Health Alert: Sinuses

NATIONAL - An occasional sinus infection is aggravating, but chronic sinus problems are exhausting. There are now some new ideas on how to clean up up your sinus act.

It sounds like a bad joke, but for Laura Holroyd, chronic sinus problems were no laughing matter.

"Pretty much after a while, it was 'round the, 'round the entire course of the year, four seasons, I had head infections," she said.

Laura is one of the 40 million Americans who suffer from sinus infections every year.

Dr. Jordan S. Josephson says, "Of you're congested and you're not breathing right, that's not normal. I know you've been doing it for 30 or 40 or 50 years, but it's not normal."

Doctor Josephson knows his stuff - he's a sinus specialist who says on-going sinus problems aggravate other conditions.

"Sinus problems can be connected to asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux, which is gerd, and allergies," the doctor explained.

Start by cleaning up your breathing environment, controlling nasal aggravators like dust and mold. Then, pay attention to what you eat.

Dr. Josephson says "if you're eating food that's making your nose congested, don't eat that food."

The congestion creates an environment that bacteria and viruses thrive in. The doctor also recommends an age-old treatment to clean the sinuses - nasal irrigation.

"Washing your sinuses out just makes you feel refreshed and gets your allergies out of your nose, gets dust particles and dirt particles out of your nose, and gets infection out of your nose."

And by following medical and practical therapies, Laura's breathing easier.

Doctor Josephson also says it's important to emphasize patient-doctor teamwork to help determine your triggers - like dust, mold and foods that can aggravate sinuses.

Posted by Bryce Mursch