(2-29-2008) Do you know what's on your kid's Myspace or Facebook page? Take a look. Then, tell us what you found and what you're going to do differently

(2-29-2008) Do you know what's on your kid's Myspace or Facebook page?  Take a look. Then, tell us what you found and what you're going to do differently

  • MJ, West columbia
    Although I do not have any children I have went onto Myspace in search for some of my friends Myspaces..I am shocked at all the mild & superflous the pictures & language is. Any one could pretend to be that Male Doctor, age 24, single, model body, rich beyond belief, etc etc when really they are the Male dropout,age 54, melestor,that live on fish hatchery rd. Most of the kikds I know post themselves as 15 to 16 year olds!! They also give out all of there information they mine as well just say HEY!!! Im jonny walson I live at 1589 Halbury drive Im only 13 years old...OH & my parents dont come home until 7:00pm but Im home at 3:35pm so ..... I think you get my drift.Any way I just see now why my parents tell me to wait till Im older, I would hate to get kidnaped or worse just because I let a few things slip...I just dont see why others just dont get it!!
  • HS, Lexington
    My daughter and I set up our MySpace pages about the same time. Not only do I have an account and my daughter listed as my friend, but I have all of her friends & their parents listed as my friends as well. I can look at all of their pages and see what's going on. We don't have our full names listed, our city or state listed, and our pages are set to private. This means that no one will 'stumble upon' my daughter's page. I also have her security features set up so that in order to ask her to be a friend (if by chance someone finds her), they must know her full name or e-mail address, and the name on the account is a fictitous one that she does not even know and the e-mail account is one that she does not have access to. In a nutshell, my daughter cannot add friends to her account, strangers cannot see her page or ask her to be their friends, her name or location are not listed anywhere on her page, I view her page and her friends' pages at my leisure, and we have a fun way to communicate between the two of us that allows me to play a more active role in her life. I'm content with the way we have addressed the issue of her wanting her own myspace page in a safe manner.
  • MS, chapin
    Both of my teenagers have a myspace, and their profiles are set to private. I have a myspace to keep track of what they are doing, and I also know their passwords and screen names. They both are well aware that I might at any time sign in and check their accounts, see who they are talking to, and who their friends are. Our home computer is password protected, and they are only able to get online when I or my husband signs them on. We are also constantly in & out of the room they are in when they are on the computer. No method is foolproof, and we can't moniter them 24/7. But we as parents can control what they do when they are with us and instill in them values that they will hopefully remember when they are not.
  • BS, Pineridge
    I am constantly checking my sons myspace page. I have tell him all the time to take things off and change things. He has it set on private so you have to request to be his friend, but I'm sure there is a way for hackers to get by that. He has his picture on it and at one time had the name of his school and that he played baseball and football. I told him that with that information that anyone could go to the school, watch practice, pick him out and follow him home. Anything can happen, anyone can find them. As parents we need to make sure that we monitor our children in everything they do. We tell our children from the time they can talk, not to talk to strangers, that is what so many of them do everyday on the computer. I hope that one day he will realize that I am only trying to protect him the best I can. I understand that a teenager needs their privacy to a point, but It is my job as a parent to protect him and monitoring his computer usage is a big part of that.