(2-27-2008) Can anything be done to make South Carolina's buses and bus routes safer, or are they satisfactory as is?

Can anything be done to make South Carolina's buses and bus routes safer, or are they satisfactory as is?

  • EC, Sumter
    There is only one way...you have to start making parents responsible for their child's behavior. That is the whole problem with our education system today. When a child misbehaves they should be removed from the bus and then given one more chance. After that parents should be required to bring them to school. I don't want to hear about lack of transportation, etc. If you are parenting the way you should be your child wouldn't be curring up and misbehaving.
  • GB, Columbia
    Unfortunately, until we have leadership with a backbone to identify and prosecute America's terrorists, gangs and this type of activity will only intensify. I see both Sheriffs talking about crime and the gang problem, but I have yet to notice the approach being taken by both Richland/Lexington Counties to combat the problem to make any difference. We, as a society, must realize that it's not all up to law enforcement to control this type of "terrorism." Until those that know about and live around those involved in gangs and crimes become active in fighting by identifying the culprits, this type of activity will only increase. I think it has already reached the "out of hand" stage in Richland County, and now it is filtering into Lexington County. It sickens me that residents young, middle-aged and old, have to live in such fear of participating in any outside activity due to violence. Both sheriffs have attributed much of the problem to gangs, and yet residents are too afraid to get involved. There was a time when we did fight such atrocities, but in my opinion, we are all guilty of incidents such as this as we have allowed such crimes by deminishing the puishment and not being active in the fight. In my opinion, we should not be so sensitive to the "rights" of those who commit these crimes as they forfeit those rights when they break the law. If the crime necessitates doing time, it should be HARD working time (ie. the "old chain gangs", and I do mean chain gangs where they were all chained together and worked long days in the heat and cold, use to be somewhat effective, but society has become too sympathetic to the rights of prisoners. So instead, we feed them 3 balanced meals a day, keep them warm in the winter, cool in the summer, provide outdoor activities and gyms to keep them "in shape", free healthcare (and I do mean free at taxpayer expense), as well as an education for those who want it! NO WONDER we have the problems we do with stray gunshots, murder, terror in our schools, theft, etc. Most of those that are caught end up being better off in prison/jail than in society. Until we can develop a penalized system that effectively punishes, unfortunately, this type of activity is what we will have to expect. If our leaders would only focus on fighting the "terrorists" we have in our homeland as much as they have in Iraq, we may be further along fighting the battle!
  • PS, Neeses
    I think that the bus routes are pretty much safe as is,as long as the bus drivers know what they're doing.
  • ZG, North
    Yes in some ways. But nothing will ever be perfect.There can be more inforcement.
  • AP, North
    Yes there is. You can add seat bealts. Have alot of heaters. Have alot of bus rules. Make sure all the passengers are seated before you take off.Have bus checks. Make sure all the right kids are on the right bus. Pay close attention to the kids . Make them sie down.
  • PS, Neeses
    I think that the bus routes are pretty much safe as is,as long as the bus drivers know what they're doing.
  • DT, West Columbia
    I presume the question refers to school busses. The answer is that there are only marginal improvements that can be made to the busses or the routes. Nothing will make either absolutely safe. Safety is a matter of degree. And as always there is the question of money, of which there is never enough. So whether the safety of the busses is satisfactory or not, I predict it will remain largely as it is.
  • vC, chapin
    No. life ain't perfect, and it ain't going to be. Get over it
  • wf, batesburg
    It is sad and discouraging that our schools have become what they are. With all of the shootings on college campuses to now having shots taken at school buses, our children can no longer feel safe while at school or riding the bus to get there. I hate to see our schools become "armed camps" with more resource officers but maybe that is the only solution. In any event, I hope Lexington county can figure out who did this irresponsible and thoughtless act and prosecute them to the max. It's hard to convince a child to go to school when they don't feel safe there.