Do Something Fantastic: Quit Wasting Plastic!


Columbia, SC- Rosewood Market Natural Food-store and Deli, announces plans to give-away 500, limited edition, re-useable tote bags beginning Friday, February 29th, at the Rosewood Drive location.

Following ongoing global concerns regarding the harm plastic bags cause to the environment. Rosewood Market aims to raise awareness in Columbia regarding the environmental impact of plastic-shopping bag over-usage, and to promote the use of alternatives.

As part of this initiative between February 29 and Earth Day, Rosewood Market will donate 10 cents to Harvest Hope Food Bank on behalf of every customer that declines to use a plastic bag.

Local retailers, including Rosewood Market, currently sell styles of recyclable bags, to cut down on the number of plastic bags going to landfills. Despite this, since 1977, when plastic bags entered the market, U.S consumers have used  an estimated 10 billion bags per year. The average US consumer goes through 500 disposable bags a year (just in grocery stores).

"We have been wanting to take action for quite some time" said Basil Garzia, Rosewood Market owner, "now we have found a great way to promote this important matter."

Rosewood Market aims to kick-start this eco-initiative in Columbia. Chic, cutting edge, limited edition and eco-friendly bags will be free of charge to the first 500 customers that visit the store. "This should encourage customers to start using these, or similar bags and increase awareness in Columbia about the benefit of reducing, re-using and recycling." said Garzia

The perfect everyday bag is elusive, but these eco-chic bags will appeal to nearly every shopper! Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they are stylish as well. Their emotive design gives the tote an edgy appeal and these bags are sure to become a symbol of ethical virtue! "This is a bag that people will want to be seen carrying" said the bag's designer.

The Campaign will be concluded on April 19th during Rosewood Market's planned EARTH DAY celebration when Rosewood Market will announce the money raised for Harvest Hope Food Bank and the number of bags that were saved.