(2-05-2008) Do you think that military members under the age of 21 should be legally allowed to drink alcohol?

Do you think that military members under the age of 21 should be legally allowed to drink alcohol?

  • SB, Florence
    At ages less than 21 years people can legally: -own property. -will pay taxes. -have sex -get married -hold public office -be put to death for capital offenses -fight for our country But, they can't legally drink alcohol? Give me a break. All young people should be able to drink alcohol at the age of 18. The bigger issue here is the Federal funding that will be lost if the drinking age is lowered. Get your head out of the sand. Every weekend those young people that want to drink are drinking, legal or not.
  • WW, Lexington
    No it should not be allowed until they are 21 just like everyone else.And please don't use the excuse "they are grown up enough to put their lives on the line for their country but they aren't old enough to drink," that is right that is the law and that is their choice to join the military, that doesn't mean they are above they law!
  • jh, columbia
    I think it is okay after serving our country. If a 21 year old puts his life on the line for freedom of our country, then he would be responsible enough to have a drink as long as he/she controls it and not use the war as a crutch to drink.
  • SB, Leesville
    no,the law is the law. what is next, they may be allowed to smoke in public areas when others may not?
  • CG, Hopkins
    Absolutely. They are old enough to fight and make decisions involving matters of live and death, they certainly are old enough to drink.
  • BS, Sumter
    As long as they show their military Id I think they should be able to drink a beer or two. They are old enough to fight and die for our country but not old enough to have a simple beer.
  • gb, columbia
    my grandgirl is 19 years old, she is working her way trough college, lives on her own, pays for her own car and insurance. she was more mature at 18 than most adults over 21. given the opportunity to behave like an adult, buy a drink and take the responsibility for it is earned by anyone that is mature enough to die for their country. I don't like the idea of a drunk 18 year old behind the wheel of a car. I also don't like the idea of a drunk 48 year old behind the wheel of a car.
  • ST, Columbia
    I don't think members of the military under the age of 21 should be allowed to drink alcohol legally. Just because they choose to join the service does not mean they are mature individuals. Studies have repeatedly shown that the brains of most 18 year olds are not capable of making some of the decisions that brains of 21 year olds are capable of making. This includes the all-important decision of "When have I had enough to drink?" I have all the respect in the world for those who choose to join the service, but I don't think that allowing them to hurt their livers or kill themselves as a result of being drunk is going to do anyone much good. Suck it up and wait 3 years. Trust me - being 21 and drinking is not all it's cracked up to be!
  • SB, coward
    No Neither do i think they should be in service at any age under 21
  • JL, Chapin
    NO, the law is the law. If we start making special exceptions for one law, what's next.
  • HJ, Columbia
    Yes, they should. They are old enough to go fight for our country and die. So, why is it so wrong for them to not be able to have a drink or two before they are shipped out? If I was in their shoes; I know I'd like to have a drink or two before I was sent somewhere I could die.
  • GH, West Columbia
    NO! Just because a man or woman choses to serve in the Armed Forces does't indicate that they can make the right choses while drinking alcohol. I served my country as a soilder at the age of 17, and I am thankful that I couldn't buy alcohol. I made enough bad choises, I didn't need to make another one.
  • dY, cheraw
    sure, they are old enough to fight for our freedom, but to have a drunk or a hungover military person fighting for our freedom, is a danger to a society.
  • CB, Leesville
    Special priviledges should not be given to those under 21 just because they are in the military. One reason is that more teens may join the military so they can drink before they turn 21. I'm sorry but this is not a reason to join the military. Also, if you think drinking will make you a better person or a better soldier, then you don't need to be in the military anyway. You join the military to serve for your country, not be served a beer. There are so many teens getting killed (alcohol related) in car wrecks around the area now, what would make it any different just because you were in the military? If you go from high school into the military, your life will not be ruined to wait 3 years till you turn 21 to have a beer and then you'll have the rest of your life. Besides it may save your life, or another life.
  • CR, Irmo
    I myself am in the military and I sadly disagree with the proposal of allowing military members under age to legally drink. That would just cause more problems for the military handling the DUI's and keeping the military members from ruining their career when we need every member we can get.
  • HM, Columbia
    I feel that if they are allowed to do so, then it should be limited to the military installations only. Since they have their own judicial system and are considered government property, after they reach the age of 21, then they can do so off the installations. They should be more responsible by then. There are some military personnel that do not have the maturity at that age to drink and govern themselves. Besides we have enough teen incidents as is already.
  • sa, pelion
    I think if they are old enough to fight for our country or any other country then they should have the right to drink too. If they are old enough to die for us then they are old enough to drink!!!!!
  • CT, Sumter
    I believe that if they are allowed to go to war, then they should be allowed to drink.
  • RP, west cola
    NO, because the law is the law and as members of the military they are under the united states law as well.
  • KS, Pawleys Island
    NO! They volunteer for the service, This is not a mandatory draft. They are being forced to do nothing. Therefore, what they are allowed by law should not be changed because they CHOSE to serve.
  • LM, Columbia
    I joined the Army one month after high school graduation. I was old enough to protect and die for my country but I wasn't old enough to drink alcohol in it. I think thats wrong.
  • vc, chapin
    Of course they should. They are adults. The drill instructors saw to that. And as for that comment from MS, saying "just because they joined the army doesn't mean they should get special priveliges". On the contrary, when someone joins up they should very much be treated with a bit more respect. Especially since most kids today don't seem to have the integrity or nerve to do it. They are special, period.
  • BA, Lexington
    Yes... but only on military installations.
  • SB, Columbia
    if boys can die for our country, then they can certaintly drink to our country!
  • DS, Lexington
    Any person wearing the uniform of their country should be allowed to drink wine and beer if under the age of 21.
  • GG, Columbia,SC 29209
    Absolutely not - This is the same question that's been discussed since the early 50's. We would increase the problems for our military. Most of us have been there and asked the same guestion.. Why can't we drink if we are asked to face an enemy of our country -- Not all of our military enters combat, do we allow some to drink ??
  • CH, lexington
    The responses given so far seem to reflect that most people think it is acceptable for young adults to drink while in the military. Think about this reasonably. Do we really want drunk soldiers representing America? If it's illegal to drink and drive, it should certainly be illegal to drink and fire. A gun and alchohol never mix. Service men and women have a job to do. That job should not be spent drinking a substance that affects their quick-thinking skills, and inhibits their senses. Absolutely not.
  • jw, camden
    yes if you are mature enough and trusted enough to be able to be sent to war in the name of this country you should be trusted with a beer old enough to train and kill but not drink beer??
  • AS, Irmo
    I don't think the issue is really whether or not someone in the military who is under 21 should drink or not. Take away the military factor and the reason the drinking age was changed to 21 had to do with the federal government withholding highway funding if a state kept the drinking age at 18. The real problem centers around the fact that a few extremely inebriated drivers are repeatedly hauled before courts, then let go. Some municipalities don't want to spend large sums on incarceration or treatment. Some judges view drunk drivers as otherwise good citizens who just need help kicking their addiction. In either case, these repeat offenders keep going back on our roads until they finally kill someone. So ultimately it's not an age issue, it's a responsibility when drinking issue. True, some people have an addiction, but that addiction needs treatment, without it, they fall into the repeat offender category and likely will take someone's life one day.
  • MG, Sumter
    I think they should be allowed. How can you ask someone to risk their life and act like a man for this country, so that we can be safe and have freedom then tell them you still can't have a few drinks among friends if you make it back home alive!
  • ms, columbia
    Just because a young person is in the Military and under the age of 21, they should not be given any "Special Priveleges" as far as being able to get alcohol anywhere in Columbia, SC.They get the alcohol anyway, somehow when they get off the Fort. Just like other kids "under 21" do. Just because they have "Joined the Army" doesn't or shouldn't give them any more special privileges than any other 21 year old when it comes to getting alcohol. They are still just as immature as any other 18, 19 or 20 year old.We've seen and heard them around NE Columia when they have 'leave' on weekends, and they sound & act just like any other 'under 21'. We hope & pray this does not get passed by anyone in our Legislature.The person who suggested this must be some kind of moran or doesn't have any children. He needs to take another look at the deaths and wrong-doings that happen when the 'under 21' crowd gets in trouble. Suppose one of them was his child, would his perspective be different?
  • SD, Sumter
    I think the service men & women should be allowed to drink. We as a nation are entrusting our safety to them and are in essence saying they are responsible enough to die defending our country. So as a nation we should respect them enough to consider them as responsible adults to make the right choices for themselves.
    Yes or no is not the question in my eyes. It is a matter of law. The law, right or wrong, is the law. This is not the only stupid law on the books. If the legislature wants to waste tax payers money on every social issue instead of doing their jobs. Maybe we should be looking at their future in government.
  • MM,
    I don't think that 18 year old boys or girls are mature enough to be enlisted into the military or to drink. However, if our young people are being asked to risk their lives to defend our country, then perhaps they could be allowed to drink on base only where there would be more supervision. If the law were to change and allow military personnel under 21 to drink, there would be a rash of fake military ID cards for sale, so what's the point. People are going to find a way to drink, and do drugs no matter what the law says, if they want to bad enough.
  • VC, chapin
    It is so dumb to think we should put the uniform of this country on them, call them warriors, send them to very good military installations where they learn to be adults, then tell them they can not handle alcohol. Wake up, people, if you can't handle the stuff, your military or non military status has nothing to do with it. You either can or can not handle yourself. When will we ever grow up and allow other to do the same without having to be in charge of them. If anything, military training will allow them all the more ability to be responsible. When I was in the navy, drinking was OK, but God help you if it interfered with your duty. One lesson was more than enough.
  • bw, lexington
    most veterans(active duty or reservists)would answer yes to this question.most military under 21 will drink no matter what.those that get caught are unfairly punished and no longer consider the military an option for a career.an archaic law due to civilian influences
  • LH, Lexington
    If we are able to join the military and serve in a war before we are 21 years old then, the men and women who are fighting for us ahould be allowed to drink under 21.
  • VW, Columbia
    I think if your're old enough to go to war then you're old enough drink!
  • MB, Columbia
    Raising the drinking age limit from 18 to 21 has done nothing to stem the plight of underage drinking, in fact it has made it worse with kids seeking to drink in hidden parties rather than be surrounded by mature adults in publicly moderated settings. The drinking age should be lowered to 18 again and responsible drinking encouraged rather than turning drinking into a thrill seeking adventure that all too often has dire consequences. If a person can vote, go to war or be tried as an adult in a court of law, then the drinking age should mirror that very same age, and in this case it is 18.
  • SP, Columbia
    No. The law should be equal for all. If 21 is THE age so be it. Better still why not raise the age to join the military to 21, so the forces will have ALL members who can get drunk and carry weapons
  • LP, West Columbia
    No i dont think they should be able to drink alcohol under 21 just because they are in the military.
  • TH, Columbia
    If they are considered old enough to die, they should be considered old enough to drink
  • HT, Cayce
    Drinking alcohol is a SIN for any person, any age, any situation.
  • DY, Columbia, S.C,
    I think the law is the law, whether a person is serving his/her country or not. If the law says no drinking until the age of 21, that's what it means. Of course, if someone wants alcohol they will get it or have someone else get if for them. I think it's a non issue and a waste of time to discuss because lawmakers have already decided that no one udner the age of 21 may drink "legally".If lawmakers change the law for "kids" in the military, they will also have to change it for the "kids" in the classroom.
  • DR, Columbia
    Representative Smith needs to get off the booze and focus on more important things. This is a ridiculous, lame brain idea.
  • FM, Little River, SC
    Yes. If we send them off to war, then it should be legal for our troops to buy a beer or mixed drink while off duty (with a military id). As you know in SC in previous years, it was legal to buy beer and wine at 18, but not liquor. I'm a retired cop and still believe that law should have never changed, but due to the continuous threats of losing highway monies, the state was compelled to change the law as it stands today. On military bases back then, you could also drink beer on base, but not the hard stuff. However, in some other states during that era, that did not apply. I remember returning from Vietnam in 1970 and being spit on in the San Francisco airport by war protesters as I walked through the terminal. Very hurt and embarrassed, I went to the terminal bar to have a sandwich and a beer . I was refused the beer, 3 weeks shy of my 21st birthday!
  • EL, Columbia
    No. But I firmly believe that these two age requirements should be the same. If you are old enough to die for your country, you are old enough to enjoy a beer. Either bring the drinking age back down to 18, or raise the age limit to 21 to enlist in the military.
  • JR, Batesburg
    Even though I am not in favor of alcohol usage for any age, I believe that if anyone is giving their lives to fight for our country that the right to choose should be theirs. I would hope that the decision would be to abstain since they need a clear mind but I still believe the right to make that decision is theirs.
  • GB, Lugoff
    No, I do not think that 18 year olds in the militry should be allowed to drink. I appreciate all the military sacrifice for me but an 18 year is an 18 year. Being military should not give you special privleges concerning drinking.
  • KP, Lexington
    Just what we need! A bunch of young, drunk, weapon-carrying kids in countries far and wide, improving the image of the "Ugly American". Although, with or without a "law", I would wager that many under 21 military personnel are already able to drink, with the help of their older friends.
  • JS, Orangeburg
    No, absolutely not - this person is under 21 no matter whether he or she is military or not and should not be allowed to purchase alcohol....if the legislature allows this they are just opening up an avenue for increased fake ID's and all kinds of troubles.
  • BK, Lexington SC
    I still think under 21 is too young to be drinking. What I would like to see is the age for going in the Military raised to 21. I think under 21 is too young to be having that kind of responsibility. That would take care of the issue!
  • RM, Irmo
    No, The initial military basic training is to discipline and acclimate one to military life. Changing the law to allow underage military personnel to drink negates that training firstly and secondly, waiting the extra 3 years is around the corner. To change the rules for a few at the expense of many is not the answer. I, however, am proud of our military personnel as I am a part of military life and I believe it is important to enchance and to maintain discipline to the rules, regulations, and laws. Thank you.
  • NS, Columbia, sc
    I don't think they should be able to drink unless they are over 21 years old. I believe the law is there for a reason and I think we ALL should be obey it. And if they do change that law, then they should change that for everyone.
  • ER, Columbia
    If the argument is that of responsibility think of this: At the age of 18 we find these young people to be responsible enough citizens to elect the next president of our nation. So, with that reasoning, shouldn't they have the ability to decide on when to drink alcohol? How can they be responsible in one case and not the other. They're responsible enough to go to war for us and lose their lives though. We're sending mixed messages. We, as the elders, are not consistent in the rules we've made up.
  • kc, west cola
    I'm appauled that a person could be old enough to die for his country, but he's not old enough to drink a beer??? Doesnt make sense to me.
  • DS, swansea
    they are old enough to vote and to go to war ,fight for their country and possibly die.therefore i think they should be able to buy alcohol.
  • AS, Columbia
    I feel that as long as an individual is actively serving in the military, they should be allowed to drink alcohol when out with other family and friends. However, they should not be allowed to go into grocery stores or convenience stores and purchase alcohol. If this law is changed, it should be only for on premises consumption.
  • MH, Manning
    Why should the military men and women be treated differently from anyone else; it was their own decision to go into the military therefore they need to wait like all other underage men and women have to wait. If they pass a bill for them to drink then pass the bill for all others to drink as well
  • AM, Gaston
    If they are mature enough for the government to arm them, send them oversees to shoot at, or be shot, then are mature enough to sit in a bar and have a beer.
  • DS, Lexington
    If we think it's unwise to allow an 18-year-old to drink then hand them the car keys, how could it be wise to allow an 18-year-old to drink then hand them keys to the army tank and an assult rifle? Drinking age should be uniform and rules not bent for any person regardless of their line of work.
  • LB, Columbia
    Absolutely. If they're old enough to fight for our country's freedom, then they are old enough to buy a drink.
  • BB, Elgin
    I think this legislation is ridiculous. My husband enlisted in the Marine's at age 17 and I do not feel like he should have the laws changed because of that. As a matter of fact, the armed services already has many problems related to drinking and many alcohol related fatalities, changing the legislation would only put our soldiers, Marines and Airmen at a greater risk than they already are.
  • CA, Bishopville
    No they should not lower the drinking age for 21 year olds in the military. That would be wreckless legislation to approve the current proposal. Military statistics will show that the young males are already at the top of the list for poor decision making regarding drinking, driving, and alcohol. What do you think will happen if "states rights" allow an 18 year old to drink at Fort Jackson and the same soldier can't drink when he is in Ft. Lewis, Washington? Statistics between the different installations will once again show SC at the top of another negative category. Are you prepared to lose highway dollars and a military base as well?
  • CK, Cassatt
    If our young soldiers can be put into the line of fire protecting our freedom then they should have the same rights as all other adults. If they can sacrifice their lives at the age of 18-21 then they should be allowed to have a drink when they are home. They see things we don't see and if they want to chill out with a beer they should be allowed.
  • AK, Columbia
    Opinion: Service men/women under the age of 21 should be allowed to drink/purchase alcohol - but only on military bases. No state (esp. SC) can afford to lose its highway funding by changing the rules re: the legal drinking age. Besides, having under-21 patrons in bars does not bode well for owners and over-21 patrons alike, especially if the under-21s are military men/women in uniform who come into conflict with non-military patrons. It's an accident, brawl, arrest, or other altercation just waiting to happen. However, under 21s should be able to freely drink/purchase alcohol on the military base, since the bases are federal property (and the closed gate system can serve as a sort of "checkpoint" for soldiers who attempt to leave the base after drinking). Plus, the soldiers will be able to indulge while fraternizing with their peers; there will probably be less chance of them drinking and driving; and if the soldiers find themselves in an incident where drinking is involved, I trust the military will handle the matter expeditiously.
  • sl, sumter
    I absolutley agree that our brave women and men should be alowed to purchase and drink alcohol. They place their lives on the line to defend our freedoms, many of which who have paid the ultimate price and we deny them the freedom to drink. We train them with the most safistagative weaponry in the world costing tax payers billions of dollars, but they can't buy a can of beer. If the law does not allow them to drink, I feel our military should allow them this freedom while on military instalations. in closing I just want to say God bless each and everyone of our sevice men and women and thank you for protecting our freedom.
  • bb,
    when the the peoples of the united states of america send our young warriors out to preserve freedoms that we, as a nation hold so dear, (and possibly forfeit their very lives)those same peoples of the united states of america should as a people consider these brave soldiers old enough to make their own choices in life.. not that it should be chosen for them.. the military is ready to give up their very lives or us,because of their age.. makes no sense to me..a choice must be made.. a choice better leftup to those who are ready to die for our way of life...the soldiers who fight and die for our very existence.. its a no brainer...
  • MH, Columbia
    As a former veteran, I think it's ridiculous that our military members cannot purchase alcohol under the age of 21. These women and men have vowed to give up their lives to protect us. I imagine, if their old enough to be willing to make that risk of sacrifice that they might be allowed to "let loose" every once in a while. These honorable people are enduring so much stress. Alcohol is not a solution but it might not be such a bad idea to let them "have a little break" and relax a little. The minimum 21 year-old rule is just plain stupid. Our troops deserve better. Reverse the situation. Maybe only people over 21 should be the only one's allowed to join the military...?
  • hh, salley
    Yes i think if our service men and women can put there life on the line for this country that they should be able to have a drink if they want the goverment thinks there old enough to die for there country wants wrong with a drink
  • dg, columbia
    Not just military, but EVERYONE over 18 should be allowed to drink. Underage drinking has become so taboo that it leads to situations like the one we saw in clemson this weekend. People want what they can't have. If we didn't treat alcohol like the forbidden fruit we wouldn't have so many college students literally drinking themselves to death. preach moderation, not abstinence.
  • SS, Columbia
    Absolutely not! Just because you are in the military, does not mean you are mature. Learning how to shoot a gun does not make you mature. And it will be awful if SC loses approx. 28 million dollars in federal highway funds so that these kids can go drinking with their buddies.We desperately need 28 milion more dollars, not less, to keep our roads in good condition. Maybe let them drink on military installations, but don't let them out on the roads. This is the stupidest bill I've seen in years--and there have been some doozies proposed by those redneck old farts in the legislature.
  • SC, Sumter
    Members of the military fight for our rights which include the right to vote for the politicians who make the laws we must obey. If they are mature enough to value our freedom, they should be mature enough to value the enforcement of our laws. If not being able to drink until 21 is that big of a deal then maybe there is a bigger problem going on here.
  • LG, Columbia
    This should apply to under age military only. We send them out under age to die for this country.They should be allowed to drink.
  • gs, columbia
    the age should stay 21,even they can vote at 18. i spent 20yrs in military and saw numerous cases of underage drinking.the pepople lost lots of rank,and plenty money too. i think the age should stay the 21 adult age.
  • DH, Columbia SC
    I think that the military should not allow the under age drinking. They are in the military to protect us. If any military drinks they can not think clearly. Not only that I believe it is a sin to drink. What if they are called up to go to war, and they drink and get drunk they would not be able to defend our nation well. Drinking can cause wrecks and it can also kill.
  • RE, Chapin
    All people, 18 and over should be allowed to purchase alcohol. The increase in age to 21 was a knee jerk reaction based on nothing but emotion generated by Madd Mothers.
  • LL, Myrtle Beach, SC
    I truly believe if you are old enough to fight for your country, die for your country, and vote then should be old enough to drink. Military men and women are trained to be responsible soldiers and citizens.
  • TU, Irmo
    I believe that if a person is old enough to give their life for their country, then they should be old enough to buy alcohol.
  • TA, Wedgefield
    Military members under the age of 21 should be able to drink. If they are able to join the military and fight for our country...then they deserve a drink ( if they want one)
  • PY, Elgin
    There are more pressing issues for our elected officials to concern themselves with than worrying about whether 20 year olds can legally consume alcohol.
  • PD, Lexington
    Yes, I believe that military members under the age of 21 should legally be allowed to drink alcohol.However, I believe the minimum age should be 18 with a valid military ID.
  • DT, Sumter
    My husband just retired from the military after 20 years. Over the years we have spent a lot of time with young airmen. If a person is ready to put their life on the line for my family and our country, I feel they should be allowed to drink alcohol, as long as it is consumed in a responsible manner. If a young person wants to act like an adult, they need to be responsible about alcohol. Do NOT drink and drive, no exceptions!
  • ET, leesville S.C.
    I think if they are old enough to die for their country they should be at least be able to have a few drinks. i say that because i resently joined the army.
  • RB, Chapin
    If the men and women are old enough to put a gun in their hands and fight to protect our country, then I think they are old enough to drink. After all think what they have been through and seen over there.
  • RC, West Columbia, SC
    If they are young enough to die for our country they should also be alloweed to buy or do anything civilian adults can do. But i also see a problem which is you can bet some crooks will start selling fake military ID`s to those under 21.
  • RB, Hartsville
    Great Lakes in the early part of the 80's they served what was called 3.2 beer until they turned 21.Don't know if it work down here, but with the bartenders verifing the ID I believe it could work down here.
  • RM, Dalzell
    Yes. If one is adult enough to voluneer for the military and be sent into harms way then they should be allowed to drink as I was in my 2 year Vietnam tour.
  • TB, Lake Murray
    I think anyone who is putting his or her lives on the line to keep this country free should certainly be able to have a drink and a smoke if they choose to do so.
  • JF, Camden
    If they are old enough to defend our country and put their lives on the line at the age 18 then yes I think they should be allowed to have a drink.
  • TT, columbia
    As unpopular as I am sure this stance is, I would extend that right to all 18, 19 and 20-year-olds. I understand the statistics and the pros and cons, but at ground level, the way young adults are treated is just wrong. They are held to every other adult standard, and they are clearly held accountable as adults. I certainly do not advocate irresponsible abuse of alcohol, but I would prefer that the laws be enforced appropriatly for all adults, from 18 to 98. I hear of far too many tragedies linked to a driver with multiple DUI's or suspended licenses. I also have sadly seen too many examples of deaths of 16 and 17 year olds in drinking related accidents - the laws didn't seem to stop that. I would much rather us approach this reasonably, but I am afraid politics, money, and egos have made this impossible.
  • aw, orangeburg
    yes for thing they are more mature than the ones that is not in service. We train them in using different fire arms and send them into danger. the military persons are also more mental status greater than the average person.
  • jb, Gaston
    Yes! Will you send them off to be killed in war and not allow them to drink a beer? Are you crazy? As a veteran of 23 years I challenge you idiots that think otherwise to go to war yourselves!!
  • KO, Walterboro
    There are 18 year olds who are combat veterans. They should be afforded the privilege of purchasing alcohol.
  • JS, Turbeville
    I feel that if men and women are able to fight for our country, and have been through military training that teaches responsibility and pride, they should be able to handle a drink if they are not yet 21. The difference between 18 and 21 is not a large gap, and most military men and women are intelligent, well-trained people.
  • SB,
    Absolutely! If our government believes that an individual is old enough/responsible enough to hold a rifle and take a life or lose his own life in the name of our country, he or she should be able to have a beer! A beer may bring relief and a small sense of normality to those serving in Iraq and even those here at home. If our government cannot trust an individual with a beer, they surely shouldn't give that individual a rifle and show them how to use it!!
  • Jd, Columbia
    Those who volunteer to put their life on the line to protect us are adult enough to have a drink the same as 21 yr old people who do not even want to find a job to support themselves, tell me who is the most responsible person??
  • mg, gaston
    If a man or woman can go to war for this country/us, take the chance of dieing, then they ought to be able to buy a drink when they get home!
  • TD, Orangeburg
    If they are old enough to fight and die for our country than they should be old enough to decide to drink or not to drink. I think military training probably would help make them more responsible at an earlier age. When some of them are stationed in some of the foreign counties we help defend beer or wine maybe their best choice for a beverage to drink.
  • SB,
    ABSOLUTELY!!! If a young man or woman is old enough in the eyes of the government to pick up a rifle or take a bullet for our country, they should be considered old enough to have a beer!! A single beer or two is not going to endanger our country any more than it already is, but it can provide some relief and a sense of normality to those serving long tours in Iraq or elsewhere.
  • KB, Columbia, SC
    I'm a retired veteran of the Gulf War and it's simple to me. Everyone in the military "freely" gives themselves to our country and "willingly" excepts that they may die in her defence. So they should be able to go into ANY place and get a drink with proper ID. So many don't make the sacrifices the military does daily and they get more then the military ever recieves.
  • ce, columbia
    Absolutely. If a person is a position to give his or her life for our freedoms then that person should be given the freedom to order a drink!!!
  • kp, lexington
    If they are mature enough for the government to arm them, send them oversees to shoot at, or be shot, then are mature enough to sit in a bar and have a beer.
  • db, cola
    as a retired army sergeant i can tell you first hand that most soldiers are able to drink on post any way. if you can put your life on the line for your country why not be allowed to drink.Most soldiers stationed oversea will see civilian allowed to drink at 16 years or younger.then they come home and can't purchase a beer in the same country they protect
  • CD, hopkins
    I feel they are sacrificing their lives and they should have the right to drink.
  • GD, Orangeburg
    If you can fight for your country, you should be able to drink in your country.
  • SD, Hopkins
    I grew up in a military family and I have aways wondered why it is that men and women in the armed forces could serve and die for ther country but they could not have a drink if they are under 21. If we trust our service men and women to protect our country surely we can trust them to have a beer. So yes I think that they should be allowed to drink legally even if they are underage.
  • DC, Leesville, SC
    If a young man or woman is defending his/her country by serving in the military, I believe they should be responsible enough to buy and consume alcoholic drinks on the Military facility. I do not believe they should be exempt from State Law while outside the military base.
  • RR, Sumter
    YES! If they're old enough to fight and die, they're old enough to drink alcohol.
  • KW, Columbia
    Yes, I think all military members should have the right to drink alcohol regardless of age. If we are saying they are not mature enough to drink, then they certainly aren't mature enough to place their lives on the line for us each day. With this line of reasoning, then we have two choices... either allow an exception for military members to drink or raise the service age to what we consider mature enough to die for your country.
  • sh, irmo
    Our men and women are fighting for our freedoms, and dying for them. Yet we deny them this simple pleasure because of legislated morality? Soldiers who leave for war are hardly children when they return--it's ludicrous to treat them as such.
  • JR, Sumter
    YES! If they're old enough to fight and die, they're old enough to drink alcohol.
  • TD, w.cola.
    they can drink on base,we are trying to cut down on drunk drivers and young military,drink excessly (i did) glad i didnt drive i would have killed some one or at least my self,no NO i say drink on base and let the military deal with this issue not are roads back the the bases
  • IW, Columbia
    My thought is that if a member of the military isn't too young to risk their lives for our country, they certainly aren't too young to have an alcoholic drink.
  • DT, Columbia
    I feel that if they are old enough to defend and die for our country they are old enough to have a drink legally
  • LS, W. Cola.
    If you are old enough to die for your country, you should be old enough to drink.
  • JH, Columbia
    If they are 20, they should be able to drink.
  • AR, Irmo
    I don't think that military members should be able to drink alcohol. They do serve our country but they are still part of our country; therefore the laws should apply to them as well.
  • JB, Gilbert
    If you can die for your country, you should automatically earn the right to drink. That "perk" may also encourage more young people to join the military, and may at the same time encourage greater responsibility with alcohol among their peers, who look up to their enlisted friends enjoying it responsibly. They should also get a discount on their gas, since they are fighting for our oil.
  • jh, greenwood sc
    yes old enough to die old enough to drink
  • BC, Leesville, SC
    I believe if you are old enough to fight and die for your country, you should be able to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • JV, Columbia
    I respect the sentiments here (serving our country, etc, etc)but cannot rationalize the benefit to society. What is really the gain here? This is what I struggle with. Let's face reality here anyways, if you are in college environment,military buddies,etc you are going to find yourself with a beverage in your hands,regardless of the legality of it.
  • DT, West Columbia
    I came of age when 18 was the legal age for drinking beer and wine. I started drinking at that age. And I survived it. I believe that learning to drink responsibly is like learning anything else; it takes practice and involves making mistakes. But postponing the legal age doesn't necessarily make the learning any easier. I agree that there is a balance to be struck here, which is why we don't allow 16 year olds to drink. But I believe that joining the military should earn one certain privileges, among them the ability to drink legally regardless of age.
  • CR, Columbia
    No,I do not think the military members under the age of 21 should be allowed to drink alcohol. Guns and alcohol do not mix well.
  • CG, columbia
    No I do not, However you see underage service members having people buying the alchohol for them all the time. Our Shoppettes and Class Six have used the ID system and have stopped them from buying but when you have other people willing to buy it for them it defeats the purpose of having the ID system. Just because they are in the military does not mean that they should not go by the same law and civilians under 21.
    If you are old enough to die for you country I think you are
  • LC, Lexington
    Yes, if these individuals can fight and die for our country, they should be allowed to purchase alcohol.
  • NF, Lexington
    Yes, It would get alot more kids to sign up!