Willie James Adams

Willie James Adams
Willie James Adams

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - One of the Midlands' Most Wanted is accused of punching and stabbing his girlfriend while keeping her locked up for more than 12 hours. Perhaps the scariest part isn't that he's still out there, but that the victim says he still calls.

Willie James Adams is a 32-year-old who goes by the nickname "Bud." He is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend on two different occasions. Both times he got away.

With Adams still out there, she's afraid to return home, and she's gone in hiding.

She told WIS News 10's Jordan Sandler her story over the phone. "What I was thinking is, 'Oh God, please God, help me.'"

It was a desperate prayer in a moment of desperation for Adams's ex-girlfriend. It was a night in October that still haunts her. She says Adams was drunk. "He just started punching me and throwing me around everywhere by my hair."

"He took the knife and just cut my back."

She says she fought through the pain of a stab wound to run next door to the neighbor's house. Her neighbor Joshua Parnell remembers, "I heard her bamming on the door, pretty hard, boom, boom. It scared me; it woke me up. I ran to the door and she was like, 'He's going to kill me. He's going to kill me.'"

Adams escaped the cops on the that night, but he didn't stay away for long. Deputies say Adams returned to his ex-girlfriend's house a month later. She says this time, Adams kept her locked inside for a torturous 12 hours. "He took my phone from me and I was trapped in my house."

"He tried to choke me with a phone cord," she says. "He took a pillow and he just beat me in my head and throwing things and calling me names. It was just crazy."

"Just telling myself over and over, 'God, please, someone come help me.'"

A deputy would eventually knock on the door, and Adams escaped out the back of the house again.

Since then, Adams's ex-girlfriend has gone into hiding. But she says Adams constantly leaves messages on her cell phone, "That he loves me and that he wants to be with me."

"I don't sleep well at all," she says.

Deputies say if you see Adams, call authorities immediately.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Chantelle Janelle