(2-15-2008) What is your reaction to Roger Clemens' comments on HGH?

What is your reaction to Roger Clemens' comments on HGH?

    I think Clemens is lying and I think the people know he is but I guess it is who you blieve him or his trainer,I dont see any reason for the trainer to lie.
  • JP, Columbia
    I think they are all lying. Who really cares? Who has been hurt? Dont the democrats in DC have more serious things to worry about like (1) Budget (2) Terrorists (3) Economy (4) The war? Our country has never been in more danger and they are spending millions of $ investigating a baseball pitcher?
  • TW, Irmo
    I don't care what he said. I'm much more interested in what this waisted Congressional investigation is costing tax payers. This Democratic Congress is investigating everyone, getting no results for the work other than TV face time and you never ever here anyone ask how much each of these investigations cost the tax payers. Why?
  • RR, Columbia
    I think Goger Clemens is telling the truth. He trusted someone who has no crediblity and lied about being a Dr. and also, lied to Fedreal agrents.
  • jw, columbia
    Clemens is truthful and I believe McNamee has doctored all samples he may have with steroids.
  • WC, Elgin
    I smell set-up..... Why else would the trainer "save" the supposed syringes he used on Roger Clemems - for years? That's taking "covering your butt" a little too far. Clemens said he did inject vitamins and painkillers. The trainer could have then compromised the syringes with HGH.
  • SB,
    Isn't it possible that Clemens' trainer injected him with steroids or HGH without his knowledge?
  • TM, Cameron s.c.
    I think this was a total missuse of taxpayers money in having a hearing on events which occurred over 10 years ago. Doesn't congress have anything better to do?
  • DT, West Columbia
    From what I saw of the hearings (on CNN), I believe that Clemens is doing everything he can to obscure the truth while avoiding perjury charges. It remains to be seen if he will succeed. But at this point I believe he will leave these hearings facing perjury charges, drug charges, or both.