(1-16-2008) What's your reaction to Clinton's comments on "Meet the Press?"

What's your reaction to Clinton's comments on "Meet the Press?"

  • hd, hopkins
    It is so said thatn we make big issue out of things that are true Sen. Clinton statement was true FACTS has nothing to do with race, if we put as much energy on making this a better world to live in and can accept the truth Martin Luther King brought real change but his vision became a reality by lydon johnson pushing the bill. let us stop fighting.
  • ct, camden
    i think she is like all the other canidates running for any election,they say what you want to hear.but when they make it to the office they forget what they said.
  • kk, lexington s.c.
    hillary might have said something wrong but what about obama what do we no about him?
  • dd, orangeburg
    iam a vol. firefighter and i would like to know the canditates well do for all of us vol.firefighters
  • LH, Irmo
    She told the truth. And I don't look at her any differently for it. It took an effort between King and politicians like LBJ to get things done. I don't think Martin Luther King would have had any problems with her statements, because even though he was a civil rights leader, he didn't do it alone. This is just people not being able to leave race out of things (where they belong) You would think that our country has moved on.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    While I have no intentions of voting for Hilllary, I found none of her comments racist if you hear them in full context instead of taking a snippets like many have done. On the other hand, I don't know why the press has not pressed her for her gender hating remarks.
  • VC, chapin
    I hope I can get my bomb shelter finished before the election. She is scary.
  • DK, Columbia
    I feel Hilary will say or do just about anything to get elected. In my opinion, she has no character at all. Just another run of the mill politician.
  • RH, Blythewood
    I appreciate WIS TV giving us the opportunity to respond to the questions of the day. While I understand how important it was for WIS to have meet the press here in columbia. Please do not be offended .I just did not care to hear what she had to say.
  • JP, Sumter
    She demonstrated her ability to be a very articulate liar.