(1-11-2008) The New Hampshire primary is over. What impact will it have on the race?

The New Hampshire primary is over. What impact will it have on the race?

  • vc, chapin
    As the saying goes, "Don't vote, it only encourages them". The best candidate in the pack is awful, and some people actually would vote for obama or clinton. We are committing national suicide and don't even realize it. Construction on my bomb shelter is well underway, the front and back yards are mined and wired, so I am fine.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    The only effect that the New Hampshire primary being over is there will be less candidates. There are no good choices on either side. We are in a world of hurt.
  • TM, Batesburg
    Well let me try this again since the 1st one I sent in did not get posted. I dont understand WIS you ask for our opinions then you want post them. When you plainly state that you WIS are not responsible for anything we say. This has happen to me several times. Especially with SC's governor Sanford. 1st off I agree with the ones who have written in. We are in a lot of trouble these people who are running I don't have faith in them. As for as one of the Republican Presidential Candidates I do not have faith/trust etc in him at all. Sure it's ok to have money but you can't buy the World. As for as the Lady goes oh Lord help us all. What in the world will she do pretend to pout and cry and try to get us of the messes with other counties and or ourselves. Give me a break. As far as another Candidate well to be honest I am scared to vote for any of them. I just don't don't but I do know one thing if it comes down to the brass tax against the Lady and whomever well it's going to be the whomever. After watching Lady in N. Hampshire I really and truly do not have any trust or respect for her at all. She is so Pretend there is nothing Real about her. What a bunch of Fakers we have running. Lord Help Us All we are really going to need it. As far as the military one well I have respect and admiration for him but what if we have conflicts with the country that held him prisoner. Want this be a conflict of interest how will he handle this if he were President. I mean would old wounds come back as a bad enemy or would he be able to absolutely forget what all has happen and get on with important matters and be able to talk Peace Talks etc. I am a concerned South Carolinian/American Citizen and I agree with one of the viewers and that is if you put them all in a bag and shake them up they will all come out the same. So the only thing I can say is Lord Have Mercy on us and Bless us all Amen. Now let's see if WIS will post this commit because the last one I wrote I really downed some of the Candidates without using any curse words. This one is a little more tactful and I use no First or Last Names.
  • RH, blythewood
    Well lets see.We have one candidate who will not place his hand on his heart,one lady who has no heart.Bottom line is if you put them all in a bag and shook them they would all come out the same.If this is the best we have in this country we are in a world of crap.I wish the news media would give us a break.You can't even watch cartoons without a campaign add.This is kind of like brain washing.We know the price of gas is going up,we know there is a war in Iraq ,we know we need health insurance,we know we need a better education system and so on. Why wait until you run for office before you address these issues? Could it be they want our vote? Then we have to listen to the press give their point of view.Why sit around a table for an hour telling us what the candidates said,just look over your left shoulder and ask the weather reporter. He makes better predictions than the so called experts.Another thing that bugs me is how much money that is spent to run for office.How about taking some of that money and give it to someone that really needs it.I don't think spending millions for an election is for the peoples benefit.As for the question of the day ask the weather man.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Contrary to what the Press would have us believe, the New Hampshire primary is simply the latest word in the electoral process - not the last word. New Hampshire will send its delegates to the respective party conventions where they will vote to select the nominees, just as all the other states will do. That is the extent of the impact of the New Hampshire primaries. Anything more is the doing of the Press, not of the voters.
  • JP, Sumter
    Three down and far too many to go. What I fear is that there will be many republicans that will "cross over" and vote in the democrat primary to skew the results.