(2-22-2008) Wednesday at 11, Dawndy's reporting on working out with the Wii. What's your experience with the Wii trend?

Wednesday at 11, Dawndy's reporting on working out with the Wii. What's your experience with the Wii trend?

  • HM, Lugoff
    I absolutely LOVE the Wii. I bought one for my husband the Christmas it was released. We really got into the tennis. So much so that we developed aches and pains from playing it so much. My husband put me on Wii restriction at one point because I was so sore. Recently, we purchased Lego Star Wars. What an awesome game! We played for several hours one night. As a result, I injured one of my fingers from trying to complete one of the levels (the pod race). I swear, it hurt for at least a week. Ibuprofen was no relief. The next big game we're waiting for is Wii Fit which is supposed to be released second quarter this year, but an actual date hasne't been confirmed. I already have my pre-order in for it and I'm hoping it will be filled. This game has flown off the shelves in Japan. I suspect with the U.S. being the most obese country in the world, it will be flying off the shelves here!! The Wii has been the best video game invention ever!
  • LA, Columbia
    That looks like such fun, even for a soon-to-be 65-year-old Nanny! I'd love to give it a shot!
  • DP, Gaston
    When I went to visit my sonand his family, we had a great time with it.......watch out .....sometimes the Wii will play a trick on you when you do the health part that tells you what age you are playing at.......my son was told age 20yrs..he is 37......his mother in-law was told 85yrs and she is only in her fifties...... then the Wii will fall over. Great fun!!!!!
  • EN, Lynchburg
    My husband and I absolutely love our Wii. When we first played it last Christmas, we played it for hours. However, the next day my right arm and right side of my back were so sore that it hurt to move them! I was sore for a week. I used muscles that I didn't even realize that I was using. It definately is a workout, especially if you play it for an hour! We have family time almost every night by playing the Wii. We just have a good time together while playing it!
  • MB, Columbia
    As the Life Enrichment Director at the Rice Home, I must admit that the addition of the Nintendo Wii has brought a lot of excitement to our residents. Many of the residents who thought they just wanted to come and watch the games being played are actually now joing in the fun. Recently several Rice Home residents went on an outing to the Bowling Alley. They wanted to see if all the Wii practice had helped to improve their skills! Some were amazed at their improved abilities and others stated that they are much better at Wii Bowling! Nintendo Wii has definitely helped to create a social and competitive atmosphere at Rice Home. Residents are now practicing for an upcoming Wii Tournament to be held in April.
  • MB, White Rock, SC
    I work at Lowman Home as the Director of Independent Programming. My residents use the Wii on a weekly basis as a physical, and social activity. The competition between these folks is intense, and comical. It is a wonderful tool for engaging these people in a fun new way.
  • LA, Mt. Pleasant
    Many years ago I was an avid tennis player and bowler. Now that I am 70 years old and have had a hip replacement and experience the aches and pains of aging, I find that participating in Wii at Franke I am able to enjoy as much as ever. It is almost like being back on the courts and lanes.
  • CC, Irmo
    As the BeWell Program Manager for Lutheran Homes of SC, our residents are having a "Wii" of a time playing weekly in our retirement communities since last September of 2007. Not only are they moving and getting in some great exercise while playing, they're also experiencing the social fun the game brings out in them just like they were at a real bowling alley. There's lots of friendly competion and even funnier heckling amongst them. It's absolutely amazing how they are enjoying a renewed interest in the sport. It's also made several of our residents "cool" with their grandchildren for knowing how to Wii right along with them!! Come out and play! We'd love to have our residents teach you how to play Dawndy!!