(3-14-2008) A Newberry County man wants to end property taxes by bringing in video poker. What's your reaction?

A Newberry County man wants to end property taxes by bringing in video poker. What's your reaction?

  • vc, chapin
    Video poker is the devil's invitation to a fool's mind, just as the lottery and most economic ideas of the Democratic party. But if their foolishness and weakness will allow me to end my slavery to the government so I can actually own that which I paid for through work and toil, so be it. Let the fools and their money work for me for a change, and maybe I won't feel so hostile when my hard earned money goes to DSS to help feed illegitimate children and further condone their evil ways.
  • FG, Lexington
    Great Idea, why not. This state is stuck in the 1800's Gas is over $3.00 people are lossing their homes and jobs. It's time we took two steps forward and none backwards
  • JH, Charleston
    Great Idea! Anything beats the current method of tax collection.
  • LL, Irmo
    I have no problem with using video poker income to eliminate property taxes. If people want to gamble, then put the money to good use. Maybe Newberry County could build a casino and generate even more income from gambling.
  • DF, Blythewood
    I have never played a video poker machine, but I firmly believe they were outlawed to make way for the SC lottery. Bring them back, people should be allowed to make their own decisions about which games they want to play. The revenue from the machines surely helped the financial situation for the state.
  • RS, Columbia
    I'm certainly no fan of property taxes. I have always thought it outrageous that the sate banned video poker only to get into the lottery business. I'm all in favor of legalizing video poker and taxing revenues at a substantial rate. I don't know if that would offset property taxes, but it would be a source of additional income. I don't know why our legislators ban something on the grounds of morality when they are all a bunch of crooks top begin with.
  • BC, Lexington, SC
    Works for me, I don't play video poker and if the people who do wanted to pay my property tax, I'll be the last one to complain.
  • TP, Sumter
    I think that it is a good idea. I don't think that you should have to pay taxes on something that you already own.
  • CA, Newberry
    What makes him think that they will bring back video poker to do away with property taxes. We know that video poker is against the law and I don't think that is the answer to taxes. If people don't want to pay property taxes then it is simple just rent and sell everything they have. Then they will not be responisible for paying taxes.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    While I do not like paying property taxes, only a fool would think video poker could replace property taxes. Property tax is one tool the voters have to keep Newberry County spending under control. I am sure the County Council in Newberry County would love to have a blank check and not be held accountable for their spending. But, video poker would not give them a big enough blank check for their liking. The intelligent solution is to vote incumbent county council representatives out of office. And then replace them with people who will cut spending. If they don't, keep voting them out until property taxes are reduced.
  • BP, Lexington
    Isn't this exactly what they said about the lottery? Guess what? They didn't lower property taxes. What moron from Newberry thinks they'll do it this time?
  • WR, Lexington
    To be honest I think SC is missing out on a lot of tax money by not making Myrtle Beach the Vegas of the south. The revenues would be astronomical. It would create jobs and the state could go to the no state income tax scenario. Other states do it and it seems to work for them. We are not talking poor states. Look at Texas and Florida. What do they have that we don't. We have comboys and yankees. As soon as this backwards state gets into the 21st century we will all be better off.
  • DT, West Columbia
    When we had video poker there were forces pushing for its abolition. Now that video poker is illegal we have forces calling for its return. This is just one more example of how in politics nothing is ever settled once and for all.
  • SR, Lex
    NO!!!!!This is one of our social problems now, gambling of any kind.This is not the solution. It only creates other problems, ie: crime, violence.
  • CS, chapin
    If your replacement value for property taxes is 14 million,Then Newberry residents would have to gamble away at least 14 million of their hard earned dollars to meet plan...yea it all makes sense !!..I see lots of people all the time @ gas stations blowing their hard earned money now on the legal gambling joke called the education lottery !!
  • CL, kershaw
  • SH, Columbia
    If it ends taxes for Lexington County too, then I'm all for it. I don't and won't play video poker so I won't be contributing to my property taxes at all in this scenario.
  • BS, West Columbia
    I think it's a very good idea. They should have never done away with it in the first place. They only replaced it with another form of gambling which is the lottery. When the state had video poker I never heard of state money being short. The money collected from those machines was a lot. If video poker is wrong then so is the lottery. It's just another form of gambling.
  • DC, West Columbia
    I am all for no property taxes and not necessarily apposed to video poker machines. Having the irresponsible fund my property taxes is fine but with record number of homes being repossessed these days, this plan would require some of us that are currently keeping up with our mortgage and tax responsibility, to cross over and use our income for entertainment purposes to help pay for those who get to keep their property. It is sort of like trying to strengthen your marriage by eating at Hooters once a week. It may not offer favorable results in your marriage but sure would be a lot of fun.
  • JP, Columbia
    I think its a great idea. People are going to gamble anyway, why not get some tax revenue from it. Same with Cigarette taxes, raise it $1.00 per pack. Put a $1.00 a bottle additional tax on all wine, liquor and other spirits. Put a 25 cent tax on each bottle/can of beer. There is a lot of revenue that can be raised without bankrupting the homeowners.
  • JG, Columbia
    The holier-than-thou folks who crusaded to get rid of video poker tend to be the same people who scream the loudest about high property taxes. Guess what: by throwing away that poker revenue, you might as well have been screaming "Please raise my taxes!" Well, which is more offensive: high taxes, or video poker?