Saul Rodriquez

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - Saul Rodriquez, 26, is accused of abducting a six-year-old girl from her Newberry home, and raping her. Deputies have been searching for this man since June.

WIS News 10's Jordan Sandler went to Newberry and sat down with the little girl's mother, and with the brother of the fugitive.

The tears burn hot against Telma's cheeks, every time she thinks of what happened in June to her daughter - a daughter who's only six-years-old. "I told her not to, but she did go outside, and that man told her to come out, and he was going to take a picture of her."

Telma was taking a nap when she says a neighbor, Saul Rodriquez, took her daughter into another trailer, and raped her. A translator tells Jordan, "She's concerned that when she gets older, her daughter's not going to forget what happened to her."

Rodriquez took off later that day, and no one has seen him since. Telma says she believes Rodriquez's brother knows his whereabouts.

"Where do you think he is?" Jordan asks Saul's brother Edgar Martinez. He responds, through a translator, "I don't know."

His brother says the last time he saw Rodriquez was the day of the incident, when Rodriquez said he was leaving, but didn't say where.

"Why do you think he left?" Jordan asks.

"I don't know." Martinez says.

He claims he hasn't communicated with him since that day.

Jordan: "How do you feel for Telma?"
Martinez: "I'm upset. I really don't know what happened, but I feel awful, and he is my brother."
Jordan: "If you could talk to him or give him advice ... what advice would you give him?"
Martinez: "That it would be best for him to turn himself in."

His brother says Rodriquez has no other relatives in the United States. He says Rodriquez has two children of his own in his home country of Guatamala.

Rodriquez was in Newberry County the last few years, working as a temp at Pioneer Foods in Prosperity. Investigators say since then, Rodriquez has changed his name and identity several times.

Newberry Sheriff's investigator Todd Johnson says, "This is a very unique and difficult case, trying to apprehend the suspect. We have several different names, several different Social Security numbers that the suspect is using, none of which are valid."

Whatever name he's currently going by, Telma believes the man who sexually assualted her daughter wouldn't hesitate to prey on another young girl. "Because if he does it to the child, nothing proves that he won't do it again."

If you know where Saul Rodriquez is, here's the number to call: 1-888-559-8477.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Chantelle Janelle