(1-29-2008) What's your reaction to Obama's SC victory?

What's your reaction to Obama's SC victory?

  • JS, Orangeburg
    Personally, if South Carolinian's and others across America elect this man as president and he will not even say the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States, then we are in big trouble
  • SM, Lexington
    I'm not surprised one bit. Not happy about it either, but I saw it coming.
  • JV, Gilbert
    I am so sorry that people in this country can't seem to get beyond race. Sen. Obama is bi-racial - he had a black father and white mother. I can't help but feel this puts him in a unique spot to understand racial issues. But, in my humble opinion, that is beside the point. What we need to be discussing is whether or not Sen. Obama is qualified to lead this country. There are so many complex issues to be dealt with. Personally, the more I listen to Sen. Obama the more I like what I hear. I am hoping his momentum continues to build as this extremely complicated election year unfolds. I believe South Carolina is just the beginning.
  • DC, West Columbia
    I was not surprised with the victory.I think this says that we are all ready for a fresh new administration. We have tried the "keep it in the family" approach and would rather start with a brand new slate this time. This will be the year that Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King's dreams will make huge strides towards reality.
  • LW, Blair
    I was truly overjoyed. Being a mother with two young african american boys, they can now see that their race should not hender them from being anything they choose, even president of the united states. My nine year son told me last week that oneday he PRAYS that he can be president!
  • AW, Blythewood
    I'm a Dem and frankly I'm embarassed by both Hil&Oba. I mean there couldnt be two worse Dems that could run for president. I honestly think I might be switching up and leanign towards McCain or someone. Thats sad. My brother is over seas fighting this stupid war, and our Country isnt giving us very many suitable options. I'm blessed to be in America boran and raised int he south this crap we have for leadership gets worse every year.I am in fear for my children and what they will have to choose from as they grow. Edwards should of got it. Theres nothing more ignorant for a person to do than vote for soemone because he so happens to be the first potential black can. Oh and by the way to all the high and mighty race voters. O is half white, and was raised by a white family. There was no reason to vote for color. Vote for what they can do for you and your country.I'm almost startign to think that those votes were generated b/c those were people that felt they could relate to a drug user. Maybe the sentence for distribution will be cut in half.
  • dw, manning
    It is an insult to South Carolina. Him nor Clinton should have won. Both are a disgrace to this nation.
  • JC, Orangeburg,SC
    I was disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not do better. I think she is truly the person we need in office as President and not Obama. She is older, she has been around and in politics longer and Bill Clinton, who was a greeat President, would help her when asked. I sincerely hope that American citizens do not let this turn out as a racial campaign. Why can't the whites and colored live together as one?
  • lr, ridgeway
    I was ready to listen to Obama's speech until Ms Winfrey got on stage with her fake southern accent and ask "You know what y'all did with the people on the buses" don't you. It isn't an exact quote but I got the point and cut the tv to another channel.
  • cc, w cola
    It is terrible so many people think this way. At least their is hope Americans will not have 8 more years of lies. Edwards would be the person if he did not approve of amnesty for illegal immigration. His stand on the immigration has caused a lot to look at the others. This country is hurting and the people that we have elected do not care. We can no longer take care of the world when Americans are placed second to all others. We can afford a war, pay for it and cannot afford to have proper funding for health care, schools for AMERICANS. What is wrong with this picture? Companies are hiring the illegals over AMERICANS because they will save money to put in their pockets. How rich do they need to be? I do not know if Obama is the answer, but he is sure putting the hope back into America and Americans.
  • TN, Prosperity
    I don't understand why we think that everyting has to be race related. God has given this man the mentality to hold and run this position. He supports great views. We all know that he can't do it by himself-House & Senate will have to agree. For those that are dissatisfied maybe they need to look elsewhere to live. Truly, it's time for a change. There is an occasion for everything and a time for EVERY activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1.(God's Words)
  • WW, Columbia
    I am disappointed but not surprised. I have always felt that too many or our race are just too lazy to read or ask questions before they do something as important as voting. They have and continue to allow someone else to do the thinking for them. Mr Barak's promises are as empty and shallow as Billery Clinton's. We have wasted an opoortunity to make a difference.
  • MS, Swansea
    "Barak Osama",Bomb shelter,race,someone wearing a Hijab.Sorry to upset anyone but despite the racial and religious prejudice not to mention the other propoganda Mr.Obama inspired a lot of people to get off their duffs and vote.Next time you hear him speak try closing your eyes and listening.He sounds like an American. Go figure.
  • JB, Winnsboro
    It saddens me to think that people are voting for somone just because of his race.
  • vc, chapin
    If he is nominated I will make sure my bomb shelter is ready by election day. The yard is wired for "sound" ,the roof has placements ready to occupy if needed and we can survive for up to two years in the shelter. When that terrorist lover gets the job, I will be very popular with the neighbors. America, rest in Peace.
  • RS, Cayce
    I hope this means that there is sometihng truly inspirational going on, not just more of the same. As a pretty jaded voter, I did vote for Obama - but I'm paying attention to how well or not he's able to maintain a vision that's bringing meaningful change.
  • BC, Lexington
    Just goes to show you what a bunch of hypocrites and liars those voters are. In pre-primary polls, black voters were split about 40%-40%-20% among Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. Exit polls show that 8 out of 10 voted the candidate of their race and they showed up in record numbers to do so. Will it really matter? No because SC will send all of it's electoral college votes to the Republican candidate in the presidential election. Democrats will see real results on Super Tuesday.
  • MS, lexington
    I am not happy about it at all. I think John Edwardw and all the rest would have had a better chance if the television time had been equal. I realize it is a history making event, with the woman and black but there are more than 2 canidates running; Republican or Demorat.
  • jc, Lexington
    The people of SC will reap what they sow as far as the vote goes....the vote had nothing to do with politics, it was 100% race related....by the way, did anyone else notice the young lady in the background during Sen B. Hussien Obama's congratulatory speech wearing a Hijab? I quess Sen Obama appeals to all religions, even the Muslims,,, MMMMM! Go figure!
  • JO, Prosperity
    It's scary.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Obama's victory was widely predicted before the primary, so it wasn't a surprise. What was unexpected was the turnout. It was very encouraging to see so many Democrats voting in the primary. If that carries over to the general election South Carolina could change from a red state to blue. Now wouldn't that be something?
  • JP, Sumter
    The results were as expected. I did see a "Barak Osama Poll Observer" making notes on a list of the eligible voters about everyone that voted. Was this legal? I have never seen this before.