Smear campaigns - tracking the truth

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The smear campaigns are in full swing. But they aren't just coming from the candidates themselves.

Mary Belton of West Columbia was upstairs with her baby when the phone rang. She took the call in the kitchen, and quickly realized the caller was actually a recording. She listened anyway, to a lengthy diatribe attacking Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Belton says it was "talking about things that Bill had done and how Hillary upheld Bill in what he did and what they did to the young lady, even about killing some cat. You know, I'm like this is ridiculous, you know."

The call - accusing the Clintons of sexual indiscretions and criminal acts - was the work of a man named Robert Morrow, a self-employed securities trader who lives in Austin, Texas.

WIS News 10's Jack Kuenzie spoke to him by phone:

Morrow: "The Clintons, these two Yale-educated lawyers, have lived a Jerry Springer lifestyle for 36 years."

Morrow says he's a former Democrat who's now supporting Ron Paul for president, but has no formal connection to that campaign.

Jack: "You think he would support you making these phone calls and making these accusations?"
Morrow: "I don't know. I certainly hope he would."

Morrow says he agrees with some of the claims made in a 1994 videotape, "The Clinton Chronicles." The tape accuses the Clintons of drug smuggling, money laundering, even murder.

But the Clintons aren't the only political figures targeted by highly questionable accusations in this political season. On Augusta Highway in West Columbia, a sign outside a flooring store charges that Senator Barack Obama refuses to salute the flag.

Store co-owner Jonathan Bennett says a photo taken at a Democratic political event in Iowa proves his point. "To me it's kind of just stupid to have somebody running for the highest office in the land that doesn't salute the flag."

Bennett says he did a Google search to back up his beliefs about that photo. But you can also Google plenty of web sites proving the picture was actually taken while the national anthem was being played at that event, and it does not show Obama refusing to salute the flag.

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As for Morrow, he's made a name for himself by blasting vicious emails about the Clintons to reporters in Washington. One message encourages Democrats to vote for Obama or any other candidate, as long as it's not Hillary Clinton.

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted by Chantelle Janelle