Lightning safety for campers & hikers

Thunderstorms can often develop rapidly and unexpectedly when we're enjoying the outdoors.  Below are some safety tips if you get caught in a developing thunderstorm:

  • AVOID:  Avoid water. Avoid all metallic objects. Avoid the high ground. Avoid solitary tall trees. Avoid close contact with others - spread out 15-20 ft. apart. Avoid contact with dissimilar objects (water & land; boat & land; rock & ground; tree & ground). Avoid open spaces.
  • SEEK:  Seek clumps of shrubs or trees of uniform height. Seek ditches, trenches or the low ground. Seek a low, crouching position with feet together with hands on ears to minimize acoujstic shock from thunder.
  • KEEP:  Keep a high level of safety awareness for thirty minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder