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Krajcir Confesses to Mt. Vernon Attempted Murder

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Krajcir Confesses to Mt. Vernon Attempted Murder
By: Carly O'Keefe

Mt. Vernon, Il -- In a December prison interview with police, convicted killer Timothy Krajcir offered explicit details on the what, where, when and how he committed two rapes and a stabbing in Mt. Vernon. Finding out who the victims were has been difficult for police.

"It's been such a long time ago, it's difficult to reach back and find these old reports so that's why we're reaching out to the public to see if anyone may remember these cases," said Lt. Paul Echols of the Carbondale Police Department.

Krajcir offered the most detail in confessing to stabbing an older woman. He claims it took place in 1982 in the bathroom of her home that was located directly across from the Mt. Vernon post office. He doesn't offer a name or even an address to go on, which according to Mt. Vernon Police Chief Chris Mendenall has made the case nearly impossible to locate. Mt. Vernon and Carbondale police have been working for weeks, trying to find a case that matches Krajcir's claims.

On Sunday, Heartland News did a little research of our own. A newspaper article at the Mt. Vernon library exhibits eerie similarities with what Krajcir told police in his confession.

Krajcir stated he hid in the shower and when the woman saw him, she screamed. He stabbed her multiple times and fled from her home located directly across the street from the Mt. Vernon post office.

According to a 1981 Mt. Vernon Register-News article, there was a reported stabbing in which an attacker hid in the shower and stabbed a 72-year-old woman several times with a pocket knife before fleeing from her home located directly across the street from the Mt. Vernon post office.

"What you found in the newspaper pretty much matches on point with everything Krajcir has told us," said Echols.

Unfortunately, Krajcir also told police he believed someone else had been arrested for the crime. A later Mt. Vernon Register-News article tells us not only was someone arrested for the stabbing, but a jury found 46-year-old Grover W. Thompson guilty of attempted murder in the case. He was sentenced him to 40 years in prison for a crime Timothy Krajcir very well may have committed.

"That is one of our fears that someone else has been arrested as it says in the newspaper was convicted and went to prison we hope that's not true, but it looks like there's a good chance it might be," said Echols.

Lt. Echols cannot confirm the article is indeed the case he's been looking for until he's reviewed the actual 1981 police report. But the similarities between Krajcir's confession and the 26-year-old news articles are pretty compelling evidence.

"He even told us, he wouldn't confess to something he hadn't done. And Lord knows, he's done enough, he doesn't need to make things up," said Echols.

Police still hope to learn the identities of two victims who may or may not have reported rapes that took place in the early 1980's. Krajcir's first confession of rape involved an African-American female in her 20's who at the time lived in a residential area behind the Wall-mart location of 1982. A second rape involved a middle-age white woman who lived near the Mt. Vernon hospital.

If you are these victims or know who they may be please contact Lt. Paul Echols at the Carbondale Police Department at (618) 457-3200.


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