Health Alert: Crocs craze

NATIONAL - People swear by their Crocs. They may not be the prettiest shoes on the shelf or make a woman's legs look more shapely like high heels, but they're extremely comfortable and now foot doctors claim they're good for our feet.

Crocs are the hottest thing on the playground right now.

Stephanie Rosado says "they're fashionable. They're pretty, and they're comfortable."

That's why they're also popular among doctors and nurses.

Julie Thornton says, "I work eight hour shifts mostly on my feet, and they're the most comfortable footwear that I've ever worn."

Dr. Michael Kerzner said, "I know myself, as a surgeon, I'll stand for two, three, four hours for a single case and not have my feet ache because it's like walking on air."

While there are no scientific studies proving that crocs are good for our feet, the American Podiatric Medical Association gave them its stamp of approval for promoting good foot and ankle care. However, they should never be used to replace orthopedic shoes.

"Most of the orthopedic shoes that are out there are for more significant deformity or condition, whereas the Crocs are more for the general ache and pain that people have without significant contracture or deformity," said Dr. Kerzner.

Because the shoes are wide and roomy, podiatrists say Crocs can help prevent irritation caused by bunions, corns and calluses. The cushiness also eases heel pain, while the holes prevent perspiration.

Whether the Croc craze is a passing fad remains to be seen, but right now, they're here to stay.

Some of the best features of the Crocs - flexibility and grip - can cause problems. Crocs were in the news recently because of several incidents where they've been snagged on escalators, causing injuries. So, wear with care. And, if you have a foot problem, see a podiatrist to get an accurate diagnoses and treatment plan before trying to heal it yourself with any shoe.

Posted by Bryce Mursch