Flower Arranging for the Beginner with Tips from the Pros

by Victor Epand

What can more special than creating your own flower arrangement for an upcoming holiday or birthday? You will make the gift special and impress your friends and loved ones. The idea may be overwhelming. This is natural when trying something new and you are unsure it will turn out right. If you are creative and have a strong affinity for flowers, than you can do it. It is a lot easier than you think. This article contains suggestions that the pros use when they make those fantastic flower arrangements. By the end of this article, you will be flower arranging like the pros.

The first step is picking the right flowers. Try to pick colors and shapes of flowers that will work well together. Place them next to one another and judge how they look. There are occasions that you will want to use the same flower or color of flowers. Sometimes different colors of the same flower might work well together.

Roses, carnations, zinnias, tulips or lilies, usually are the central focus of arrangements. This is because they are single bloom flowers. Think about adding flowers with large stems to make up the back of the arrangement. This helps balance the arrangement out and give it depth. Think about using delphinium, gladiolus, and snapdragons to accomplish this effect. Small buds and multiple buds give an n arrangement fullness and density. Babys breath is a good example of this type flower.

The next item that you need to choose is the vase or container that you plan to use. Again, consider the size, shape, and color of the vase. Does it match or clash with your flower choices? Think about the width of the container. Will it bee to big or small to hold the number of flowers you have chosen. A good rule of thumb is your container should be about one-third to one-half the size of your flower arrangement. If you pick a short vase, consider you will have to cut the stems of flowers so that they will fit. With some flowers this will not work. If you have short flowers, they may not reach the water below in the vase.

Once you have your vase and container you are ready to make your arrangement. Begin by cutting each flower stem diagonally about one inch from the bottom. Do this while holding the end of the stem under warm water. This cut will ensure that each stem will be able to absorb water moisture and nutrients efficiently. Fill your vase half way with water. As you cut each flower put them into the container so that they will be in water. You are not arranging them yet.

After you have cut all the flowers, fill your actual vase two thirds of the way with warm water. Look at the vase and make sure that it is not leaking. Begin your arrangement by placing your blossom flowers in the vase. Step away and see how it looks. If you judge that the stems are too long you will need to cut them. You may run into the flowers being too short. You may need to change the container if this is the case. You can also add stones or marbles into the bottom of the vase.

Continue to add flowers and cut them as you need to change the proportions and look to your arrangement. As you add more flowers, they will stay in position better.

Once you have completed your arrangement, make sure that you pick the perfect place to display your work of art. It should be in a cool place that is not too drafty. Change the water on a regular basis. If you have trouble getting inspired, look in magazines and websites that have flower displays. Print them out and try to duplicate them on your own. You may even improve on it. Your friends and family will be impressed.

About the Author

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