Carlos Gaona Saucedo

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Another of the Midlands' most wanted is a man accused of murdering a pool hall manager in Columbia.

The fugitive has been on the run for a year and a half, but this week might be your best chance to spot him.

Carlos Gaona Saucedo, a 27-year-old from West Columbia, is accused of shooting and killing Decker Billiards manager Duck Kee Kim.
It was a murder that left Kim's friends with a lot of unanswered questions.

A year and a half have gone by since Decker Billiards manager Duck Kee Kim was shot dead at the building's front door.
Saucedo is still on the loose, wanted in the murder.      
Deputies say on the night of August 24, 2006 Saucedo was accompanied by a young white female companion in Decker Billiards. Arguments ensued with other patrons and Kim decided Saucedo had to leave.

Deputies say Kim kicked Saucedo and his female companion out of the club. They say Kim and Saucedo exchanged some words, at which point deputies say Saucedo ran out to the parking lot, got in his car with his female companion, and started to drive off.

It was at this point that deputies say Saucedo pulled out a gun and shot toward the club. The bullet traveled through the wall of the club, and Kim ran to the door, closed it and tried to lock it from the inside.

That's when deputies say Saucedo fire a second shot. The bullet traveled through the door and hit Kim in the head, killing him.

Deputies believe Saucedo went to San Diego and then Mexico, but they believe in the last couple months, Saucedo has returned to Columbia.

"People are seeing him, some are providing information. Some of it is delayed," says Richland County deputy Kevin Isenhoward.
Investigators believe Saucedo's working in construction, but they think he might not stick around in our area for long.

"So the window of opportunity to apprehend him may close for us. That's why we need the public to help us out urgently," says Isenhoward. We need to catch him right away or as soon as possible, and that's what everybody kind of hopes."

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith