(2-27-2008) Starbucks is closing from 5:30-8:30 Tuesday night. Where will you go for 'joe?'

 Starbucks is closing from 5:30-8:30 Tuesday night. Where will you go for 'joe?'

  • FJ, Ridgeway
    I have had several e-mail responses from people saying our troops had requested coffee from this company while serving in Iraq and they had denied there request. Maybe WIS should investigate this rumor and get the straight scoop. If this were to be true, I do not think anyone should honor this establishment.
  • RC, West Columbia, SC
    Go to the Waffle-House for the best coffee in the world. I am not even a coffee drinker but my wife drinks two pots a day, but when we do go to the Waffle-House i do drink their coffee because it is soooogoood.
  • SH, Irmo
    The cafe' at Barnes and Noble!
  • KL, Lexington
    If you are going to give Starbuck so much attention, how about have them explain why they won't send the soldiers overseas the coffee they requested, but didn't receive?
  • KL, Lexington
    Home as usual. I can make a much better latte much faster and for alot less money than Starbucks AND I support our Military.
  • mj,
    Immaculate Consumption and Adriana's have much better coffee than Starbucks, anyway. support your locally owned brewhouses!
  • RF,
    Who cares? If you want coffee why spend mega bucks when many other places have as good or better for a lot less money. Perhaps the addicted could contribute the difference between a Starbuck's coffee and one they can fix at home(or get at MacDonalds)to feed the hungry. I am sure WISTV can provide information on places that could use that money.
  • DM, Lexington
    I personally drink black coffee and find that Burger King's turbo or Waffle House's coffee taste better than Starbuck's. I only do Starbuck's if I visit the mall which isn't very often.
  • MM, columbia
    Starbuck's being closed gives opportunity to those who have not enjoyed one of our many locally owned coffee shops in the midlands. Go to Adriana's in Five Points, or even Cool Beans next to campus!
  • pp, columbia
    I don't drink coffee and if I did I wouldn't go there because it cost to much
  • WC, Elgin
    Waffle House
  • EM, Jefferson
    I will go to Dunkin Doughnuts.
  • MT, Bristol
    A school bus has a bullet hole in its side; a school bus burst into flames...and the only question you can think of is to ask where you will get coffee tonight? Wow!?@*$
  • SH, Columbia
    The starbucks in Krogers, Piggly Wigglys, and Targets arent closing, so you can still get starbucks in those places.
  • DS, Sumter
    I will drink my Maxwell House Master Blend at home, like I always do. $4.00 for a cup of coffee? Never worth it.
  • KB, Columbia
    I'll go to Cool Beans across from the USC Horseshoe--it's a great cup of coffee and is less expensive. You can't go wrong!
  • FC, Columbia
    Right where I am now, in my own home where I can makie a pot of coffee for the price of 1 cup of Starbucks
  • JM, Columbia
    Wow. Starbucks is a genius company. Look at the millions of dollars of free media coverage they got from this stunt! Three hours without Starbucks? The national media are all suckers.
  • TD, Irmo
    McDonald's or Sonic has some great frozen frappes, Chick-fil-a and Dunkin Donuts has the best cup of "Joe".
  • DS, Lexington
    Go to Three Bean Net Cafe in Lexington, next to Publix. Their coffee beats StarBucks any day! And the latte's are awesome, and such a friendly staff too!
  • cg, columbia
    Are you kidding me? A question about coffee. Obviously you have no ambition to ask the truly pressing questions with your repetitive sensless questions like this one. My 7 year old discusses more interesting subjects then what you all are willing to produce us. Maybe you need to lay off the coffee so you cant think of some actual mind bending question.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Must have been a REALLY slow news day for this to become the Question of the Day.
  • LC, West Columbia
    Nowhere. I'll make it at home or wait for them to be open the next morning.
  • BS, West Columbia
    I can't believe this question is even being asked! If somebody feels they can't do without a Starbucks product for 3 hours then they better go before closing and fill up a couple of thermos jugs. If a cup of "joe" is all people are worried about then all the radio and TV stations might as well shut down cause there is NO more news. What a waste!
  • CT, North
    Well to be totally honest, I have no idea what Joe is. I really don't even drink coffee. So if anyone would like to get 'joe' maybe they should go to another coffee shop. The time itself is just really usual though. Why are they closing this early if they make so much money? If Starbucks is the only place that serves it then he or she should maybe try to get some coffee a little bit earlier. Starbucks is a very popular coffee shop. If closing this early on Tuesday is for a very good reason then maybe people will get used to it. However, if people think that they have to have coffee then buy another type. This is really what I think about getting joe when Starbucks is closing.
  • MC,
    I will go to McDonalds or Buger King