(3-3-2008) Could the "Lizard Man" exist?

Could the "Lizard Man" exist?

  • BJ, columbia
    Why Yes, he is in the Governors mansion.
  • cs, chapin
    A wise man told me years ago that most every thing comes down to the most basic element of logic,meaning there is no 7 foot lizard man eating thru metal , but more than likely pure old vandalism,probably a combination of a chain saw and other misc tools.There is and always will be another sucker born every minute !
  • zg, florence
    I am grew up in Bishopville and I guy who is not with us anymore dress up like a lizzard man so kids would stop comming on his fram late at night so no it does not and people need to leave it alone and it blows my mind that people really think that a 7 foot lizzard is for real.
  • TC,
    I can't believe this "legend" is resurrecting again.....and people are falling for it...again!!! That is so funny....Wow! Aren't we proud to be from South Carolina?...Not!
  • mj, columbia
    The lizard man was just a joke that two men made up.
  • td, w.cola.
    that damage looks like a fake job done with a chain! lizzard man was a t-shirt hoax (thats all),,PLEASE tell me more of turkey boy,is he ok? how old is he?does he hide around the holidays? this got my interest,ty
  • LY, Florence
    Originally from Bishopville, I recall the Lizard Man being a hoax by a man who lives there.
  • ka, columbia
    JO- you got it all wrong! He moved away from "turkey boy" about six months ago. Turkey Boy was always throwing those loud,late night parties. He moved to Atlanta got a job with a major corporation and moved in with Leach Woman.
  • WD, Melbourne
    Anything COULD exist. It sure doesn't sound like anything in the fossil record though. Maybe it's an alien, or from another dimension neighboring our own. Or maybe it's drunk guys in a lizard suit.
  • BS, West Columbia
    Who knows he may be walking among us during the day and he turns into lizard man at night. Why hasn't somebody caught him if he does truly exist. Come on give me a break.
  • hm, columbia
    i would vote for the lizard man for president, this makes our system of democracy even more exciting/ people are going to vote for obama ben laden, the very type of people who bombed our towers in ny muslims!! so bring on the lizard man
  • mG, bishopville
    i dont think there is a such thing but it could have been a big animal like a bear maybe but i dont think there are lizards that big here.
  • MB,
    The idea of a lizard does sound silly, but when I first heard of the creature in 1988, I remembered a strange incident that happened to me when we were living near Lynches River outside Bishopville in the early 1970's. My dad worked on a dairy farm in the area and one day, me, my brother, and sister were playing outside while my parents worked. In the midst of our fun, my older brother leaned up against a massive oak tree and as he stood there I noticed a huge spider appear on behind him, climbing the tree trunk. The creature looked like an average brown spider, except the thing's body was the size of a basketball! It crawled along on long hideous legs. What amazed even more was the speed of the thing, despite its bulk, and it soon disappeared into the tree limbs. I never saw the creature again as we moved away in 1972, but I've no doubt almost 40 years later that had the thing so chose, it could have killed by brother in one swift bite! I'm not saying my giant spider sighting is proof positive that there could be a lizard man, just that there are some strange happenings in the swamps of Lee County.
  • JD, Dallas
    I really hope if this is the lizard man/woman that Mr. Rawson doesn't kill it. Whatever it was should be photographed and left alone. Maybe the Rawson's have some smell on the van that was offensive... or left food out for the dogs that drew attantion to the creature. So, if you read this Mr. Rawson, please don't kill the creature... Just find out what it is and report it to the humane society. It might be an animal escaped from an exotic animal farm. Make other gun owners proud...by showing some restraint. Also...sounds like a female to me...nesting female. It could be preparing as well as warning of some really bad weather coming your way. Jane from Texas
  • JO, Prosperity
    Sure, he lives just down the street from "turkey boy".
  • vc, chapin
    Well, anything is possible, especially when you realize that some people actually will vote for Obama for president. Lizardman, why not?
  • FS,
    The Lizard Man was a joke years ago and seeing that it is an election year why not try to bring it back....Do we really need to go through this again????
  • RB, Chapin
    Oh please.....missing cats would tell me that they took cover under that vehicle and from the looks of the damage on the vehicle, some very hungry preditor tried to get it's dinner the hard way....hopefully the cat's haul tailed it to safety..
  • jh, pelion
    This reminds me of a Judge Alex episode but culprit was several "PIT BULLs" trying to get to a cat on the top of a car and they to bit through the fenders
  • gt, w cola
    that is foolish to think that could happen. lay off the drugs clear your mind then talk to the media
  • Rc, elgin
    Yes, I am certain that the Lizard Man does exist.
  • GQ, Columbia
    No. They probably hit a deer the previous night and were too intoxicated to remember.
  • KS, Gilbert
    Omg,, Is this the best u can come up with ,, why waste our time with this ,, it's not news!!
  • BW, Bishopville, SC
    Don't think it was the lizard man as he died about 5 or 6 years ago.
  • DT, West Columbia
    The "Lizard Man" DOES exist, but only in the imaginations of those who keep the media machine spinning.