(3-23-08) How have the recently released highway patrol tapes affected your confidence in the agency?

How have the recently released highway patrol tapes affected your confidence in the agency?

  • BL, B-Leesville
    This is to RD, VANCE.....How would you feel if this was your brother or son these policemen were chasing and hitting with their cars? You know I don't care what kind of crime is committed their is no sense in this we all have rights no matter what we do or what color God made Our Skin. I am very upset that these policemen did not get fired where is the justice system? For heaven sakes people are out with their children and they did not know which way to go. One point it looked like one of the police cars was going to hit one of the apartment buildings. What in the world? I think that our Governor Mark Sanford should step in somehow and say noway these cops are fired. To heck with a desk job they do not deserve to be policemen. It's not that these policemen can't handle stress come on give me a break. It's that they hate blacks. One of the videos - shows that the cop intended on hitting that black man and he did. Then he had the nerve to admit it on camera come on people where is the Justice in all of this. These two men should not have to serve 1 day in jail and I hope they sue the heck out of the H.way Patrol because this is uncalled for. When is the Racial stuff going to stop? I am a white southern female raised to respect people no matter what their color. I just don't understand why everyone else can't be the same way. This is just pure hatred and it's a sin. These cops have no respect for themselves or for other people because if they had they would have never acted such a way. And no anger management class is going to work for this kind of hatred.
  • DG, Charleston
    After viewing the video clips provided, my confidence in the agency has not changed. The S.C.H.P. is one of the most professional agencies in the state. The fact that these troopers struck an individual with the vehicle does not change that. The video perspective from the dash cam is greatly skewed. One can not perceive the true speeds of the vehicle. Given that the average speed of an average human running is about 15 miles per hour, how dangerous are the troopers driving? Troopers are trained in precision driving, at much greater speeds. We must remember that these are not productive citizens, they are criminals and should be treated as such.
  • ST, Columbia
    I agree that we are innocent until proven guilty, but these guys were obviously guilty or else they never would've started running in the first place. I do find it a little disturbing that other peoples' lives were put in danger (at the apartment complex), but I think the police had every right to bump those individuals with their cars. We need to stop being so nice to people who commit crimes. Maybe if we did that, crime rates would go down!
  • PH, Columbia
    I don't condone but can understand the frustration that the actions of both the criminals and the judiciary system puts upon our law enforcement. They catch these individuals one day and have to fight them the next, because they are out on the steets again. It is a revolving door system. Obey the law and you will have no problems with law enforcement!
  • RR, Sumter
    The recently released videos of highway patrol officers running down suspects with their vehicles has had no influence on my confidence in the agency. I do however feel that the two officers in question should be fired for giving false testimony in their reports, not for what they did with their vehicles, which by the way, belong to us, the citizens of this state, not them! After viewing the tapes over numerous news broadcasts, one thing is clear, they had NO backup! They were both alone while attempting to apprehend a suspect. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that inocent people don't turn rabbit and run when stopped by any law enforcement officer! Each of those two suspects did everything in their power not to be apprehended! Neither officer felt safe enough I bet, to exit their vehicles and give chase on foot.
    Our police officers are doing their jobs, they are trying to catch criminals and if tis is what thry have to do to stop them then so be it. You always show the bad stuff but where's the praise when they do it right? They should not have run!
  • LW, Columbia
    I was horrified to see a police car chasing a suspect through children and other innocent people. Absolutely unacceptable. While under a great deal of stress for not nearly enough pay, policeman are heroes. They stand up for we citizens against gangs, drugs, and violence. I understand that everyone has a breaking point. When I heard the officers' comments ( hitting the running suspect)that the assault was intentional and passed off in an off-hand joking manner, I was disturbed. We must have limits. I don't think that we need "police to police the police" but we have to suspend or fire those that stretch the limits of their power. Lexington County Sheriffs' Department are my heroes for rescuing me from a domestic violence situation. We need these guys out there to keep us safe. I think if we could depend on the various departments to keep an eye and ear out for problems within each department, a helping hand could be extended from one cop to another to pull each other back from the edge. Thank you to the vast majority of Lexington and Richland officers for the exceptional job they do for us everyday!
  • LW, Columbia
    What happened to innocent until proven in a SC court of law? Have we thrown that out? The court of law and trial by a jury of your peers is the place to decide your guilty or innocent and your punishment. A police officer who delibertly hits a suspect with their car and chuckles about it is acceptable to you as South Carolinians? Is that what we have reduced ourselves to in this state?
  • DC, Lugoff
    I have no respect for them at all !!The video tapes don't lie!! I have seen similar stories on Direct tv channel #246...& if the shoe were on the other foot, the driver of the car would be charged with ''attempted murder'' with a vehicle they should have been fired at once!! what kind of 'judgement' for the public's safety do they have...who they are supposed to ''protect & serve''?????????? there is NO excuse for that kind of actions as far as I'm concerned !! Thanks.....
  • TC, Columbia
    Once again I am so ashamed to be from South Carolina! It just proves even more our law enforcement officers are nothing but a bunch of red necked bullies! I think they should both be fired and never to return to law enforcement ever again. What kind of message are they sending to children by acting out like so? I am a preschool teacher. I have a little boy in my classroom who was "pretending" to be a police officer...he was bullying the other children and had a snarly, mean look on his face. What does this tell you coming from a four year old? He probably has seen a law enforcement officer act out in an irrational way.
  • CM, Columbia
    The legal system says innocent until proven guilty. The men the officers were chasing didn't deserve to be treated like animals. Not to mention that hitting someone with a car is illegal. The officers should be charged for their crime as well. They do not have the authority to decide weather or not to hit unarmed men.
  • EC, West Columbia
    Why can a criminal use any force or means necessary to escape from the police but the police cannot use any force to catch the criminal? This is what is wrong today with our nation. People who break the law have to many rights, better than mine. I have great faith in the everyday deputies that risk their life to protect ours.
  • KL, Columbia
    My confidence in the agency had been shaken years ago. The agency has been hiding several things from the public that you all will find out about in the upcoming months as this investigation ensues. It's quite obvious that the troopers are used to this type of retaliation against suspects. They are aware that they are being videotaped, yet they continue to make comments that are racist or in violation of basic human rights. They have very little regard for anyone, including those with simple traffic violations. Now, let me backtrack...not every trooper has these tendancies. I am familiar with officers that have not gone on this power trip. These particular troopers, whether black or white, are in violation of the law. Have we not all watched cops before and we see the cops jump out of the car to catch the perp?? Why did these trooper feel as though they could use their vehicle as a weapon? Why were they not reprimanded in the same way that a normal citizen would? So many questions that I belive that we will all have answered in the months to come.
  • lb, batesburg
    my confidence is stronger, it's about time the law steps up and catches the criminal by any means. if you didn't commit a crime, no need to run.now let's get the judicial system to issue harsher sentences for the crooks.
  • MM, sumter
    I have seen your news reports and the tapes of police misconduct with there patrol cars ect.I am angry as a veiwer because This is something that has been going on for years and its just now being revield on the news. If a common citizen hits someone with there car There charged with assault with a deadly weapon.. or vehicular homocide if the person hit dies.I want to know why these officers were just slapped on the wrist for running there cars thru a populated area instead of getting themselfs out of there cars on footchase.. why were these officers not fired and charged as like anyone eles would be.And not just let off so lightly. Its become increasingly appartent that law inforcment is being just as crooked and underhanded as the crooks why are they being allowed to get away with this? thank you
  • KD, Elgin
    My response to your question concerning the highway patrol tapes. I beleive if the highway patrol or any other police officer ask you to stop and you start running then yes I think you should be apprenhend at any means hitting you with a car, shooting you in the leg or what ever. Then maybe we would not have so many of these people running all the time and getting away with something they did wrong. They should stop when asked and running just makes it seem that they are guitly of something.
  • PG, Columbia
    I feel like the police in question might not have used the correct way to try to stop these guys; but what had they done to have the police chase them. Were they completely innocent? Probably not. I am so sick of how people feel criminals should have certain rights. I sure wouldn't want to be risking my life to make our streets safe when the policeman get the grief that they do. Why don't you tell what these guys had done to make the police chase them in the first place!
  • MS, Killian
    I think the mindset at the highway departmant by just suspending the officers for one day is part of the problem. Again, this has been said by many others if that officer driving through an Apartment courtyard with children playing and elderly people had been "god forbid" hit by the patrol car. What would have been gained? I just don't think driving a patrol car in a pursuit of one indivisual through populated courtyards should be tolerated at all and what is it going to take to stop using patrol cars to hit someone from ruuning ,running them over and killing them, and then covering it up?
  • SJ, Lexington
    I totally support law enforcement; however a badge does not give a trooper the right, to endanger innocent citizens or to use their patrol cars as weapons. In both of the videos I have seen, these troopers are way out of control. What amazes me most is that how this gets covered up or brushed under the rug. If the trooper in the chase that went through the apartment complex had hit an innocent bystander, would not that been felong manslaughter? Law enforcement has the responsibility to protect citizens not put them in harms way because of their own ego.....
  • JS, Chapin
    What else should a trooper done? The guilty was running to keep from being caught. I don't agree with the language the troopers use. I don't think that's necessary, but when a guilty person is running from the law and ignore the command to stop, they are doing their job to protect us . No matter what the trooper does these days is called racist.
  • DT, West Columbia
    In all your reporting on this subject one observation has been conspicuously absent. You have yet to say explicitly that the suspects were wrong to flee the police! You have been so preoccupied in disclosing the questionable actions of the SCHP that you have forgotten completely about this other wrong, the other side of the story. And we are supposed to believe that your reporting is unbiased?
  • ws,
    Do you really thing that there would be such a ruckus if the troopers were black and the criminals white?
  • RJ, Orangeburg
    The tapes have not changed how I view the patrol. It is amazing how the media only shows the portion of the tape with the officer but not what happened to cause the incident. I also feel that it should not always be about a black suspect, these things happen to white people also. If it were white people on the tapes would it be such a big deal. My point is that it should not be about race but about the suspects actions who ran. If they had just killed your family member would you want the trooper not to catch them. They never know who they are stopping and people should not run from the law, and I believe they bring this on themselves when they put themselves in this position. If they would not run, this would not be a problem, put yourself in the troopers shoes for a little while and think about it. Dont be a Monday morning quarterback, people should not run from the law
  • GK, Gilbert
    It was a tragic event for the SC Highway Patrol; however, if you don't commit a crime, you don't have to run from the police!
  • wm, pelion
    I see nothing wrong with the police methods here the problem is the person running if you want to stop this kind of stuff make strict laws like five years in jail for failure to stop in a car or on foot.
  • OW, Springfield
    1st thing is:maybe the guy running does not under stand the english lanuage. 2nd When gas is $3+ a gallon & none of the law enforcement drives to conserve gas (stop or wide open) I myself would have shot him when he took off!!! A bullet cost about 20 cents. If I get the blue lights thrown on me-I STOP- if I'm told to get on the ground-I SMELL DIRT. That is one reason why I couldn't be a law officer because 4 out of 4 on my runners would be shot. Just like the first tape that hit the news a few weeks back of the officer telling the guy to run,where is this guy today-IN PRISON FOR MURDER!!! Get a life people & let the officers do thier jobs. Next time you need help don't call 911,just ask the crack head selling dope next to your childs play ground for a helping hand.
  • MB, Lugoff
    If you look at all these tapes there is one common denominator. Put yourself in the patrolmans situation. I robably would have taken more drastic measures. As far as the car incident, why were they running? Should have shot him for running.
  • KC, West Columbia
    Are you kidding me? After watching the 11pm lead to see if maybe...just maybe...WIS would step up and actually support our State Troopers instead of tearing them down...again...I am appalled and disgusted to see yet another divisive WIS newscast determined to undermine the authority of our law enforcement officers and fuel public negativity and disrespect towards the South Carolina Highway Patrol and all law enforcement agencies. I honestly cannot believe that the apartment complex "victims" received airtime when there has been absolutely no attempt to hear from ANY of our Troopers - red, brown, yellow, black or white - to explain what it's really like when they are out there alone, patrolling our highways, streets and communities with a promise to protect and serve, and then faced with a fleeing suspect who makes the CHOICE to run instead of stopping to dispel any cause for suspicion...like any reasonably stable person with nothing to hide would do. Yes, we know - if it bleeds, it leads. And yes, the overwhelming number of responses posted here (including my own) probably has your GM and the big whigs at Raycom salivating, especially with sweeps coming up in less than a month. But here's a thought for all reporters and newsroom staff at WIS (and your competitors, for that matter): try treating this situation like it's a Count on WIS or Troubleshooter feature, and understand that it's our Troopers and law enforcement officers who are counting on you for support to help them do their jobs and keep us all safe from thugs like the ones shown ignoring the law in these videos. Surely you all want to make a positive difference for the law-abiding citizens and public servants of South Carolina. Surely there is something more constructive than destructive to aim for in your coverage. And PLEASE tell me there is more in the Midlands to "report" than the crime blotter and mug shots and sexual predators and how poorly all of our state agencies rank in comparison to the rest of the country. PLEASE stop feeding this negativity. Please dig deeper than the drama and try reporting on the good that's being done by our Troopers, our Teachers and the Department of Education, DSS and DJJ, our health care providers and nonprofit agencies, and average citizens who are reaching out to better the lives of those around them. There are certainly plenty of those stories to be found, and plenty deserving of positive coverage to gain awareness and support of their good cause. We have all heard enough of what's wrong in this world. Please do us a favor and help promote and applaud what's right.
  • cs, chapin
    I agree with a lot of others on here we are only getting half of the story. Identify the nice man or the fugitive running that just jay walked or committed a home invasion and then we can decide what force was necessary to apprehend the fleeing suspect or nice law abiding neighbor .
  • BS, Chapin
    I believe that the some of the HP actions were not necessary and some were. Seeing the most recent tapes released makes me think the actions the officers took was necessary. You can plainly see that the violaters kept running. The officers did what they needed to to stop them. The man who got out of his car then started running and kept running after being struck needed to be stop. Again the officers did what he seemed to be the right decision. Now the racial language was not necessary. Other then saying racial comments, I have full confidence in highway patrol.
  • TK, leesville
    As a firefighter in lexington county,our job was frowned on a couple weeks ago after a lady was found dead in her apartment..Now the SC highway patrol is under fire because of a "criminal" being hit by a trooper..Come media give it a break..The troopers did thier job,with the exception of the apartment incident,i don't agree with that..He completely ignored public safety rule die regard while in pursuit..Other than that,what does the public want..We as firefighters are not perfect.Our criminal defenders(law enforcement) are not perfect..Next week we'll be down on the EMS service because somebody died in an ambulance..I stand behind the troopers,because a criminal is a criminal.If he was innocent he would'nt have been running..
  • DC, West Columbia
    Having dealt with our State Department with an Educational dispute, what I see on the video is consistent with other State Agencies. Their feelings are sincerly hurt that their claim of having a faulty door handle is the cause for their decisions. To be consistent with State Agencies that I have had experience with, the officer should claim to have no knowlege of ever hitting anyone with their car. The officer should then ask the suspenct and the public to move forward abd forget about what may have happend. A watered down apology should follow like this; "We wish things would have been handled differently in the past". We forgive the suspect for our actions. I can not tell you that I am surprised that this goes on in law enforcement. Similar disregard for others occurr every day in our public school systems, they just don't have a dash cam and are limited to denying what they have documented.
  • JP, Blythewood, SC
    If anything, my confidence has increased as these law enforcers are serving me and my family by protecting me and my family from the "bad guys and girls"! Evidently, the "feds" don't watch programs such as "Cops" or "Under Fire" showing various forms of capturing dangerous and endangering individuals who have no respect for others. Many times running them over, shooting at them, and, yes, when necessary bringing them down with "lethal force". Law enforcers wouldn't be needed if people obeyed the law of the people. Break the law...pay the consequences. Duh!
  • RA, florence
    No!!! I don't understand why WIS is trying to run down our lar enforcers. Last year WIS was after the US Marines and now the Highway Patrol. Why dont you stick with reporting the news instead of making the news.
  • NK, Sumter
    I still have confidence in the police, highway patrol, and sheriff's dept. People exagerate just to get on the news. How many of them would do the job the police do, day after day and be on call 24/7?? My uncle was a warden, my dad was a police officer, as was my husband, and now one son is a police officer, on a fire chief, and one a correctional officer. Please, I live with fear every day that someone is going to shoot them. If half of the people wouldn't run, they wouldn't get chased.
  • LA, Columbia, SC
    Quite honestly, I am sick of seeing how you are blaming the highway patrol for their actions and no blame for the violator who is running from the scene. We have to rememeber that if the violator would cooperate with law enforcement ( whether guilty or innocent) you wouldnt see this type of reaction.
  • IE, Columbia
    What I saw in those tapes was an individual deliberately using a vehicle to hit a pedestrianand then bragging about it. In my book, that's assault. The officer should be fired and prosecuted. I have little confidence in law enforcement after seeing that there is no difference in the mind and intention of a criminal and that of a law enforcement officer.
  • LJ, Eastover
    If anyone is to blame it is our Governor for not doing somehting about these problems sooner.
  • KL,
    I'm glad to know our cops are doing whatever they have to to get these criminals off the street. Criminals have no regard for human life and no respect for authorities. Criminals also have all of the rights while cops have to watch their every move and suffer investigations for everything they do. When did this become a criminals society? Also, it looks to me like the fool ran in front of the cruiser. It's the cops life or the criminals these days so I hope the HP keep up the good work, follow the criminals wherever they decide to run and keep themselves safe.
  • JF, columbia
    I have travel all over this country and send teh state police in action. When I cross the state line and enter back into my beloved South Carolina I start looking for the best state police in the America. I look for that car with the silver strak on it. Our Troopers are the best in the USA I fully support them. Why when they do good nothing is said but let something bad ahppen it is reported. Hey these folks are the best. They are professionals and they do a good lob. Yes there can be a bad apple sometimes. But give them a break. They keep us safe. God Bless them
  • AJ, Columbia
    Even though WIS-TV has received numerous reponses in support of the troopers, they continue to slant their report in favor of the criminals. My answer is their coverage of this story has affected my confidence in their reporting. Their own video shows the trooper, with his siren blaring, did not come anywhere close or endanger the the man in the Garden Springs Complex or the people in the playground. WISTV, however, seeks to interview someone who thinks he may want to pursue legal actions because his life is in danger. What agenda is WISTV pursuing and WHY are they doing it? Why does WISTV constantly encourage disobedience to the laws of a civlized society and defend the lawbreakers? Why do we tolerate it?
  • MR, Winnsboro
    I see it two ways: He had his lights and siren on to alert the public that he was in the area, but they did not have the right to pursue somenoe by driving on the property where other people live and play at.
  • CP, Orangeburg
    Absolutely not. Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line everyday. Some do make mistakes but I certainly am grateful for the job they must do. I can sleep at night because of these dedicated public servants.
  • MH, Sumter
    I myself feel the officers need to do what it takes to apprehend the criminals. The guy hit by the officers car is still on the run. How can you call it excessive force? If they run they should expect some type force to be used. Would you rather the Officer be on the PA saying "Please Sir , stop running, excuse me Sir, Please stop." Get real, if they hadn't broken the law they wouldn't be running.
  • TD, Dalzell
    I was a law enforcement officer in the state of SC for just about three years after serving in the military in the same capacity for over 20 years. I think that any law enforcement officer doing what was done by the SCHP is not serving in the interests of the people, nor is it serving justice. It's also lacking in good police training, self-discipline, and common-sense. Police officers should never endanger the public when trying to apprehend a suspect. These patrolmen obviously made an error in judgment that could have cost lives as well as a liability issue that could have caused the taxpayers of this state to have to pay for their lack of judgment. All in all, I agree that they should have been terminated from their employment and criminal charges brought against them. No suspect "gets what they deserve" just because they ran. They're human-beings, too.
  • db, lexington
    In the films shown I would like to make the following observations: 1. we have individuals RUNNING from Law Enforcement Officers and people who are innocent or have not broken the law do not run from the authorities. 2. one individual runs directly across the path of the chase car....he has to think that he could be hit...but then surely he wasn't thinking or else he would not have been running from the officer in the first place. 3. the officer pursuing the RUNNER through the neighborhood was trying to do what we pay him for....taking crime off the streets. I have to ask who do you want to see WIN in this everyday war on crime and criminals......The Law Enforcement Officers who put their lives on the line everyday for all of us regardless of race or religion. And they don't care what Political party you support either. Or do you want the criminals and gangs to overtake our neighborhoods. I find it incredulous that we even have to ask the question but I will ask those that were interviewed and so appalled that this happened.."Would you rather the officers just stop their pursuit when they arrive in your neighborhood hence leaving a criminal at your front door or do their best to get these individuals off the streets?
  • LC, Sumter
    I think people should understand when you break the law you pay the consequences. African-American folks are not exempt from punishment when they break the law. If they wouldn't run from the law then the officers wouldn't have to be forced to do what they have to do to stop criminals. I'm sure white folks break the law and suffer the same consequences. Officers are under a great deal of stress as it is. What the media should do is cover the whole story. The public needs to hear all of the story. When an officer chases down a black man knowing he has a gun, yes his life is on the line and his adrenaline is pumping. Put yourself in their shoes for a day and go through what they have to deal with.
  • MW, IRMO
    I Think The Officers Should Be Commended For What They Did! As A Former Correctional Officer, Not From This State. We Were Told To Protect The Public At All Costs, If They Run, They Should Be Brought Down By Any Means Possible. As Far As The Officer In The Apartment Complex, Looked To Me, He Had Compleat Control Of His Car. These Officers Should Be Given An Accommodation.
  • DF, Elgin
    Not at all. If the suspects were not breaking the law they would not have gotten into that situation. Why should the police have to get out of the cars and chase them? That could only lead to possible gunfire and shoot an innocent bystander. From the looks of the video Mr. Fulks and his son were clearly out of harms way!!! I do not feel any apology is in order for him.
  • JS, Irmo
    What a disgrace to our great state. I can't believe someone with such disregard to life is the same person who is supposed to be protecting us. If the officers can't think of other ways of aprehending then they shouldn't be officers.
  • SP, Columbia
    I have no confidence in the agency and I never have. I was a victim of domestic violence and they did nothing then. Was it because I was black, just like the guy in the video or do they think we deserved to get treated that way. Beaten or chased, then hit by a car?
  • RS, Columbia
    I think these tapes prove, unfortunately, that South Carolina seems to have very low standards in educational requirements and training standards for law enforcement in general. This profession seems to attract psychological misfits that get deluded with power by having a badge and I guess they get some sort of cheap thrill by harassing minorities and the public in general.
  • SJ,
    I am a former police officer and have been taught that if a person turns a vehicle on me, it should be considered deadly force and have all rights to protect myself to the point of discharging my weapon. So, is it any different when a police officer turns his vehicle on a person (suspect) running and he presents no danger to the public? If he could not use his weapon in such a situation he should not have used his five thousand pound vehicle. Should the officer be charged with assault and battery with intent to kill (ABWIK)?
  • GS, Columbia
    It seems that the negative side of the police keeps being reported by WIS. What you should be reporting is that the suspects were running from the law when they were being apprehended. At least they weren't shot, and please tell me whatever did happen to "Stop or I'll shoot." And why is this being taken to the black caucus? Is this because the suspects are black? Would it be taken to anyone if the suspects were white or Asian, etc? Between Barack's preacher preaching hate, the biased news coverage, our police being fired after being pushed to their limit by disrespectful criminals--no wonder racial tension seems to be getting worse.
  • BW, Lexington
    I don't see anything wrong with it,He shouldn't have run.The Troopers don't make enough money putting their life on the line. The Trooper didn't know if the man had a gun. I say good for the trooper!
  • DG,
    Obviously this person was running from a police officer. Was the officer supposed to pursue the criminal on foot with a gun running through the apartment complex.
  • SM, Lexington
    I understand the officers have a duty to serve & protect obviously the protect part got very very blurry for them or they would not drive up on sidewalks of peoples homes & playgrounds. They are very stressed thier purpose is quite blurry & they could all benefit from stress & anger management classes.This should be an ongoing thing because they do not have an easy job & for the most part it is often dangerous & thankless for them.
  • dg, lamar
    I was upset because the officer made the comments that he tried to hit the man with the car. I'm caucasian and to me this was highly uncalled for.Those racial slurs shoould not go unpunnished!!!!!Just Sen.Obamba says...we should be over this by now.Just like in the old days...See how many we can string up.(Sounds so racist!!!!!!!!
  • jl, lugoff
    My confidence doesn't really matter. How much confidence does the officers out there trying to put up with these drug dealers, robbers, and thieves have in their jobs. the only way their job is safe is don't chase anyone, don't shoot at anyone, and don't even stop anyone because you may be accused of racial profiling. AND the NEWS MEDIA LOVES IT.
  • MD, Columbia SC
    I guess its ok to chase a person as long as you have your lights on and the siren going.What about the innocent people.I guess its ok to drive down the sidewalks.SC troopers this is a new low for you.
  • BW, Camden
    I am not so sure hitting someone with the patrol car was necessary but what I would like to know is why the vulger language is allowed when these are people that we and our children are supposed to respect. There is something wrong when there is so much hatred in their voices.
  • BF, Columbia
    If a private citizen had chased someone down with an auto, they would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. We do not know, from these videos, that those persons being pursued had committed any wrongdoing. LE should be held, at least, to the same standards as everyone else, ie., this appears to be assault with a deadly weapon. LE in SC has demonstrated a wild west attitude for years, with unwarrented pursuits, etc. I am white, but I realize racism is alive and well in SC. These videos demonstrate the worst of LE. I've worked with LE in past & seen both the best and worst of humanity on those forces. My advice, Since you don't know whether you're dealing with a rage filled power monger or an actual ideal driven LE officer, shut up & call an attorney to insure that one's rights are upheld, especially since SC LE can't be depended on to do that. As the mother of a 20 y/o, I know that LE does profile.
  • CD, Columbia
    Are the people who are supposed to be protecting us above the law. I thought the race issue in South Carolina was answered by our President elect last week. How we can answer this is simple, if it were one of us tearing through a housing complex at high speeds chasing someone what would happen to us, and the same goes for the officer who said he meant to run over the young man. We expect more out of people in authority.
  • LT, Camden
    My confidence in the SCHP has suffered a severe blow. As a teacher in the classroom, if I were to strike a student with my hand I would be fired. How can an officer of the law use his car to hit a pedestrian - or treat a sidewalk through an apartment complex like his highway and still have his job. Criminal charges should be brought.
  • MS, Norway
    I think that the Officers that are profiled in those videos should be relieved of their duties!To be a SC Trooper that is totally unacceptable had it been a suvillian they would have charged them. Whats sad is that's part of their job. A crime is a crime and surely one was committed. It wouldn't have cost him one thing to get out and run thats what they are trained to do.
  • sh, west columbia
    The tapes don't bother me at all. The only reason everyone is making such a big deal about it is because the suspects are black. I'm sure this has happen to white people before and nobody makes a big deal about it. Its only the black community that is making such a big deal about it. Just because something happens to a black guy, the black community feels like they have been violated for some reason. Back to the question.....no i think the troopers done there job just fine. Nothing should happen to the troopers for there actions. If i was in there shoes i probley would have takin the same actions.
  • SM, Gaston
    Well, I do have to say-the apt. complex tape was a bit much. But the other tapes, ..., I have a hard time feeling sorry for the suspects. Wish those Troopers would come to my nieghbors'-the sherrifs in Lexington have been very "professional/kind" toward folks that have no respect for thier neighbors or the police! Wish I saw that Apt complex situation happenning over at the neighbors' "AGAIN"! Seems the property is use to busts tho. My neighbors could certainly do with a good bump!
  • DF, Irmo
    I am curious to know what the fleeing suspects were accused of? If the police had not persued & the suspects in turn commited a crime. Would the police then be under investigation for NOT persuing the suspects by any means necessary? I feel like the the full story is not being told. It is sad that this is possibly being shown & reshown purely to grab headlines.
  • BS, Sumter
    I do think that there is a problem with giving chase through an area where people live and children may be playing. That said the people being chased did commit a crime. The police do put their lives on the line everyday having to deal with the low life they were shown to be chasing and for very little pay. I have a suggestion, I do not know the color of the officers involved - I would guess white - however, perhaps to stop all abuse of the black race by the white race if a crime or disturbance is reported involving blacks only send black officers - disturbances involving whites send a white officer. Problem solved.
  • AK, Sumter
    Not at all. Here's a novel idea, Don't run from the police! People who go rabbit on law enforcement usually have something more to hide than they are being pursued for.
  • LC, Columbia
    Why do we continue to tie the hands of the law enforcement officers??!! If someone breaks the law, they should be brought to justice. WIS seems to be more interested in sex offenders than in theives and other felones.
  • JM, Aiken
    i completely trust in every law enforcement department. people have forgetten that no matter who you are regardless of color, you CANNOT run from the police. the suspect got what he deserved. if he would have stopped from the begining it never would have happened. If people dont like the job of our police, maybe they should go and apply at your local police department. dont comment on the actions of others in there dangerous line of work. You wouldn't be able to do better.
  • WS, Columbia
    It has not been reported why the officer was chasing this young man. I wonder why the young man did not stop when the officer turned on his siren and why did he continue to run. It seems to me that it was the young mans fault that the officer was endangering other lives, when in fact. if the young man had stopped running, all of this would have been prevented.
  • LA, Columbia
    Not at all - no one should run from law enforcement officers.
  • WM, Denmark,SC
    I am a fan of the TV series Cops.I see white cops did the same thing,but to those of their own race.Does the NAACP and the Black Caucus watch Cops?Also,what if they rally to the suspect's defense only to learn he had molested one of their children,or assaulted one of their elderly family member,would they stand them.And what if the suspect have victimized a large number of black victims,mainly elderly citizens,is Mr Howard and the NAACP going to pressure the victims and their families to drop the charges,or keep quiet about it?
  • CC, Orangeburg
    Are you kidding this has been going on for decades. I am not surprised. Once upon a time I am sure some of the officers sat around and ate donuts and dranked coffee laughing at the victims. Come on people this is still happening as we read this article.
  • SM, Lexington
    It hasn't. We have good troopers and few whom probably should not be in that line of work. Just like a few teachers we have read about! But I think we are forgetting who the criminals are here.
  • JM, Cayce
    What additional punishment did the criminals get for fleeing from a law enforcement office? Poeple are quick to criticize our law enforcement. The ladies and gentleman are out there protecting you. If yoiu have ever watched COPS or some of the other police shows, this happens. Don't comdemn the officers for doing their work. Punish the criminals who flee and cause this to happen.
  • TJ, Pine Ridge
    NEWS FLASH: WISTV 10 has turned completely liberal - just like the rest of the media around the country. Please tell your new GM that she is in RED country, start acting like it - or lose viewers.
  • CB, Columbia
    I was appalled yesterday when I saw the footage of the troopers hitting alleged criminals with their vehicles. Most abhorrent was seeing the child who looked to be no more than 4 years old running from the police car as it was going through the apartment complex. This is a situation where more people were put in danger (especially innocent children) than they were with the offender roaming the streets. This is NOT what my tax money is supposed to go toward. I am even more angry by the fact that those two officers are still employed with the agency. I hope that the Dept. of Justice investigates the entire dept.
  • CH, Elgin
    As the sibling of a police officer (in another state) I know the stress and pressure officers are under. While hitting someone looks horrible on the video, remember that these officers have to protect us and their lives are in danger all the time. Why were they running from the officers in the first place? Probably because they knew they had done wrong and didn't want to be held accountable for it. If the suspect they were chasing had harmed someone in my family, I would want them to catch them no matter what it took, although the bragging by the officer afterward was not necessary. If you ever need protection are you going to tell the officer how he is supposed to catch them? Or are you going to just feel safer when they are caught?
  • NB, Pelion
    I am totally appalled at the actions of the officers involved in these incidents and feel that instead of being disciplined that they should have been fired immediately. And now this is on the national news-I'm sure that this will now be really good for tourism and make people want to come visit this state. What kind of people do we have living here and what kind of officers do we have patrolling our roads? I wonder if these officers ever thought about while they were chasing a suspect with a car that they could have killed someone that was an innocent bystander not to mention the suspect. The folks who think that this behavior is okay need to really re-look at these tapes that were publicized as there were children outside in the apartment complex who could have been injured or killed. Also, here is some other food for thought-Were these suspects injured? Did they get transported to the hospital for medical care after the officer's behavior? Who do you think is paying the bill for that? Answer: The tax paying citizens of this state. I think I've said enough. NHB
  • CE, West Columbia
    I feel that the highway patrol has not done wrong. They were only doing there job. If you see a blue light and you know there are chasing you you should STOP. If you are dumb enough to think you are not going to get caught then you are stupid. If you run away and to hit them is the only way to get them they should do it. They are only trying to protect the citizens. If you break the laws you should be caught if that is by being hit or shot so be it.YOU NEED WRONG.
  • KW, Swansea
    There is really not enought room to add how I really feel. My husband is a Richland County Trooper since 1990. He is the most honest man I know. He is very dedicated to the Highway patrol. And both of us of late have been very embarassed by the recent reports of the manor in which the higher up good ole boys have handled departmental issues, as the racial slurs, treatment of the black people, when pulled over. I am personally appalled by the behavior, and the most recent on the national and local news of the troopers who hit the men they were in persuit of and being proud of it. Puting other law abiding citizens in danger in a high speed chase and especially the trooper that went through the apartment complex. Shame on him. There are so many great troopers out there doing the dangerous job of protecting us on the dangerous highways and beyond the call of duty. It hurts all of them and their families when these things happen. The leaders of the highway patrol obvioulsy are not doing their job when they suspend a trooper such as these for a couple of days with a slap on the wrist. Shame on them and some of them have rightfully been fired or nicely put ask to retire or resign. Promote some of the fellas that have been here through the thick and thin of it, and have not muddied their reputations and not connected to The good ole boys. I can go on and on. My Thanks to my husband and the honest hard working law abiding troopers that do their job day in and day out without making the bad press local and nation wide. Do not ever forget them, there really are alot of them out there. Wife of A Richland County STATE TROOPER
  • WG, Irmo
    I have never had confidence in the SC Hwy Patrol. I have been a victim of DWB. Many people don't want to acknowledge that racism exists. But it does. Just listening to some of the responses to this matter shows that. I have been stopped by the SCHP on I-20 after being tailed for 3 miles, just for an officer to check and see if my 3 year old was buckled up correctly in his car seat. I have no sympathy for these officers and many of them should be fired or relieved from duty.
  • AB, Columbia, SC
    MORE POWER TO THE HIGHWAY PATROL! Let those who oppose their effort, get out there and chase the suspect. Also, why not report the whole incident? What about the misconduct of the fleeing suspect? Was he caught? Was he injured? Give all the facts in your reporting. We shoud congratulate our patrol and not belittle them. Thanks! P.S. Of course, you have the right to edit, delete and report half or distored "news."
  • SS, Columbia
    As a former 911 Dispatcher/Jailer, I am appalled by the recent showings of the troopers running over their suspects. Even worse, laughing and bragging about it. I know that I don't know both sides to the story, but I have seen first hand while working as a dispatcher how they treat suspects, and it isn't nicely. As a whole, I do not respect SCHP, but there are some good guys out there patrolling the streets, and kudos to them, but to those who are crooked, shame on you. That is not what you were hired to do. In the end, the ones that have done wrong will have to answer to a higher authority, GOD!!!
  • DW, manning
    There is no problem with it. Other states use the tatic to subdue the fleeing suspects. What is the big deal?
  • MB, West Columbia
    I have seen the recent videos and have a different view point. The most recent video of the police officer hitting the suspect doesn't bother me at all. I don't agree with his comments afterwards but the suspect shouldn't of been running from the police. I believe that hitting the suspect to get him to stop was perfectly legal and don't believe the officer should be punished for it.
  • RR, Gilbert,SC
    It is no more right for the patrol to run down a suspect than it is for the suspect to run.Guilty until proven innocent is not serving the people.In my mind,there is no excuse for it.
  • JD, chester
    For everyone who keeps thinking that this is about race. For all of you that keep on pulling the race card on these incidents. I personally know the trooper that chased the man through the apartment complex. He is black. The real problem is all of these bleeding hearts defending the criminals. I am one of the realsist. I dont care if he was chasing a little old white lady. I dont care if he was chasing the Pope. They shouldnt have been running. And if someone came up and told me that a trooper had handcuffed anyone I knew to a bumper my initial reaction would be "well good, I guess they did something to deserve it". Sadly instead the race card is pulled.
  • JP,
    Letâ€TMs start off with a well known cliché that I am sure any upstanding person would agree with, “Never judge a man without first walking a mile in his shoes.” Now letâ€TMs ask all of you a question that have posted comments that cry out things to the effect of, “this is outrageous”, and “the officer had no right to treat them like animals”. How long have you been a Trooper? How many days have you patrolled the roads of South Carolina like the thousands of law enforcement officers of this state do every day. Which brings me to point, you cannot give a fair and just judgment of the actions of these officers until you have put yourself in the same situation, which I feel quite certain that the majority of viewers that are “outraged” have never been in. Now letâ€TMs ask ourselves another question. What if the suspect had been a convicted murderer that had just escaped from prison? For all we know the one that was never apprehended or even identified could have been a child molester or some other heinous criminal. Would we all still be crying about the way that our officers chose to apprehend them when they got away and stalked your little girl or boy at a playground? Would we be moaning and groaning when that murderer got away and killed one of our loved ones. The answer is no, and anyone who tries to deny that is just being blatantly untruthful. Our officers donâ€TMt know anything about who is trying to flee, other than the crime that they observed and that they are running for a reason. They donâ€TMt know why that person is making such a desperate attempt to evade capture. Again, it could be for a reason that could affect you or your loved ones. Instead of us making it out that the Highway Patrol has nothing but a “cowboy attitude”, letâ€TMs look at the facts. The fact is they have a “cowboy” job to do. It sickens me to read some of these other responses that are defending the criminal. It troubles me to see people act like it is so appalling and unacceptable. I bet if these responders were identified it would be apparent that they have a bad perspective of law enforcement because either they have broken the law and been caught, or one thing or another concerning them personally and law enforcement, did not go the way they wanted it to. To all of you that are saying you are scared of the Highway Patrol now, and that your confidence in the department has taken a drastic turn for the worse, would you run from law enforcement when signaled to stop? Are you a criminal? If your answer to both of these questions is no then you have nothing to worry about. So all I ask is that you stand back and hold your personal vindictive views at bay. If you are going to judge these officers donâ€TMt do so until you have all of the facts at your disposal. If you act like a criminal, you are more than likely going to get treated like a criminal.
  • JK, Columbia
    No, these videos do not affect my confidence in the HP. The entire videos were not shown. You cannot judge conduct unless the entire story is known. The media should stop selectivity reporting news. The purpose of this type reporting is to create controversy not to impart truth. My confidence in fair and impartial reporting by the media has definitely been affected
  • wh, columbia
    i think it is very bad to see something like that the officer should be charged with assalt with in tent to kill if it was the other way around and cop was hit the driver would be charged with alot of offences plus attempted murder too and the cop should be charged with this also
  • MM, Columbia
    I saw these videos on WIS last night and also just saw them on the national news - The Today Show. This is an outrage. There should be a zero tolerance for such behavior in our state government (and all business for that matter) and these officers should be fired. If there is another side of the story (and it better be good because lives were definitely in danger), it certainly should be told, but as far as I am concerned, there is absolutely nothing that would justify this behavior and certainly nothing that would justify the remarks made by the officer who basically admitted that he was trying to hit the guy who was running in the 1st video. I agree with another respondent who said that "you get what you pay for." The officers should be paid more to get a better quality individual in these jobs. I, for one, would be willing to pay more tax dollars to have a better quality officer out there. Why were these officers not fired when these videos came to light? Now it is too little too late. Lead by example. I am a white woman who normally does not have a fear of authority, but I shudder to think how I would feel if I was an African American, regardless of whether I was law-abiding. That is a shame
  • AB, Columbia, SC
    MORE POWER TO THE HIGHWAY PATROL! Let those who oppose their effort, get out there and chase the suspect. Also, why not report the whole incident? What about the misconduct of the fleeing suspect? Was he caught? Was he injured? Give all the facts in your reporting. We shoud congratulate our patrol and not belittle them. Thanks! P.S. Of course, you have the right to edit, delete and report half or distored "news."
  • SS, Columbia
    As someone who is a former law enforcement dispatcher/jailer, the actions by the troopers totally appalls me. I will forever look at SCHP differently. While working in Law Enforcement, it was hard to respect them, due to their tactics and the way they approached things. Granted not all of them are bad, but the ones that are, give the whole group a bad reputation. They need to realize what they were hired to do. They were not hired to harm those they are out there to protect from those who do not obey the law. Regardless of who they are out with, they need to use common courtesy, and realize that they will have to answer for their actions with a higher authority GOD
  • PV, Gaston
    I think people need step into reality. Look at the world we are living in, you can not judge these officers because you dont know the WHOLE story. I want these officers patrolling my neighborhood because I would definately feel safe with them there. To all the officers out there, thank you for all do despite the scum of the earth you have to deal with, never knowing what will happen in the blink of an eye. Most people who are against you are probably the ones you've arrested or had to chase down before. I'm glad the officer did what he had to do to stop the offender, better that than breaking in to my house to hide. If those dont like how you "serve and protect" let them serve and protect their ownselves
  • LH, Lexington
    Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Most troopers are excellent officers and law abiding citizens. They do their jobs to the letter. Because they respect society, they take their jobs seriously. These troopers risk their lives everyday to keep us safe from those who chose not to follow the law. Don't let the bad choices of a few tarnish the entire reputation of an excellent law enforcement agency
  • S ,
    The bottom line in this situation is that the young men in the videos had been stopped by the state troopers for a specific reason. The troopers are just trying doing their job, and their job would be a lot easier if people had respect for their authority. The young men are the ones who made the conscious decision to disregard the authority of the state trooper and run away. It then becomes the State Troopers' duty to chase the suspect. Whether that involves shooting the suspect in the leg or ramming them with their patrol car, it doesn't matter- they are doing their job. I am sick of people making this out to be like a game of "cat and mouse" game where the state patrol asks the suspect to run just so they can run them down in their patrol cars. I know that the State Patrol has taken a lot of heat lately for their actions, and in some cases, I agree that they have over-stepped their bounds (when they use racial slurs, or use unneccessary force), but in this case, I think the media is just looking for yet another way to slam down the State Patrol, just for doing their job. If ramming over a suspect with a patrol car will get one more criminal off of our streets- so be it. If you're going to run, be prepared to be chased. Bottom line
  • JB, Gaston
    I have lost all confidence in law enforcement and the judicial system. Letâ€TMs say I came home and caught someone robbing my wife at knife point, and then the suspect ran from the scene. And I ran them down with my car and injured them. What would happen? I would be charged with, assault with a deadly weapon inflecting serious injury with intent to kill, And If the suspect dies from those injuries, I would be charged with murder. If these officers ran someone down they should be held accountable, and charged just like you or I would have been.
  • KD, gilbert
    You know, it's easy for pencil pushers to criticize from behind their desks! Unless you are the one that has to carry a weapon an your side to protect yourself and the public from these lawbreaking thugs, of course you aren't going to understand. What are these troopers supposed to do, let the little darlings get away so that they can run again tomorrow? And as for the big race issue--did anyone mention that Trooper Richardson is BLACK?! You know, the one that chased the thug through the apartment complex! Of course that hasn't been mentioned! Quit dwelling on the few mistakes made and start reporting on the positive things law enforcement does for our communities for a change! The Highway Patrol gets speeders, drunks, drugs, wreckless drivers, and so much more off the streets to make our highways safer for you, me, and our families! Even these criticizing IDIOTS don't hesitate to call on them when they happen to be in need, now do they? So, the next time you see blue lights flashing, know that you might be a little safer thanks to the men and women of the Highway Patrol and all other law enforcement! Look at it like this, if they had not run--they would not have been chased! Then these videos would not have been an issue at all! Blame the thug lawbreakers, Not the law enforcers! THANK YOU Highway Patrol and all other law enforcement!!!!!!!!! I appreciate everything you all do for the public!!!
  • NJ, Columbia
    Oh plueeezze. If you watch the tapes closely, you can tell that the cops gave the suspects a tap not even hard enough to knock them down. And besides we need to see the entire tape. We do not why the felons were being persued. Kudo's to SCHP. Some folks are playing thr "Protect and Serve card" The first word is "protect". That means the innocent and victums not the criminal. And they serve by protecting the public from said criminals!
  • ws, columbia
    I don't think the troopers were entirely professional, BUT, I don't think it would be a big deal (or any deal) if the subjects were WHITE. I think the media is playing the race card. Show us some video of black troopers doing the same thing to white or black subjects. But, I don't think you will because it doesn't fit your agenda.
  • tr, prosperity
    I am very upset at this video,the force the officers use and the way they talk about it after it happens like it was fun. the point is that u cannot run a annimal like a dog over but u can run a black man over we are going in the wrong direction law is law officers should be fired.
  • JJ, Columbia
    My brother-in-law is a trooper so I know how stressful the job can be. I believe like any agency anywhere, there are good guys and bad guys and maybe instead of painting all troopers with the same brush, the powers-that-be need to make some changes in hiring and firing procedures. Maybe more training in stress reduction and in dealing with the criminal element they face everyday would be better than condemning the entire department for the actions of a few.
  • SH, Columbia
    Let's focus on the real issue - the root cause; had the citizens been abiding by the law in the first place, there would have been no encouter with the officers. I have a solution - let's allow these citizens to act like animals with no self control and no consideration for society and then do nothing to them at all - no punishment. Would that help? On top of that, since we seem to have to have no regard for officers, what they do, how they put their lives on the line daily, and get paid nothing for it (respect or wages), when we need them, let's not call them. We need to figure it out.
  • BP, Lexington
    These cops are only reacting to the scum that they are having to deal with on a daily basis. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for some law breaker that gets rammed while fleeing from the cops. Maybe if we made a law that said "If you run, the cops will ram you." then these scumbags will learn their lesson. As far as the cop who called a fleeing criminal the n word, did anyone pay attention as to what that poor sad soul is doing right now? He's sitting in jail on a burglary charge awaiting trial for a murder charge. Seems to me that the cop was right. Judging the man by his character is all the officer was doing. I am sick of all of these black lawmakers trying to fire every officer who has ever arrested a black man and then recommending a replacement who just happens to be black as well. Quit breaking the law and the cops will never know you existed. Sanford is a disgrace for selling out these officers who only make a fourth of that he does but whose jobs can get them killed on a daily basis. If this has offended you then get over it.
  • LC, Prosperity
    I realize they have a dangerous job& some are honest&try to uphold the law. There are also those that seem to have ego &self esteem problems and think their job entitles them to get away with any & everything.An old man told me when I was young,never trust a person whose profession starts with a"P".Police,Politician,Priest, do I need to go on?
  • EW, Winnsboro
    I personally think that the media always betrays the bad in all law enforcement. What about all the good they do for this state? I have the upmost respect for all the law enforcement agencies. If it wasn't for them we would all live in caos!! How about showing all the good they have done for us i, n the past years. Thanks to all law enforcment for protecting me and my family!
  • RL, Columbia
    No, these revelations don't shake my confidence at all. What seems to be ignored here is , the fact these upstanding citizens of our community must have broken some law to put themselves in this situation. I think it's safe to say if you abide by the law you won't find youself in a situation like this.
  • GB, Mayesville
    It is plain to see that the highway patrol is in the "good-old-boys" network. All those who are involved should face criminal charges and be fired from the force. How can anyone have any respect for a police force when that kind of behavior is allowed.
  • wh, columbia
    i think it is very bad to see something like that the officer should be charged with assalt with in tent to kill if it was the other way around and cop was hit the driver would be charged with alot of offences plus attempted murder too and the cop should be charged with this also thanks will
  • Bd,
    I have the most respect for the SCHP. These guys were doing their jobs, and protecting the community from a criminal. Put your self in their shoes for a day, i bet a large percentage of your viewers would slip up in some way that may "offend" some one. More power to them! This is a pefect example of how a police man can not do his job, he has to worry about "offending someone" instead of consintrating on the task at hand.
  • AB, Columbia
    While I don't necessarily agree with what the officers have done, why has nobody in the media asked the question of why these people were running from the police? If they had complied with officers in the first place, there would be no chase.
  • HB, columbia
    The only people that I've lost confidence in are the football coaches at USC. Why haven't they signed these men being chased. If they can out run a patrol car they can surely out run any defense in the SEC.
  • aw, Lexington
    Now, in that one tape where the guy looks to be running down a street, looks like to me he cut in front of the patrol car and got hit. The other driving thru an apartment complex, that was wrong. I don't care if he was black or white, if he is running from the law, do what you can to catch him. The media is who I don't trust.
  • SH, Gilbert
    Just a comment on the story about the police officers that used their car to try and stop criminals from fleeing the scene of a crime. Maybe if the officer that died of a heart attack while giving a foot chase after a fleeing criminal several months ago would have used his car instead he might be alive today. I'm tired of the news media taking the side of the criminal. If they had not committed a crime and tried to flee the scene then NONE of this would have happened anyway. In my opinion they brought this on themselves and the officers were justified in their actions. What has happened to having to accept responsibility for your actions? The only thing I can find fault with on the police officer's part is the offensive language he used in conversing with the other officer about hitting the suspect with his car. Please stop supporting and defending the actions of the criminals of this state and defend our police officers who put their lives on the line every day for you and me. Thanks,
  • WW, Columbia
    Would it be better to shoot them? They did that in Orangeburg a few years ago and the welfare race is still moaning and groaning about it.
  • CF, Columbia
    No, becasue 80% of the troopers work everyday with no problems or complaints. Thanks!
  • tc, columbia
    The highway patrol tapes affected my confidence in the agency because the are suppose to protect and serve. THey suppose to learn by to lead by example that not the way our kids should grow up thinkin
  • JW, Irmo
    No, but the issue should be is our state moving in the right direction under Governor Sanford's leadership, he knew about the issues at the, Patrol longer before he caved into the spotlight and removed that agencies leaders, years before the videos came out. He is the leader of this state and he should be accoutable for what goes on at these agencies. I guess he can sit in his office like shultz and say I know nothing or I am shocked by this, if you all believe he did not know this stuff was going on I have some beach front property to sell you, come on people we need to hold him to the fire on these issues since we already have become the laughing stock to this nation with what goes on in our goverment
  • TL, Columbia
    I belive if the suspect is fleeing from the officers and the officers not knowing if the suspect has a weapon or why he is running and if the officer is able to use his car to bring the suspect down, then do it along as it isnt indanger the safty of the public. you can always replace a part on a patrol car, but you cannot bring back a officers life once a suspect takes it away. i never saw anything wrong with the video, the officer in the apartment chase, was watching out for the public safty and also he had his sirens going to warn the public he was in the area and they were on the look out.
  • J , Blythewood
    After hearing on the news some of the commments on night cast here's what I think, whether if he was a murderer or jay walker what right does the officer have to use his car as a tackle in that situation. What fallout would you have in the community if he ran him over rather than him going over hood. The case of the kid, what if he tripped and the officier couldn't stop in time? then what? There were bystanders thus the public is in danger? Stop pursuits happen all the time, why not in this case? I'm sure that kid was boxed in pretty good because he was caught and will answer for his crime. Another thing was the officier talking seemed to,atleast to me that he was thrilled he hit'em. Officiers have a tough job but theres is no excuse for such acts as these particular cases. As before what if the crime was say jaywalking vs a murderer would the crime make the difference in pursuit? what if in both cases in my last line they were killed would it be taken differently in either instance. My personal question is what was the officiers threatned by when the two individuals went on foot that they had to use there 3000 pound car as a tackle. Lastly if they had caused serious injury or death what could they say in defense? the dept. Finally the dept. should fired both of them and one of them just based off what he said on tape. He had no regard or respect to his life or safety or the public for that matter. What did he get? A three day vacation. to me that sends a bad message that a few bad apples are tolerated as I don't believe thses guys make up a majorty of our force but these guys who are no good and get away with events like these with a slap on the wrist is not good and is not acceptable to me. Thank you WIS for your time and attention
  • cw, camden S.C
    yes I feel that looks bad for S.C to see law enforcer runnig people down like some kind of animal when all they were doing was runinng from them.
  • DA, Columba
    These 2 officers don't deserve to be a guardian of our communities. They were 'hunting' and even stated he was trying to hit him. Why was the first officer not charged with using his vehicle to cause bodily harm? Because he is a law enforcement officer? He was hunting. The second officer driving through a neighborhood with inicent people running when they heard the sirons. He drove his vehicle with total disregard to his surroundings. Both of them are a disgrace to our community and only received a slap on the wrist. What if you and I tried driving like that to chase someone, how long would our jail time have been. My father is a retired policemen and would be sick to his stomach seeing what the officers of today do and get away with. In my opinion, these two officers are the criminals in these 2 inicidents
  • LA, Little Mountain
    I personally still have respect for the majority of the patrol officers that are out there everyday trying to get the criminals like the ones in the videos off the street, however I do not by any means agree with the decisions they made, such as intentionally striking the criminal with the car, or traveling through the apartment complex. Theses officers are the ones that create havoc for the good officers that are out there and there are a lot of good officers on the road. You have to look back at the leadership the patrol has had for the past 10 plus years. Since politics got involved in the commanding of the Highway Patrol, the agency has gone down hill, and by the way all this has nothing to do with race, the bad apples are black, white and any other color. I started working as a State Trooper under the command of Col. Thompson, who was run off by politicians because of his age, only to create the root of most of the problems we have now. Since then, there has been no Colonel, or any other form of leadership within the Highway Patrol, that has been steady or lasting more than a few years. Should the troopers in the videos that have been presented lately be penalized, yes they should, and should be severe. I am sure there is more to all the stories but you should not reach deadly force, which being struck by a vehicle intentionally is deadly force, to stop someone from fleeing, unless someoneâ€TMs life is in danger. I also find it very amusing that the troopers who intentionally struck the criminal with the car and the trooper who drove through the apartment complex were penalized, but not very severely, while I was stripped of my patrol vehicle, badge, gun etc for following policy. I was stripped of everything for months for following policy and getting permission to seek and obtain a non-partisan elected position in my local community that has absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement which was allowed at that time by DPS policy. Why was this done? Politics, politics and more politics. Starting with Senators that are power hungry, then leaders that are scared to support their officers when they know they are right because they fear loosing their position. I lost respect for state government in general, but not the troopers and other officers on the road. Until you have been in those shoes which I was for 18 years, you should not judge anything you see on any video unless you were there. News reporters and politicians have hours and days to evaluate the video, the officer had milliseconds to evaluate, make his decision, and execute his plan of action. I invite anyone, news reporters, politicians, and anyone else to evaluate any situation that quick and get it right all the timeâ€"you canâ€TMt and neither can the officers. I did eventually win my plea and go back on the road where I truly loved my job, only to leave the agency due to the fact that I was not proud of what I represented any longer. Not the job, but the political interference that constantly went on then and still today with the agency, and only getting worse. The patrol began hiring and promoting based on politics rather than by the officers performance and that means no future for an officer that follows all the rules and does his very best to truly help the public and make valid attempts at the correct decisions. This brings me back to the initial pointâ€"check into the officers that were involved in the videos. I would not be surprised if you found that they were some of those “political appointments” placed there because of “who they knew” not because of their desire to truly be public servants. Again, I salute all the true public servants who enforce the laws in this state because they want to and not because of “who they know”. I could go on and on, but I will leave you with that.
  • LD, Chapin
    Does anyone not see the bigger point of all of this? The second video of the officer driving thru an apartment complex is completely outrageous! He could have injured an innocent person at any point. Law enforcement is not ever supposed to jeopardize other lives to apprehend a suspect. There were children out there he could have killed. He should have gotten out of his car and pursued the man - white or black - on foot. It looks to me like in both videos, the officers were too LAZY to do the job the correct way since they decided to use their vehicles as a deadly weapon. I am a WHITE woman....I do not see this as a race issue...but a "we have officers with authority" issues!!!!! They should have both been relieved of this type of duty and or fired
  • MM, Little Mountain
    The racial slur we heard, what we didn't hear was what the suspect said to the officer unheard on camera. From experience, I know that Lawmen endure much abuse from the scum they deal with to serve and protect us. These criminals know they put themselves in harms way when they choose to break the law. A fleeing suspect that will not stop when warned has to deal with the consequences that result. It's time to realize these low-life individuals are not kindergarten kids
  • BG, Columbia
    It doesn't affect my confidence in the agency. Every group have some bad apples - doctors, lawyers, teachers. There are even bad reporters out there. And for the two politicians who were watching the video and making comments, there are even bad politicians. You correct what is bad and try to improve. Not condemn the whole group.
  • CT, Orangeburg
    The only thing that the release of the tapes has done is made me mad and has caused me to loose faith in the news media. Why are you not going out there and finding out the whole story. You are only showing the parts of the video that look bad. Weren't you taught in school to find out the whole story before you report it. You mention the disciplinary actions that were given to the troopers and act like they were not harsh enough because the part of the video that you show. If you knew or, should I say, if you reported the whole the story you wouldn't be doing that. It's easy to be the Monday morning quarterback and sit back and say "you should not have done that. You need to be fired". These troopers that whose jobs you're so easily tossing into the wind have families of their own. They have wives and children whom they have to support. They have already been scared to loose their jobs once (when the shown cases was being investigated) and now they're have to go through it again because people who DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY are saying they should be fired. I hope that kind of judgement never comes to any of you if you ever make a mistake. I hope someone will listen to the WHOLE STORY and give you a fair chance. I love all the troopers out there and I thank you for the thankless job that you do. Thank you for all the drugs that you have taken off the streets. Thank you for the drunk drivers that you have taken off the roads. Thank you for risking your life everyday to protect my family and me. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • js,
    Oh yeah we talk about the people the trooper almost hit in the apartment complex mind you he's had extensive training about driving a vehicle like this. What about the criminal who was doing 100mph on the interstate with probably no training and how many more lives he put in danger. These lawmakers and Dr. Randolph need to get a grip and instead of wanting an investigation of these troopers I think they should get off their high horse and maybe just maybe help teach or young people not to run from the police. Oh by the way did the trooper know if the person had a gun or was a wanted fugitive and if he was would we be even talking about this today. By the way the trooper didn't hit anyone did he
  • js,
    It doesn't affect my confidence at all. These men and women do a job that we can sit on the sidelines and criticize how they do it and not know what it takes to be a South Carolina State Trooper. We must not forget that in most of these videos that the trooper reacted to what the Offender did
  • BS, Newberry
    I just finished watching the 11pm news cast and was simpily appauled by the H.P.video and the viewers responses. Yes my confidence is shaken as well as i am shaking in fear of All law enforcement agencies. The viewers have said we need to think about the fact the "officers" are doing a dangerous job and have high "stress" levels and we have to "remember" they are dealing with "criminals". O.K. grant it thats true, but criminals or not they are still HUMAN BEINGS! and in each of the videos i DID NOT see where the officers were in danger of their lives! For goodness sake the "criminal" was on foot with no weapon in hand!! and the officer was in a steel framed VEHICLE. To me that is taking it way to far and do believe that because they wear a badge that they can do awful things to what they deem a criminal and get away with it unpunished. We've heard about the punishment for the officers but what about the other people who knew about the "over the edge" tactics?? A "stressed out" law enforcement agent should not be on the job in the first place. However, everyone should remember -- We Are God's creatures/Human Beings NOT Animals. Yes I will be afraid of law enforcement and their reactions!!
  • JM, Bishopville
    I saw some of the videos that cast a bad light on "some" of the Troopers of SCHP. But more interestingly WIS only talked to or would show on the air were black legislators, why no comments from white legislators after all they are all responsible for the quality of Troopers we have on our roads. It's no different than anything else, "You get what you pay for." So until the legislature decides to pay the working troopers out on our roads a living wage, not the administrators, they seem to make tidy salaries. So when are our black caucus, black & white legislators going to step up and solve this problem before it really gets out of hand
  • MR, Lexington
    In my opinion, Police Officers seem to think they can do whatever they want and get away with it! Like: speeding, running stop signs/red lights, drinking on the job, cutting people off, not using their turn signals & not wearing seat belts. Now, they are running people down with their cars!! Wow! Makes me feel a whole lot better about them now, don't it??!! But, if we do what they do....Ticket or Arrested! I think it's totally wrong what they did and they got off, basically with a slap on the wrist. If anyone of us would have done something like that, again.....Arrested!! That's why it's hard for me to Trust the law!!! Why is it Ok for them? But, we always get in trouble for the exact same things?? Again, this is all my opinion.....everyone has their own
  • PA, Florence
    In 1979, I sat at the funeral of Sgt. R.A. Mobley and listened as his family quietly grieved for their father, who had been killed in the line of duty. Sgt. Mobley was shot after stopping a motorcyle rider due to the fact that a tailight was out on the motorcycle! A Florence County Deputy Sheriff happened upon the scene, and was almost killed himself. I defy your new General Manager Donita Todd, Jennifer Wilson, and Representatives Hart and Howard to work for just one week with any law enforcement agency, or to sit at the funeral of a fallen officer - they most certainly would have a totally different story to tell. I worked with members of law enforcement for twenty-eight years while employed with the 12th Circuit Solicitor's Office, and know that all of them put their lives on the line each and every day, and for what? To be criticized by the media? Why are you not reporting any of the facts from the S.C. Department of Public Safety? What a shame that WIS continues to show such disrespect for our law enforcement community!
  • TW, Winnsboro
    Any normal thinking person is shocked and outraged at the unprofessional conduct in these films. The officers statements in their defense are clearly not credible. The very light discipline given indicates this is a systemic problem not just a few bad apples. These were career ending incidents in most places in this country. That they are not in SC is scary.
  • SM, Lexington
    It makes me sick that the media is so quick to judge law enforcement. Play the whole tape, or don't play anything at all. Who do law enforcement officers get to turn to when something happens too them. You sure aren't going to air the video of the officer who has to fight for his life everyday. I know. I am a former cop. All the media tries to do is find what the cop did wrong. You never see a tape of the good things that law enforcement officers do. I feel sure that if one of your crews saw a cop changing a tire for an elderly person, you would saw that the cop put the lug nut on wrong. You have no clue to the verbal abuse, physical abuse, or mental abuse that cop's have to deal with on a daily basis. These people in the videos broke the law and the cop was doing what it took to bring them in. My confidence in the agency has not changed. I respect them even more now. The guys that ran broke the law. You make it out to be that the state troopers just picked someone out and started to run them down. PS- Sleep well tonight knowing that there is a cop protecting you and your family and these men and women do it because they love what they do. But you make it hard for them to enjoy their job. If that is all the news that you have to report for the state, we are doing really well. To the law enforcement that read this, thank you for what you do everyday.
  • FJ, Columbia
    This is really ridiculous how these officers are carrying on! They are not respecting people at all. They should be taken off the force and never allowed to work with the public. They are really out of control
  • JB, Columbia
    Absolutely! While I do not agree with criminal behavior, one of the basic tenets of our legal system is that people are innocent until proven guilty. Just because a police officer carries a badge, does not mean they should be allowed to injure people unnecessarily. If a normal citizen perpetrated this action we would be charged with vehicular assault. Why are these officers still employed in law enforcement? Frankly, this scares me to death. If you cannot trust the police to do the right thing, who can you trust? They should be setting examples and abiding by the law, not taking it upon themselves to be judge and jury. Isnt this just an allowed form of vigilante justice? God help us, we really are reverting to the "old boy system" again
  • RS, Columbia
    I think the officers should be fired. I know that the officers have a difficult job to do, but they should have been more professional about how they handled it. Children are put out of school everyday for defending themselves or some other reason that could have been settled in other ways. All these officers recieved was a slap on the wrist. Adults are suppose to be more mature, educated, and more professional than children. We make excuses for those people who know better, but penalize our less experience children. The officers are suppose to be held to a much higher standard. I wish they would give our children as much understanding as they do adults. Lead by example please
  • DB, Prosperity
    If police officers aren't held accountable for behaving like the misguided folk they are supposed to protect us from, who will protect those who as innocent bystanders, are harmed due to their blatant disreguard for the obvious disaster that is sure to occur when they react in the same careless manner as those they wish to detain.
  • OR, Columbia
    It is wrong for the police to use improper force as is to the criminal to do the crime. Hispanics as well as Indians are being abuse as well... who is going to defend them
  • CS, Florence
    The way I see it, there are some people who are out to damage/destroy the SC Highway Patrol any means they can. If the videos they are coming across now are any indication, then it looks as though they are going as far back as they can to find anything they can use to discredit law enforcement. It all goes to show that some will be not happy with any punishment the troopers received unless it is destroying the career of someone who is in a VERY high stress job. I say, quit looking at old tapes and look at more current tapes. I bet they won't be able to find anything to complain about now
  • D , Winnsboro
    You should not judge unless you see the whole tape. I am not in law enforcement but I do work in public service with no weapon, and the public doesn't get to see how police officers sometimes have to fight when they are being attacked just to stay alive. Most of the time the officers are the looking down the barrel of a gun, but you don't get to see that part
  • RK, Columbia
    The police have a VERY HARD job, but I don't believe running over people on foot (unless they have a weapon) is protecting oneself.The enemy (the devil) is working hard to divide America.
  • MS, West Columbia
    I am writing to comment on your recent coverage of Highway Patrol/law enforcement con, duct. I would like to remind your staff that people who break the law, or run from the police are criminals, not victims. Law enforcement officers risk their lives running into situations that the average man runs away from. They work long hours in times of disaster, such as this past weekend's severe storms. They are generally under appreciated and under paid. Please balance your coverage to include positive stories which honor those who so selflessly serve our community. Thank you
  • LA, Irmo
    I am absolutely appalled that people on here are defending what those "policemen" did! Excuses about anger management issues and them being stressed out are unacceptable. If the job is too stressful for them, find a new line of work. The reasons why they were stopped did not warrant them getting chased down by a car. Police officers are supposed to be enforcing the law. They aren't supposed to be above the law. Those men were on foot. They could have gotten out of their cars and ran after them. After all, I thought that's what they were trained to do. The video of the guy chasing down that man in the apartment complex was most appaling because there were children out there. If something were to happen to them, he would have been just as responsible as the criminal
  • MF, Columbia
    Just look at the suspects in the video. I don't know about you, but I pull over and respect law enforcement. I think we should take the gloves off for these thugs. I'm sick of crime in Richland county.I think they should use more force.We can't just give our city to these criminals
  • JR, Chapin
    I think this is good police work. It is ashame they did not catch the other guy, he may end up killing a student body president some day or worse. I am sick of the race card being played and feeling sorry for the poor criminal because of his race or ethnicity. The bottom line is these men were running for a reason, they deserved to be tracked down. If they were white, I would feel the same way....A criminal is a criminal, quit whining about the color of their skin
  • DM, West Columbia
    Three days suspension for deliberately hitting someone with your car? Not to mention gloating about it. If this was a civilian, he would be arrested for attempted vehicular manslaughter! Someone else said the same thing: Give them a gun and badge and they can do anything. Regarding other responses: "they are able to protect themselves". I'm sorry but you don't usually protect yourself from somebody who is RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU by running them over with your car.
  • BS, Leesville
    I believe these officers did what they had to do to catch a criminals that didn't care how many lives they put into danger. all these people that are complaining about their conduct would be singing thier praises if it were them that these crimes were commited against. People need to stop and put themselves in the shoes of the people who have been done wrong, murdered, rubbed, etc. before they can pass any type of judgement against those that protect us!!!
  • JJ, Columbia
    And the alternative to apprehending a fleeing suspect would be. . . letting him get away to repeat? That's sound logic, isn't it. Two wrongs do not make a right, but does letting a potentially violent criminal go improve a hazardous situation. What was the alternative that the Troopers could have used? "Stop in the name of the law" while they scamper away to rob, maim, shoot, loot, vandalize, distribute illicits, tarnish lives, or murder again? I agree with a previous poster here, perhaps the same scrutiny needs to be dished out to the media who distort local events in name of bias
  • AC, West Columbia
    After reading the posted responses to this question, I'm so glad that the majority seems to agree with me: For whatever reason, why are certain people constantly finding fault with those who willingly put their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens of South Carolina? And why do local media outlets continue to feed this negativity and disrespect by granting them coverage? Where is the equal time to tell the Troopers- side of the story - what circumstances led to these pursuits, why did the suspects decide to run, and, just out of curiosity, where are those suspects now? At home watching the negative media coverage and ridiculous political fallout that their refusal to obey the law initiated-or in jail? Where is the fair and balanced coverage? Who will stand to support our State Troopers and all law enforcement officers who volunteer to protect and serve but get so very little thanks and respect in return? Never mind the lack of state financial support to keep them fully staffed and equipped to safely and adequately perform the job that they endured countless background checks, intense physical endurance training and 20 weeks of boot camp to do - all for much less pay than they deserve. In a department already stretched way too thin, these officers are forced to work alone with no backup - patrolling miles and miles of dark, desolate highways on the lookout for those who would do us harm. Or, worse yet, keeping us from doing harm to ourselves and others by excessive speeding or drunk driving. I say the use of a slow-moving vehicle, tazer or even (gasp!) a derogatory comment in the heat of battle with a fleeing suspect is making good use of what little resources they actually have. God bless our Troopers and all law enforcement officers, and THANK YOU for a job well done!!!
  • PA, Columbia
    These videos are outrageous! But, we need the WHOLE story. If the trooper was chasing a convicted mass murderer who had just escaped from prison, we would WANT him to do whatever was necessary to apprehend. Hopefully the department will increase training and pay so that stupid, racist, impulsive folks are not endangering us all. I sure hope they review disciplinary procedures and ensure thorough reviews of these types of cases. If the chase was not justified, the troopers should be disciplined and even brought up on charges. I have to hope that there is actually more to the story; that there WAS a review & that the appropriate discipline was awarded. I hope WIS will continue to follow up on this and report back on the WHOLE story. In the meantime, you might remind folks that it's NOT a good idea to RUN from law officers. Till I have the WHOLE story, I am confident that I, my family & friends are safe with the highway patrol, but then we aren't "bad guys" who run...
  • AB, cayce
    I think they are right to do what they did. You,(the people) dont know why he was chasing them. He could have beena murder suspect. But all of this would be a whole lot different if it was a black officer chsing a white man. thanks for your time
  • DD,
    I think the "new" Genaeral Manager has got it all wrong and is making WIS take a downward slide. This should not be a Law Enforcement issue at all but an individual Officer issue. Should we blame all reporters when there are false reports or doctored photos released? Should Law Enforcement Officers be scared to protect themselves, thier families or the public because they are in fear of doing thier job? Should we just let the bad guys go and forget the rights of the public as well as the officers to live in a safe SC? I think not. Reports such as this turn the public on the very individuals who make daily life safe. They deserve to be rewarded with better pay and benifits for doing a thankless job! You look at things different when you place yourself in the other persons shoes. I challange the General manager to be cussed at, spit on, hit on, shot at and not let a improper comment slip out once in a while.
  • RW, Winnsboro
    I thank the law enforcement officers for trying to rid the community of thugs who have nothing but contempt for the laws of the state and community. I condemn those hatemongers who preach that it is the White people's fault that these thugs have to break the laws. They need to learn that if people were obedient to the laws that are there for the protection of everyone - regardless of race - and teach people to be obedient instead of defending them there would be no instances such as those. Hurrah for the men who protect us.
  • WM, Denmark,SC
    In watching the videos ,why are the suspects fleeing?If they are not guilty of anything then don't run.I would ask Leon Howard of the Black Caucus this question.What if the suspect turns out to be the one who victimized a family member?What if the person is a wanted sex offender or killed someone in Mr Howard"s the Black Caucus or the NAACP's family?I would have no sympathy for the criminals regardless of race..What Mr Howard and the Black Caucus and the NAACP is doing is sending a wrong message to criminals that if you are black,committ a crime,get roughed up by white cops,they will be there to support them.Even if they are victims of the criminals.
  • pm, col sc
    this is a disgrace to all law enforcement to see that we have all these animals working in lawenforcement(highway patrol.Thes animals should have been arrested.clearly what they did is assault.these animals need to be dealt with immediatelely,the evidence is clearly there.this department needs to be restructured,and all involved who just overlooked these actions should be terminated,and never allowed to work in law enforcement .
  • pm, col sc
    this is a disgrace to all law enforcement to see that we have all these animals working in lawenforcement(highway patrol.Thes animals should have been arrested.clearly what they did is assault.these animals need to be dealt with immediatelely,the evidence is clearly there.this department needs to be restructured,and all involved who just overlooked these actions should be terminated,and never allowed to work in law enforcement .
  • fc, SUMTER
    First we must understand that SCHP is only a division of the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY(THE AGENCY). The agency as a whole is not under fire here. WHY? I can tell you it is not due to lack of control or self policing over the other two divisions under this agency. As a officer in one of these other divisions I can attest to some of the previous comments made by others that this is a very stressful job, and under stress anyone can make a mistake. Yes we are held to a higher standard and that is because the decisions we make are usually life or death. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE. EVER. some have made the statement that we don't know the totality of these cases and that is a fact, but i can tell you from 16 years of experience on the road with this and other agencies, that if the case warranted the behavior of the trooper in Greenwood, two officers would not have time to sit in the roadwayimmediately after this incident and talk about it. If lives were in jeopardy, and if it warranted this kind of action, should these officers not be trying to help the so called victims in need of assistance? These individuals are makeing it hard to be a law enforcement officer with any integrity at all. At least the way the public looks at us.
  • Eg, Barnwell
    It is very apalling to know that the same people we look up to uphold the law can also break them without proper disciplinary actions from the agency or their superiors. How can they lead by examples if they are none!
  • JL,
    Go back to yesterday's question of the day. If the suspects were anything but black, we would have never heard about it.
  • BM, Columbia
    I dont think its fair to only show the end of the pursuits. None of us know the circumstances PRIOR to the clips you showed. I doubt the "suspects" were running for no reason... its not like the Highway Patrol chases innocent people for seatbelt violations. Maybe the suspects were wanted for more serious crimes. Im sure most viewers would want felons pursued so they would no longer be a threat to society. Your story preceeding this story on the 6 O'clock report was a 'gas drive off' where the suspect was pursued, the police terminated the pursuit, the the suspect crashed into an innocent elderly woman's house and stole a car from somewhere else. Maybe if the police were there when he crashed and took him into custody, many more victims of his eluding police would have been spared. You have to think that these pursuits started in vehicles, were the suspects crucified on TV for putting innocent lives at risk when they evaded the Highway Patrol? I encourge Jennifer Wilson to strap on a badge and gun and risk her life to enforce laws rather than armchair quarterback.
  • MB, Lugoff
    Being the daughter of a Deputy Sheriff (35 yrs.) I resent the fact that you choose to show the few officers that probably have reached a breaking point. Send your reporters to court and see what putting your life on the line everyday with these crimials gets you - dismissed, dismissed, dismissed! It seems the law is on the criminals side, and how about the conduct of these people breaking the law - ride with a law enforcement officer and see how they are treated!
  • sw, leesville
    This saddens me to see these types of things being done by people who are suppose to "protect and serve". All of the officers both who were involved and who knew of the incidents should be fired and have criminal charges brought against them. The officers shouldn't be able to hide behind there badges and get a slap on the wrist because if anyone else would have hit a pedestrian or used foul language criminal charges would have been filed.
  • KD, Little Mountain
    The recent videos of the highway patrol, I think shows what the officers are up against every day. If you are stopped and you run, YOU are a CRIMINAL, not a victim. If you weren't, you wouldn't be running. The patrol should be able to hit you with the car, call you bad names or even shoot you if you will not stop. Stop the political correctness, this is the real world.
  • mk, gaston
    Not one bit. All these people in the incidents that have been shown have put themselves in a position that could be harmful to theirselves. Why does everyone downgrade people in the law enforcement business? Their lives are endangered everyday! You never know what is going to happen to you at any time. Everday people should have to ride with an officer at least once to really see how it is. I think that their opinion would change. When your life is endangered you will do things that you might not normally do. Some people call it the fight or flight syndrome. These people don't get paid nearly what they should. I know they are the ones who picked this profession to work in. In todays society everyone wants to put the blame on someone else. People don't want to take the blame for their own actions. If we didn't have police imagine what life would be like! Ordinary citizens have no idea how they would react in these situations. Yet they are the first to yell police brutality. How about don't put yourself in those situations and then you don't have to worry about this whole conversation. Live long Highway Patrol!!!!
  • RS,
    No it has not, but having to look at it every five minutes on your station has affected how I feel about your station. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
  • MA, Columbia
    I think that the way that the officers handle a situation like that is brutal.It makes you insecure and unsafe. It is outrageous that officers are racist and cruel to others. Also, it makes you fear for your safety if you get stopped by some of these officers. I am only 12 but that is my opinion.
  • SC, Columbia
    I feel that we the public has seen only the "tip of the iceburg". I was assaulted then falsely arrested by Deputies of the Richland County Sheriffs Department, but fortunately the video camera in the Sheriff Deputy's car captured enough of the incident that I exonerated. Nevertheless, the Deputies were not disciplined when I made a complaint to the Internal Affairs office of the Sheriffs Department. This is also despite the fact that the officers had no charges against me except for "Resisting Arrest". So my confidence has been greatly deminished because of my experience alone.
  • LG, Camden
    I would want to know what went on prior to the tapes that were shown on TV. I do not feel that the whole story is being told. Too many instances where the trooper is involved in a long chase or fight or other situation where the perpetrator ran and has to be stopped. What if the perp has been a killer and got away from the officer to break in to one of those apartments and killed someone. There is more to this story.
  • GM, Blythewood
    The recent video tapes have not affected my confidence in the highway patrol or any other SC law enforcement agency. These men and women risk their own safety on a daily basis to protect the rest of us. They are treated with disrespect by the thugs they try to detain and their commands to stop, either verbal or by the use of flashing lights, go ignored. They are put in tense situations where split second decisions must be made and sometimes the right choice is not selected. Let's face it, they are human. Personally, I feel that if a law enforcement officer orders you to stop/halt and you run, then I approve whatever method they they feel is appropriate to stop you.
  • ct, columbia
    These videos are useless. Video tape 99.99% of the people in this world and you will,, at some point, hear or see things that others consider wrong. These guys are under a huge amount of stress, especially in high crime areas, such as the areas in these tapes. Sure police should be held to a high standard, but don't forget the guys they are chasing are crimals! Let's hear the story about the guys they were chasing. Let's see the good things caught on tape. This isn't a racial thing despite what the officer says. He's chasing a criminal. If you want to be treated equally quit screaming for special treatment!
  • JS, Columbia
    I am getting pretty tired of the recent criticism of the SCHP. I guess it is very easy to criticize their work when the critics are safe at home or in their offices. No one seems to address the fact that these officers put their lives on the line every day (or night) and are dealing with "scum" on a daily basis (not to mention tragedy from auto accidents). Troopers never know if one of these little "angels" is going to take a shot at them when they pull them over on a dark interstate in the middle of the night. In the Greenwood video, the "angel" had a gun in the car. Wonder how Rep. Howard would have handled this? After viewing on evideo, Mr. Howard commented about the Trooper putting peoples' lives in danger driving through an apartment complex. What about the lives put in danger by the "angel" running from the officer? How many people are killed annually by criminals running from police? Why doesn't Rep. Howard address this? I am thankful for the SCHP. Perhaps if these people weren't committing crimes and running from the police, we would not have these videos.
  • JS, Camden
    I would like to see and here the whole videos.The video from tonight does not show the whole story especially what crime was commited by the man being chased.If he had committed murder or another violent crime he should be stopped by any means necessary.
  • The videos do not surprise me at all. I have seen several cases where the law inforcement will use inappropiate behavior like physical contact, strong language and unneccessary dangerous driving skills. I would personaly say that it is probably about 85% of the law inforcement in this state. My opinion is, is that they think just because they have a badge and a gun, they can say, do and act any way they want!! I prefer my identity be kept unknown, because if you do something against law inforcement, they will do any thing and every thing they can to get back at you!!!
  • RW, Chapin
    I still have faith in the agency. They do a tough job where they have to make tough and quick decisions. The question you need to ask is what the people they were attempting to stop did? I don't have any problems with any state troopers nor do any of my family and we have all been stopped before. Oh wait, maybe that is because we stop when the blue lights come on! We don't try to run. There is a no-brainer! The trooper in the apartment complex did not make a good decision, but what was he chasing the CRIMINAL for? It all comes back to not being taught respect by the parents. I know cops, and I don't want their job, and I don't envy them. They have a thankless job and when we have a chance we need to thank them for what they do.
  • FH, Chapin
    I think this news is terrible to find out this type of things go on with our law inforcement officers. I also think it is terrible that the news media keeps bring it up to the black officials in an attempt to cause more trouble when we need to resolve the problems and not blow them up to cause more trouble in a already problemed world.
  • RW, Hopkins
    The officers are in the process of apprehending a suspect, which is their job. State or local, it should not matter. If you are told to stop or pull your vehicle over, you should comply.
  • EM, Denmark.SC
    Here is my question.As an African-American,why are the white troopers being targeted in these investigat, ions and not black troopers doing the same?We have seen cases in which white law enforcement officials use unecessary force on those of their own race.Show the videos to the black leaders and ask them where is the racism?Why aren't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson taking up the causes of whites victimized by cops of their own race?As for the suspects running from the cops,I and many citizens have no sympathy for the crooks.
  • CS, Lexington
    I have lost all cofidence in the highway patrol to police officers. Because of high speed chases that should be thought out my family lost a brother (an innocent bystander) on Feb. 16, 2006. They need alot more training and stop trying to be big shots.
  • HF, Columbia
    I thought we had seen some of the worst possible by an "armed" (with more than a gun)representative of my birth state. However, after seeing today's tapes, I've lost respect for the entire force. If those men (?) are still on the force, and the guidelines have made it possible, then we need to have a citizen's review committee to deal with complaints about this type of criminal behavior. The committee needs to have equal racial and gender representatives on it. Tonight I'm wondering if the KKK has a well-hidden group on this force. I'm disgusted that these guys wewn't fired, arrested, tried and jailed!
  • KB, camden
    I dont think it is appropriate for the officers to use racial slurs. But, when an officer is pursuing a suspect I believe all is fair game. They shouldn't be running and the officer has the right to protect himself. A running suspect is acting on adrenaline making him desperate to get away. If it didn't involve race I dont think it would be an issue. Our state troopers work long and hard in dangerous conditions to protect us and my faith in them has not changed.
  • JC, IRMO
    Does anyone notice a common theme in these videos? A suspect is running from the cops. Once again we are playing the race card everytime we get a chance-it's ludacris!! These officers are out there protecting our communities putting their lives on the line for what. Do you people think these suspects would have stopped if these officers had said please stop don't run-NOT A CHANCE! I support our state troopers white or black...keep up the good work!!
  • dw, ridgeway
    i have more confidence in them now knowing they are doing a good job trying to get the criminals off our streets. you the news media should not be trying to make law officers look like the criminals. these people are running because they have broken the law. should officers only arrest those who don't run. officers should be able to use any means necessary to apprihand these criminals. yes even running them over or beating the daylights out of them
  • jc, lexington, sc
    The recent events have not shaken my trust in the SC Highway Patrol due the fact that I am a law abiding citizen. While striking someone with a 2 ton automobile in non-excusable, I am embarresed that both Representatives and other members of the community have not stated any disapproval to the fact that all of the men pictured are obviously showing no regard for there own lives or respect for authority. By running from a police officer you invite trouble upon yourself. It is very easy to monday morning quaterback a situation when none of us except the officers were on the side of the road.
  • JJ, Columbia
    This just goes to show that the so called "Authorities" because of who they are can do whatever they please. The laws that apply to civilians do not apply to them. I am willing to bet a million dollars if a civilian had ran those men down like that, they would have been locked up. Those men may have broke the law but they still did not deserve to be ran down like that.
  • DS, West Columbia
    No. Considering the environment that law enforcement are dealing with on a daily basis. It has not affected my confidence in the Patrol. All Law Enforcement are there to protect and serve, and when those people I seen in the tapes are running from the Law Enforcement Officer, they are Breaking the Law, and they have my full support!
  • RA, Columbia
    Thank God for our State Troopers fighting criminals. Good job
  • BC, Lexington
    I applaud the Highway Patrol. Why were these individuals running from the police? What were the police officers supposed to do... let them go? I hope if they're placed in the same situation again that they do the same thing. Oh by the way, I noticed that they were able to apprehend the suspects.
  • CP, Bishopville
    The highway patrol is getting a raw deal by all of this negative publicity. Concerning today's videotapes, the HP wouldn't have to chase them with their car if the suspect wouldn't run. If you're asked to stop by the law, then stop, don't run. But these "suspects" continue to try and evade police. Come on...these public servants deserve our respect, not our criticisms.
  • HB, Bethune
    None, it has not affested my confidence in the SCHP. As a matter of fact, I would like to know what the difference is between this trooper's remarks and Obama's minister's remarks? The difference is the trooper was white --that's it. People are so quick to judge law enforcement and to hold them on to a higher standard but everyone forgets one simple thing.... COPS ARE HUMAN too!!!! Everybody makes mistakes but this trooper is now out of a job (& 2 other officals who chose to back him) just because he was on camera. And has anyone bothered to look up the definition of the 'n' word the trooper used? If the world can move past what the word was associated with during the Civil War period, people will find that this word can now apply to anyone regardless of race. To Gov Sanford's office---do your homework before you send someone home because you're worried about votes.
  • WJ, Newberry
    no, I still have total confidence in the Highway Patrol. All of us have said things that we shouldn't have at one time or another. This was blown WAY out of proportion. People are letting stupid screwups like this make the agency look bad. What about all of the good they have done? Nothing is said about that. There are more important things to worry about, than what an officer said in the heat of battle. Get over it people!!
  • PM, Elgin
    The highway patrol never know who they are dealing with at any given time. I think they should be able to take whatever measures are needed to protect themselves. The officers on our streets put their lives on the line everyday and have my utmost respect.
  • DT, West Columbia
    In a word, No. My experience has been that how a law enforcement officer treats me is very much related to how I treat the officer. Whenever I have had dealings with an officer I am re, spectful and courteous. Without exception they have returned the courtesy. I have no idea how I would be treated if I were rude, disrespectful, or worse non-compliant. I don't intend to find out. My suspicion is that what we see on these tapes is not the whole story, only the most sensational part, the part that makes the Highway Patrol look the worst. In other words, a typical media hatchet job.
    Do the officers realize what a poor image they are projecting not only here in SC, but also let's not forget how many tourists come through this state? At best it's embarrassing, at worst it's unforgivable behavior, there are ways to restrain and apprehend potential suspects ... those officers are doing a dishonor to this state and you just have to wonder how they treat their friends, neighbors and families. I used to work in the system and know full well the conduct that is expected of any public servant, to honor and uphold the law, and remember, nobody is guilty until proven guilty. Let's just get a better screeing process going and periodic re-evaluations.
  • RL, Columbia
    I agree that that the racial slur was unprofessional but "unfair treatment" come on Donita Todd. The trooper point blank asked them if there were any drugs or a weapon in the car and they lied and said no. Upon a search of the car, what did they find? They found a gun and, oh wait, drugs. The real issue here is these criminal were breaking the law and lied to a law enforcement officer. So, let's not cloud the real issue with the race card.