Tornado destroys house after soldier's first payment

PROSPERITY, SC (WIS) - Many families across the state are struggling to recover from the storms. Friday, one of South Carolina's bravest serving with the 218th National Guard Unit had a homecoming he probably didn't expect.

If the first impression is the one that counts, what he saw Friday is something William Sox will never forget. "Just looks like an explosion went off inside," says Sox. "Pretty much, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is happening.'"

Coming back from war to see the home he just bought, Sox says he "can't believe it's gone."

It was wiped out by a tornado. Sox says, "I buy a new house, make one house payment, and the house is destroyed."

Not everything is gone. The 80-year-old barn in the backyard is just fine.

Sox is a member of the National Guard's 218th. Last week his fiancee told him by phone about their home.

Sox says, "You got to do what you can do, make the best of it."

Since then, dad's agreed to help clean up the mess. Danny Sox says, "We've already started."

He's the one that got the call Thursday night that his son was coming home from Afghanistan two months early. Danny Sox says, "I think it was a message from God that he's still taking care of everything."

"I just look at it like this was God's plan for me," says William Sox.

So what's next for William? He'll be catching up on some sleep, getting married, and hopefully sooner than later "get all this mess cleaned up and rebuild us a new house."

Reported by Trey Paul

Posted by Chantelle Janelle