(01/18/08) Do you think it's okay for military recruiters to put their cards in store-bought clothing?

Do you think it's okay for military recruiters to put their cards in store-bought clothing?

  • MP, Irmo
    Honestly, I don't see the big deal about this. Aren't there more pressing issues, such as the upcoming election, for us to talk about? Putting recruiting flyers in people's pockets is no different than the 10 calls I get a day from Presidential candidates. I am being provided with information from which I can then make informed decisions. The Army is passing on information to people and from that, those people can make informed decisions. Besides, do you think many of these kids pay attention anyway?? They probably throw them away without even looking at it. This is just another case of someone who has nothing better to do than complain about something.
  • JS, Ridgeway
    I think it is a very smart move on the Recruiters part. It hurts absolutely nothing, besides, the person buying the pants always has the right to throw it away. I feel this woman needs to get a life!!! That one episode will not make her son sign up for the military but since she made such a stink about it, it may stick in his mind and down the road he just may sign up.. I think she just wanted to get on TV. To all of you military men and women, "Thank you" for all that you do.
  • js, columbia
    Yes, that is a good way to find prospect. If you do not want to join the military simply throw the card away.
  • vc, chapin
    If that is all this wendy whiner has to worry about she should thank someone in uniform for fighting for her rights to be a loser and a whiner. Her kid probably needs some boot camp time to avoid jail anyway.
  • KH, Lexington
    Does this mean I can go to all of the stores in the mall and put my business cards in all of the merchandise??? I never read anywhere saying that the store gave the recruiter permission to do this. Wouldn't that make it illegal?
  • GG, Swansea
    The reaction of this mother is ridiculous. She should be more concerned about the other dangerous influences in her child's life. She should be so thankful she did not find drugs in the pocket. And as far as the military, as a Marine's daughter and an Army wife, there is no greater service these soldiers give than protecting her and her family's freedom.
  • KC, Columbia
    I "know" this mother over-reacted. This isn't so severe she "had" to call a news station. She wasted everyones time with this issue. If she is so anti-american, she couldn't just toss the card, then she should "get over" herself. How many times has she had an "illegal" pamphlet from Avon, local lawn service...et all in her mailbox? Why didn't she call on them? She is obviously anti-american. We are a nation at war. The "military" is a possible avenue for many Americans. She needs to wake up. Freedom isn't free. If she doesn't want her child exposed to the military at this age, does she monitor his television, news, newspaper etc. And it isn't a recruiting technique. It's using ingenuity in his prospecting techniques. Get over yourself lady!
  • ST, Irmo
    WOW some of you people just want something to cry about don't you. This is not even news. My Lord look at the stuff kids are exposed to on a daily basis and this woman is worried about a business card for a recruiter. As for right or wrong, that is for Target to decide. It is their store. Man some people will do anything to get on TV.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    It is not okay. Military recruiters are such low life. It is one thing to be straight forward and honest. It is quite another to be slithering or trolling through the malls doing such things.
  • HS, Lexington
    Yes, I think it's okay for a military recruiter to put a business card into store-bought clothing. I remove the tags from new purchases when I get home so I don't think it's a big deal to remove a card or any other packaging material. As a mother, I am clearly disappointed in the mother shown in this piece and her behavior. I wonder if she gets this angry over military recruiting commercials on the television? Our military needs to enroll more soldiers, and this is a way for people to receive information and a method for contacting a recruiter. If you don't want to call the number on the card, then don't. If you don't want to keep the business card, then don't. I've never heard anyone complain this much about having to throw away a piece of paper.
  • DS,
    I do not mean to sound sarcastic; however, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares ??? Should we not be discussing important issues like the war, the economy, the unemployement rate, the candidates for President and numerous other subjects so much more important than this trivial matter ??
  • MM, Little Mountain
    sounds like Mama just wanted a little air time on WIS. Man, if this is all she has to be concerned over, she's blessed. Does she put blindfold on the kid when he watches ads on TV?
  • CS, Cayce
    I think the mother is afraid as any mother would be of her child going to war and possibly being hurt or killed. I do think she overreacted and caused her son a huge amount of embarrassement. We need to support our military no matter what. They do put their lives on the line every day even for those who are against the military. They are brave men and women and they deserve our alligiance and full suppport.
  • RM, Columbia
    As a military veteran of 23+ years i do not feel this would be personally offensive. However, it is a terrible waste of tax payers dollars. certainly there is a more efficient way to contact prospective recruits. A great majority of the cards will end up in the trash.
  • LG, Ballentine
    No, it's trespassing in my opinion. If the recruiter or anyone else wishes to place a business card in any item for sale at Target, then Target needs to post an official notice to the consumer. This is a sad way for the Marine recruiter to promote the Marines looking for a few good men! Just another need to reinstate the draft or either end Bush's war.
  • LB, Camden
    I really don't think there is any harm in recruiters putting there business cards in store merchandise. The military is hardly one of the worst things the public can be exposed to. Really it's not that different than leaving a stack of business cards on the counter. When you see the card you either disregard it because you're not interested or you hold onto becuase you are interested. In all honestly, those business cards probably are not as bad as those chain letters people forward around all day saying that you'll die if you don't forward it to. But nobody complains about those. I just think there are bigger issues to discuss in South Carolina.
  • LH, Columbia
    It's not ok. Why in the world would you want to have advertisements of any kind put in clothing? If she'd found a card for a escort service and was upset, people wouldn't think she was uptight.
  • JK,
    I think this whole thing is much ado about nothing. Todays society is so quick to yell "victim". All the mother had to do was throw the card away. Instead she is trying to make a case against a recruiter who is trying to do his job in difficult times. By the way, if Mom is so opposed to her son being in the military, why was she buying him camo pants???
  • BP, Lexington
    The military can place recruiting tools anywhere they choose. They have earned the right to do this while defending this woman's right to be an idiot. This woman is nothing more than a hypocrite and WIS's continuing coverage of this non-story should give us some more insight into their thinking as well.
  • CL, Sumter
    I think the mother of this child is making a big deal out of nothing. All she had to do is throw the card away, it harmed no one.
  • BS, Pine Ridge
    I don't see a problem with what Sgt. Jordan did. The military is a great opportunity for some young men and women. It, in some cases, saves them. Some, headed down the wrong path can join and become well-disciplined, productive members of our great country instead of criminal drug addicts or in a ditch dead. As for the mother how ridiculous is it for her to "freak out" as her son put it. I feel for him. I am sure he is very embarrassed. It really made me angry that WIS would even give this woman the satisfaction of complaining about something so petty. For her to call you guys about this is very childish, it seems to me that she searching for attention. To say that she didn't want him exposed to the military at such a young age, please, that again is crazy. He is 13, obviously from his reaction more down to earth and realistic than his mother, he knows what the military does. Him finding a recruiters card does nothing to him. It is not like he was being hounded by phone calls or visits. It was a simple card. She needs to get over it. The Army can't even seriously consider her son for another 3 to 4 years anyway. Are stories so scarce that your reporters have to run to every ignorant person that has a complaint? I wish Sgt. Jordan the best with his future recruiting. And for those who are anti-military....What the military is doing, they are doing that to ensure that you are free to say ignorant things like you do and so you can wake up in the morning without having to worry about some nut job third world country dictator giving an order to blow up the building in your city with your friend and family in there. So the best advice I can give you is to just keep those things to yourself. So to you I say It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  • TH, columbia
    Her son is too young to be "exposed" to the military? I LOVE it! I guess they don't watch the news or anything. She really needs to lighten up, because she may very well lose all control if, when he gets older, he decides that he actually does want to join the armed forces. Which, by the way, wear camouflage!!! Going from her reaction here, if he did join, she would blame it all on this card anyways...
  • CN, Lexington
    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"- Einstein
  • LN, Lexington
    Typical responses from conservatives who are backwards-thinking. Neither Target NOR Army Headquarters in Kentucky condone this deceptive practice, get a clue already! Those in glass houses, and all that!
  • mk, columbia
    Is it any different from anyone else who puts unwanted items on our cars, front doors and mail boxes? No its not, the mother needs to find more important things to complain about, and for LN, Lexington I am an Army wife and darn proud of it, if it wasnt for my husband and others like him even your so called sleezy recruiters you my dear wouldnt have the freedom to moan and complain about such a trivial thing, grow up and get over it.
  • RW, columbia
    NO, there is nothing wrong with putting a business card in the pants. It's a form of advertising. Whats wrong with it, you don't like it just throw it away. This lady needs to get a life. Some people just don't appreciate life in these United States. Be very thankful there are individuals who serve this country to protect YOUR freedoms. Retired after 20 years and Damn Proud
  • J , Columbia
    So this mother wants the military as far away from her son as possible, yet she buys her son military camouflaged pants? Does she know about the term "hypocrite"?
  • TR, Columbia
    It's fine. There's advertising for free or discounted song downloads on pants now, so what's wrong with the Army dropping recruiting cards in the pockets. I don't want buying a pair of pants to turn into the daily task of sorting through junk mail though. With the state of the nation the way it is today, and especially in times of war, this should be completely accepted...if not encouraged. We're talking about our countries defense after all.
  • JS, Lexington
    What this woman needs to be concerned with is how severely she embarrassed her son by throwing this temper-tantrum. I'm sure his buddies at school will have a field day with this one.
  • BB, Lexington
    Textbook case of a hysterical woman over-reacting. What this country needs is to require at minimum two years military service. Look at the way teenagers act now compared to back when military service was expected by everyone (pre-1960).
  • BA, Pickens
    No, I don't think it is okay for military recruiters to do this. Young boys are very easily swayed, and this type of behavior is sneaky and deceptive. The military already has enough sneaky tactics to lure boys in, and this is crossing the line.
  • CK, West Columbia
    I think that this mother is way too uptight. and LN from Lexington needs to get a grip. Hopw can you be anti-military? Do you not believe in the things that the military does for us? Just like police officers. I bet you hate them too but who do you call when you need help? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and if someone doesn't like it they can throw it away. It's not that difficult to do.
  • CZ, West Columbia
    No,I wash my husband and my son's pants before they wear them .I would not like having shredded paper throughout my wash.
  • LA, Irmo
    They can put anything they want to into store bought clothing. It isn't illegal. Did the son sign up for the military? No. People need to stop making a big deal out of stuff. If that was me, I would have just looked at it and said "hm" and put it in the trash. End of story.
  • LN, Lexington
    NO. It is NOT okay. Army recruiters can be likened to a sleezy guy in a bar- he will do and say anything to pick up a woman. It has nothing to do with being too protective. And for anyone under the age of 21, YES, I AM anti-military. If more people protected their teens more, they might still be here and not lost in Iraq.
  • jg, Columbia
    What should bother people is that our military has been stretched and stressed to the point that recruiters feel it necessary to use such "trolling" tactics.
  • dw, manning
    That should be left upto the business. Stores are privately on.
  • DS, Manning
    I don't see a problem with them putting their card in store-bought clothing. It's no different than any other form of advertising. If someone is offended by it, just discard it. It's not as if it was offensive material such as pornography. I think this mom is over-reacting.
  • JP, Columbia
    Its no worse than the people that put their stuff in your mailbox, in your door or on your car. You really have to be anti-military to complain about this.
  • Bb, west cola
    Yes, it is ok. That mom is just too uptight. She can not shelter her child from the world!