(3-11-2008) Is internet addiction a serious problem for Americans?

Is internet addiction a serious problem for Americans?

  • BR,
    not really addictive, it's just the way of life. It's a wireless world now
  • DK, Columbia
    Why do you call this the question of the day when you drag it out for approximately a week. If you are worried about internet addiction, why don't you remove your web site?
  • PV, Gaston
    "The internet is just a tool for people who otherwise are too lazy to think. It is not an internet addiction, it is a laziness addiction. I guess it's the pot calling the kettle black seeing as how you were connected to the internet to be able to read, write and post you comments. Are you to lazy to think before you post your comments?
  • JC, Columbia
    The internet is no more a threat for addiction than television has been. It provides communication and information, more so than television has been able to provide. A person can find anything they want to know on the internet. It is simply the next step in technology.
  • Cr, Elgin
    I think as with anything we do,moderation is the key. The internet can be a very useful tool in business as well as in education. It can, however, if we're not careful, intrude on valuable family time when we could be taking the opportunity to communicate with our children more.
  • vc, chapin
    The internet is just a tool for people who otherwise are too lazy to think. It is not an internet addiction, it is a laziness addiction. I see check out girls in the local stores, grads of "the best high school in SC" who can't make change without a computers help, but they can surf the net forever. This country is going to hell fast due to laziness, liberals, lawyers and lack of personal ethics and responsibility. It's time we learned to work and work hard again. Otherwise we are doomed.
  • KK, IRMO
    Yes, I feel that the internet is very addictive. It has become our main source for information as well as an avenue for shopping.
  • DR, Blythewood
    I definitely think its addictive. You always have the same group of quacks responding to every Question of the Day.
  • DC, West Columbia
    I don't think that internet addiction is a problem with Americans at all. Some of the folks I talk to at night seem to be from other Countries. My youngest son Google has shown very little interest the internet or video games for that matter. I was curious as to my wife's opinion on this so I IM'ed her as soon as I woke up. She LOL'ed when I asked this rediculous question. No kidding I could hear her all the way across while she typed her respnse from the room where my PC is in. I guess it's like anything else. If you don't discipline your time with it, it could get out of hand. My wife happens to be my BFF and I asked her to email me if she feels that I need to cool it. BTW my new TRIO is really awsome and can do so many things. The Dr here in the E.R is really nice. I didn't feel any of the stitches and only a little preasure when he was setting my femur back in place. That is what took so long for me to type this. I will have to learn to use my left hand until they take the bandages off in a few weeks.
  • BS, Pineridge
    apparently so, I'm on here and not getting my work done.
  • BP, Lexington
    I didn't want to post about this question but just couldn't resist the urge.
  • DM, Columbia
    I think it's very much a problem especially with children/teenagers. I don't have a computer at home (just at work), but I think if I did, I would be using it a lot. I really hate admitting that, but it's true. It can be VERY addictive. The fact that you have access to anything you want is very scary and can be abused as we already know.
  • JP, Columbia
    The internet is the handiest business tool I have. I can look up suppliers, compare costs and save in many ways. I use the Google to learn about the medications I take, store locations w/driving directions, highway maps for trips and so many other usefull daily needs. What I cannot understand is why some mentally deranged people use the internet for porn. There should be a very heavy penalty (unchangable for politicians) for having any type of porn on any network.
  • DT, West Columbia
    I know some Americans over-use or misuse the internet, but I hesitate to call their problem an addiction. Instead I see it as a matter of self-control. In my opinion, for some time now activists and journalists have over-used the term "addiction" by applying it to behaviors such as this. In so doing they have de-emphasized the role that self-control must play in the life of a well-adjusted person.