(3-18-08) - Do you think Americans discuss race issues too much, enough or not enough?

Do you think Americans discuss race issues too much, enough or not enough?

  • WW, Columbia
    Americans do not discuss race. The black race cannot discuss anything else. If they would stop hiding behind the 'N' word and blaming their total failure as a race on everyone else, this would be a great nation.
  • SR, Columbia
    I think far too much is discussed about race. Two or three times each week I have beer bottles/cans and fast food trash thrown into my yard, there are cars cruising the neighborhood with windows open and noise shaking every dish in the house, I see and hear children in the street screaming and cursing all day/night. I discuss race quite frequently and what I say is not nice.
  • JP, Blairsville GA
    I was very shocked and saddened by the evasive mistruths and outright lies Obama used in his speech. He is a hate mongering racist just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He cannot stand on his own, he has to blame someone else.
  • BL, Blythewood
    Until one quits blaming the other and starts taking responsibility for their own life, talking does not good.
  • WJ, Newberry
    I for one am getting sick and tired of all of the race crap. There will always be disagreements about race, and it will never get resolved, because no matter what, people will not stop bringing it up
  • DA, Irmo
    Much too much!! This issue should have been settled long ago, but politicians (and the media) seem to want to keep it going - especialy during an election year. Let it go!!! We, as well as most people I know, are of a different mindset now than 10, 10 years ago.
  • PH, Columbia
    They discuss race, but not in terms of understanding the other person's view point. Too much falling back on stero types or blaming present day things on events that have long passed. We can not change what happened in the past, only how we interact today. Leave the revenge, name calling and bitterness behind, so you can live better today and tomorrow.
  • CC, Eastover
    I think that the race issue is carefully kept quiet. There is a definate double standard between the races. We have "Black News", "Black Leaders Conferences", "Little Miss Black Princess" contests. But you would never do the same with white people. I think there should no longer be the double standard, what is right or wrong for one race should be equally right or wrong for the other race. It seems the problems with race has shifted sides.
  • GE, Lexington, SC 29072
    The discussions many "Americans" have about race is within their own cliques and is generally directed at the race in which they have very little understanding or interaction. We as a society (not media) do not talk enough with each other as we are comfortable not doing so. Addressing racism starts at home, your children hear what you say, but more importantly watch what you do. We all have our biases to overcome, but the golden rule is we need to treat ALL others as we would want to be treated. A simple concept that is complicated by our desire to not interact at a personal level. I care about too many people "not like me", to not interact. So the short answer is Americans do not discuss issues of race with each other and the media has a tendency to sensationalize over NAACP, FLAG, stuff I'm tired of hearing about - how about some positive spin on examples of people reaching out and acting in a way that demonstrates that we are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.
  • PE, Lexington
    There are times in an individual's life that they need to say what is on their heart. More often than not I have sat on the back seat and listened to what others have said and been silent. As I listened to the news today I felt compelled to voice my opinion rather right or wrong. I am a strong believer that this country, the United States of America, was created for all people, not just a few chosen. The key words being "united" and "all". I had the good fortune to be raised an Army brat. In that environment as a child one of the most important lessons I learned was color of skin, language, financial or education background and religion were things that made a person unique. We learned that each individual had something to contribute to society. We learned to respect each other not only for the things we shared but for our differences. We were a team united for the good of everyone. I also had the privilege of being an Army wife and my travels and experiences continued. We have met people from affluent backgrounds as wells as those from meager backgrounds. We met people that were Oriental, German, Mexican, Jewish, Christian, disabled, educated, as well as uneducated. Each one of those individuals has been a blessing to our lives in more ways than we can count. We were a team united for the good of everyone. I am the mother of one son who served in the United States Navy and another son who is currently serving with the United States Army. I am proud to be an American. We support our troops united for the good of everyone. I believe it is time for our country to grow up and get over racial prejudice. It is time for us to stop being disrespectful of each other. It is time for our country to stop fighting each other and to unite as a team for the good of the country.
  • JW, Pelion
    I guess we should talk about it more but when we do, it seems like both sides get upset. Seems kinda like my dysfunctional family; everybody cops an attitude and nothing gets solved.
  • MS, Lugoff, SC
    You know, I have never seen so much discussion on this until I moved to South Carolina over 20 years ago. Blacks and Whites need to get over this. If you think that race issues only come from whites you are dumber then I thought. Blacks are just as racist. Get a life and bury it. It's history. Do people still fight WW II, No. I don't feel I owe anyone for history. I was born in 1937 well after slavery and the war. Thanks for letting me vent.
  • AB, hartsville
    I think if the media didn't keep it in the news so much, people wouldn't even think twice about race. people would just be accepted for who they are, not what color their skin is. Most people don't think about race so why remind them that race exist?
  • PN, Sumter
    too much, if people don't agree with the issue, they yell racism......
  • JM, Blythewood
    Race is always brought up in order not to talk about real problems.To me the race issue has basically been beat to death.Talk about what is to become of social security now that it is broke.Our politicians have been stealing from it for decades.When is the immigration problem going to FIXED?They all open their mouths and nothing comes out.It is the same old stuff every election.
  • JA, Chapin
    I think that racism exists and it should not. I was born and raised right here and have seen racism from all sides my whole life. I have also known many fine people of every race. I think that it's time for racism to be over and individuals judged by their personal behavior. By the way I'm 65, white, and right now voting for Obama.
  • DH, Columbia, SC
    I think it is not discuss enough. Racism and prejudice still exists today. People are too afraid to talk about it because it tends to be very controversial. We gloss over this country's history and try to omit all the bad parts that made this country what it is today. No one wants to talk about race issues so nothing gets solved.
  • MB, Lugoff
    Too, too much! Judge me by my actions! What frightens me is that someone would be voted into the highest office in America simply because they are of color or that they are female.
  • MR,
    There are people out there that feels that the issue about race needs to be talked about. I agree with that face. Race is not being talked about enough. We need to talk about race even more and get a better understanding.
  • I think Americans discuss the race issue to much. The speech that Senator Obama gave was focussing on the race issue. He turned what was a legitimate issue, which is health care, into a race issue when he made the last statement. We all know that America has health care issues for all middle class and lower class Americans. I too had a friend who was fired from her job when she was diagnosed with cancer, but the reason her job gave her was, she could get more medical services from madicaid than her insurance would pay at work. She wasn't so lucky she died. Her children were like my own, and I watched the suffering first hand. Mr. Obama lost my attention when he turned the issue toward race.
  • ff,
    You ask what people think about race? Well it saddens me that the question is in reference to the color of an American's skin. The REAL RACE should be how quickly we as Americans run the RACE to support and meet the needs of each of our countrymen.
  • DT, West Columbia
    It isn't that Americans discuss race too often or too seldom. What matters is what we say to one another about it. Unless the discussions are honest on all sides they are worthless. And it is honesty that I think is lacking most when Americans discuss race.
  • MS, columbia
    I am tired of all the race issues. I am tired of hearing all the blacks for Obama because of race. Why don't we look at the real issues in what we need and choose the best candidate, black or white, man or woman.
  • MJ, Columbia
    I think there is not enough positive discussion of these issues aimed at eliminating the ugly part of racism. On the other hand, it is discussed far too much when individuals want to bring it up for their own personal gain...ie "O.J.", Obama . We also see it brought up in a negative way by some well known advocates to promote their own financial gain. (If there was complete harmony Jesse and Al would be out of work)
  • SR, Cheraw
    I think there are times that it is too much, such as any time someone is turned down for a position or perhaps a loan....I would like to see everyone quit going back 200 years to find blame for something, that none of us had anything to do with. I have Native American ancestors and if all of us continually blamed someone for our misfortunes, how would that come across to the rest of Americans? We (people born in USA, white or black) should think of ourselves as Americans. Politicians should quit using race as a campaign issue. Also, gets tiring to always hear that whites are racist, if you check, you'll see that so are blacks, hispanics and others! If you're going to say someone is racist, admit its a fact for ALL races, there are some in every race. And think about this...God created ALL of us!
  • CJ, Orangeburg
    You can never talk about race too much. It's like you can't say I Love You to someone too much. In SC we fly the flag and white people that support it say it's heritage. Blacks say it's offensive. If it's offensive to a large portion of humanity it should be put away. So should the KKK store in Laurens be torn down. Imagine a black radical group wanted to sell shirts in honor of the black men that killed the white NC SGA President. Both are sick and have no place in the USA. I have heard white people say we shold be able to use the N-word. Once blacks have equal rights you can use the word as much as you want. But because whites want to use the word means we will never have equal rights. Quoted from my documentary film AmeriKKKa Tha B**tyfull.
  • WM, Greenville
    I actually believe that America is afraid to have a serious conversation about race, but until we are able to talk openly about it, we will not be able to solve any of the problems that it has caused and is causing. There are also too many persons who will not admit that there is a problem with race relations in 2008. Again, if we can't admit it..we can't solve it. At this point (60 years old) I am not hopeful that race relations will ACTUALLY be any better in my lifetime...It's SAD.
  • sm, lexington
    racism is talked about even when racism is not involved.it is practiced by blacks as well as whites. i have been a victim of racism and i am white
  • PH, West Columbia
    We don't talk about it the right way. Well meaning people of all races need to talk about how to move forward together for the empowerment and good of all races and move beyond the accusations and justifications of the past.
  • CM, Cayce
    I believe the entire country has talked the race issue to death. We all know racism is wrong, even those that choose to engage it. It is time to stop talking about race, and start living in a manner that is based upon peaceful coexistance. Talk is cheap - lets start acting like adults.
  • CR, Sumter
    Discussion is not the issue, as I see it, it is how we live our lives. If we treat ALL our fellow citizens as human beings, color is only a word.
    yes it started over the southern flag or as many people know it as the rebel flag. Race is only skin deep even though their backgounds may not be skin deep. when we bleed we bleed the same color blood
  • DS, Columbia
    Just when you think that race relations are getting much better, then along comes a so-called Preacher named Jeremiah Wright, who puts racial tension at the top of the news headlines. How could a man of the Cloth say such hateful things about Caucasian people when he is supposed to be preaching about everyone getting along with each other ? And how could a Presidential Candidate attend his Church for 20 years ? The ranting and raving of this so-called Preacher is dispicable for all of mankind of any color. I can assure you that if a white Preacher had said things of this nature in his Congregation, there would be race riots all over the entire country and Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton would be on the steps of the White House demanding an apology ! It seems to me that Jeremiah Wright should be apologizing to the entire United States of America !
  • JP,
    I think that race issues are primarily discussed in a one sided view point by the media. Don Imus was crucified in the media for the racist comments he made about the players on the Rutgers basketball team. He was picketed by "Black Leaders", lost his job, etc... I'm not defending him. He was wrong! But Obama's pastor will never receive the same type of media coverage or anyone demanding he be fired, for what I see as a similar offense. I feel it is because this is a comment offending whites. If race is still an issue, it should be an issue both ways.
  • AC, West Columbia
    Yes I think that Americans discuss race issues to much. And I also think that the people that want our confedrate flag taken down off the captitol state grounds needs to learn the history of the flag and it has nothing to do with race. But back to the question of the day as I said yes Americans do discuss race issues to much we all bleed the same blood, we all taken in the same air and we all have feelings. I am not a racest person. Thanks Angie
  • jg, Columbia
    Yes, yes, and yes.
  • LK, Columbia
    There are never discussions when it comes to race, just blame. Maybe one day we could move past constant blame, have reaal discussions, resolve issues, implement ideas for a better future for all Americans, and live in harmony. How difficult can that be?
  • JP, Sumter
    Thanks to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, everything is hatred, racist, discriminatory or biased. They have violent fits if someone uses the 'N' word but "HONKIE" is part of their everyday rhetoric. They do not want peace between the races because it would put them out of work and terminate their income. If we could get rid of the hate mongers on both sides (including Obama's so-called preacher) this country would be far better off.
  • LC, West Columbia
    Too much, without a doubt. Race often becomes a factor when it's really not even important to a particular issue. Some people will never be happy and consider it their mission to make others unhappy