afford to put gas in the tank to go to work, etc. Life goes on ( I should hope ) after five years. Think about it this way too. You are getting off from a long day at work, coming home to watch the news, I know I don't want to see reports of deaths every day. Something to make you depressed. The men and women (God bless them) who are fighting for our country are doing their jobs (something to always remember) I just think that the American population has gotten tired of losing them and want them to come home. I know I wouldn't want to be reminded of that fact every time I turn on the TV.
  • EB, Columbia
    The US government successfully averts our attention from pertinent issues time and time again. Remember when the coffins of dead soldiers were not shown lined up in any media source. When we start to attend to hot button issues, our attention is often successfully averted. When the numbers of the dead started to drastically increase, gas and food costs started to increase, the housing market stumbled. The message is you will see what we want you to see. As the numbers start to increase, another means of fear will hit the media -- maybe some infectious outbreak. The message is keep us scared and silent.
  • TG, West Cola.
    Certainly the interest has decreased, except for the families of the deployed. In our society if it's not directly in front of you, you don't think about it. That's only natural. Gasoline, food, politics, UFC, American Idol, those are the things we're bombarded with every day. Even with media coverage we don't have a clue about war. We live in a Country where we don't see the true horrors of war. A cruise missile flying overhead and you're thanking your maker that it went to your neighbors house instead of yours, that's war. After all this time I still don't know why we attacked Iraq in the first place. All the terrorists were either from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon or Egypt, not Iraq. It was a knee jerk reaction to soothe the mass hysteria that came from 9-11. Someone had to pay. Well someone did pay and are still paying. Everyone involved is still paying, the innocent American soldiers, and the innocent Iraqi people. Everyone paid except for the countries that the terrorists came from. They are actually reaping the benefits. They can produce more petrol for the war effort and increase the price to the average consumer because of the demand. I don't see that we could ever leave Iraq with the "mission accomplished" banner draped around America's broad shoulders.
  • DS, Blythewood
    I haven't forgotten about the war and troops and the very reason they are in a war. It's sad we have lost 4000 soldiers but they are fighting for other countries to know they cannot come over here and destroy us without a price. I for one will never forget what they did to our country on 9-11 and I'm proud that these men are protecting our country.
  • Ha, Irmo
    War is war...I beleive most people appreciate what sacrifices are made and anyone that thinks we need more TV coverage of the war is crazy. Never in our history has more instantaneous coverage been available. The facts reported are always negative - very rarely is the positive reported. Why? I guess there is no real iminent threat so most dont understand why there is a war, but let another 9/11 happen in ths country and the tone will change immediately. Dont say this is a class war, I know quite a few in the service that do it for the love of country. Imagine that - doing something for the love and good of OUR country. (and not for money)
  • DT, West Columbia
    I would say that public interest in the Iraq War parallels Press interest. It isnâ€TMt that the war is forgotten, but other issues demand our attention too. And just as with the Press, a significant new development in the Iraq War would quickly re-ignite public interest once again.
  • EJ, lUGOFF
    The Bush administration has made every effort to keep the war out of the public eye, no coverage of returning fallen soldiers, discouraging coverage of their funerals. This a class war, with no draft very few of those with means are going to war, they can afford to go to college. The less affluent are being lured by mountains of cash and bonuses to fight the war.
  • WB, Eastover
    Yes, because it seems to be a war we are not winning or going antwhere with it. All we hear about anymore is how 4,000 service men/women have been killed. There seems to be only that kind of news. No news of how we are making a difference, or if this war will be comming to an end.
  • JM, Lexington
    I just spent the last fifteen minutes reading the comments on the SCHP tape. It is obvious that most of your viewers think that the department should be upheld and the criminals should not be running in the first place. This is to say that if more newsworthy items such as the war were reported on, people would be more informed about the war and would not be inflamed by racial issues that you put in front of your audience each night.
  • WT, Elgin
    Here's a dirty little secret that the Fed has left out. The reason for the decrease in the War effort is due to the monetary situation at home. You hear recession, and we have been there for some time, but what you don't hear is inflation. The inflation rate, mainly for consumable products, has increased at the same rate as the recession that is occuring based mainly on OIL. All food, and oil products, oil based products, and numerous other situations, such as the cost of aircraft and military vheicle gas and oil consumption is coming out of tax dollars. Meanwhile, Americans are spending more everyplace, losing valuable dollars (recession) while the spending increases we face (inflation) are sucking us all dry. The Fed is hiding this little secret by using the not-mentioned word of inflation to cover the "we are not quite in a recession" fact. They are, and I cannot remember when in history this has ever occured, a state of incession (inflation+recession).
  • JA, Columbia
    As a former soldier, an Army Wife, and someone who lost their brother, SGT Velton Locklear, in the Iraq War, it is difficult to understand why Americans have put this war on the back burner.I believe that the war has not been in media headlines for a long time. We used to be able to watch footage and news from Iraq and now you just see them across the bottom of the screen on the major news stations. It has been 5 years and we have lost 4,000 men and women. We as Americans need to support our troops whether or not we believe in this war and we need to always remember the sacrifice that they have made for us. They fight so that we can be free and enjoy the everyday activities and amenities that we do. While we our out shopping and eating or watching a favorite TV show, the soldiers are out dodging bullets and praying that they will not run over an IED.
  • TH, Lexington
    Yes, I think that interest in the Iraq was has decreased, but I think as Americans we will never forget when we invaded Bagdad and ripped down the statue, I think that US Govt needs to get off their ... and send all of our troops back home. Seeing how we already lost over 4.000 Americans May god bless Amricans and our military who are fighting our country.
  • TR, Lugoff
    I think most people have put the war on the back burner,except for the Military and their family's. We love and stand behind all of our service members. I think most people have forgotten what put us in Iraq to start with. Remember the twin towers and how everyone was screaming go and get them. Well we did what the American people ask for us to do and now they forget it can happen again. We still live in the greatest country on this earth and for the rest of our lives we will be defending her like we have from the beginning. I pray that God will continue blessing our service members and our great country. God bless America and those that give their all to keep us this way.
  • AW, Columbia
    It's unfortunate that concerns over the Iraq War seemed to peak when the Democrats were vying for the House and the Senate. Now that they've won, there has been no change. Why? As the spouse of a soldier deploying this month, I truly hope that America experiences a "surge" of interest in bringing our troops home. 4,000 dead; enough already!
  • BG, Sumter
    Yes, interest in the war has decreased over the past years because the president has the bully pulpit,and has manipulated the media, and has fool the american public in to believing that things are better. As long as our troops are still being killed. Things are not better. And it's not going to get better until all of our troops are home.
  • KE, Columbia
    During the World Wars, war struck everyone, not just the military families. There were shortages, coupons, bond drives, rubber drives, tin drives...all of America felt the pinch of what freedom cost us back then. Today, it's not so difficult here during wartime. There is no shortage of nylon for stockings, no shortage of rubber for tires, no coupons for coffee or sugar. Life seems pretty normal, until you turn on the news, and lots of folks just turn that off. When you don't have someone fighting overseas, it's normal to worry more about your house payment or gasoline prices than what's going on overseas. That doesn't make us callous or uncaring. I feel safe in saying that everyone feels something for the losses that have been, and will continue to be, suffered by our military and their families, but what affects us directly looms largest in our lives. My husband and I are both veterans, and we feel deeply for those families who get that horrible knock on the door to tell them someone they love has died. I have oftentimes wondered how President Bush sleeps at night, knowing how many Americans have died to put him in the history books. I don't think interest in the war has decreased for those who have loved ones in the fray. I just think that life in general has become so difficult for so many that don't have someone overseas that the problems of every day life take precedent. It's hard to think of a far-off war when you are fighting at home every day to just get by.
  • KL, Irmo
    I believe due to rising gas prices and food prices, we seem to focus more on our issues at home and not as much overseas. We forget sometimes about the big picture. The fact we are in war, the fact that people are dying slips our minds. It even seems reporters are not interested anymore. There may be a five second news segment on the war, but the five minute news segment on gas grabs our attention more than anything today.
  • TH, Columbia
    It has decreased because of the media attention to other issues:the elections, economy,show business fluff.Awareness is media driven.That's why we know more about Brittany Spears than Iraq.
  • JH, Irmo
    Yes. Because the media does not report the thousands of improvements made and the 10s of thousands of lives saved by our being there.
  • EJ, West columbia
    I do think the interest has gone down over the past 5 years. It is really sad that over a short period of time majority of the country can forget why we are there in the first place. Many may want us to come home but if we we quit now then 4000 will have died for no reason.