(1-9-2008) What's your reaction to the death penalty case before the Supreme Court?

What's your reaction to the death penalty case before the Supreme Court?

  • PV, Gaston
    I feel the same as everyone on here. Our government has gotten totally ridiculous. If they are on death row they committed a very serious crime. If they are given the death penalty, and without doubt are guilty, take them straight to their demise. What purpose is there for waiting. The money that goes to feed, clothe, and house them could go to the less fortunate in our state. People who really need it. Look at the news recently about the home invasion, how many are repeat offenders? These people think our judical system is a joke, and it is, so they are not concerned about going back. Three meals a day and a bed. It shouldn't be considered a vacation when these people are put in jail. If the judges are so concerned about how the criminal feels, let the family of the victim do what the government is so chicken to do. To all the so called government leaders, get a back bone and a set of b's.
  • RC, West Columbia, SC
    I have no problem with someone getting the death sentence for certain crimes but later some bleeding heart Judges will rule an error happened and orders a new trial at tax payers expense. That irks the hell out of me. That said the person should then should be sentenced to life without parole with a court order that says he or she must be locked in a cell 23/7.
  • jh, sumter
    i feel they did not care about the people they were hurting. they need to die for what they do. taking someone's life is serious . it is the most human way to exicute someone.
  • KL, Lexington
    If they are on death row, they have committed a heinous crime for which they should be tortured or at least suffer the way their victims did. Why do we care about justice for death row inmates, murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc? There needs to be a deterrent of some sort in this Country. The media honors these criminals while the victims suffer even more. How about an eye for an eye?
  • RG, Little Mountain
    Causing pain is cruel. Lethal injection is unusual. Unless we are going to ignore the constitution like Dubyah, we have to abide by it. If you want to change the constitution, the States have to vote on an admendment to do so.
  • vc, chapin
    After seeing the monkey business coming from the supreme court lately, especially tipsy Toal, I doubt they are qualified to judge a sack race. God save us from our government.
  • BA, Hopkins
    The jerk who killed my brother has been on death row for 16 years. My brother was only 32 with 5 children. Where was the "humane" treatment for him when the killer took his life. Let's just do like they did in the old days...find a trea and rope and hang the offender.
  • CS, Cayce
    If someone is given the death sentence and that person has beyond a reasonable doubt committed the crime, then the punishment fits the crime. Most of the time these offenders have no remorse for what they have done to the victim or the victims family. We should not even be considering whether this is cruel & unusual punishment. I think injection is too easy a way out -- seriously, we should consider reinstating the firing squad or electric chair. I believe in the appeals process simply because it has proven that some have been wrongly convicted but again if no doubt the person committed the crime, death penalty is proper.
  • SC, Leesville
    Why should it even be a question regarding pain and suffering of a person on death row in regards to how they are put to death? Did these monsters ask the person or people they were murdering whether they were in pain, or whether their friends and family would feel pain and suffering for their loss? I don't think so. They have committed a senseless act that put them in the position they are in now. People's tax money, including that of the families that lost a victim, are spent paying for food, shelter, clothes, etc., to keep these people alive for decades before they finally get what is coming to them. If they kill someone and are given the death sentence, then they should have that sentence carried out, without haste. I'm sure that the victims screamed and cried, begging for their lives to no avail. Again, why should we care whether these animals suffer for even one second? The answer, we shouldn't.
  • DP, Winter Springs, FL.
    If someone has been convicted of a crime & sentenced to death, then they need to pay for what they've done. I don't feel sorry for them at all.
  • JO, Prosperity
    Why not execute the murderer in the same manner that they used with their victim. Then they and their lawyers would have to deal with the question whether it's "cruel and unusual" punishment or not.
  • DB, Cayce
    In the death penalty case before the Supreme Court, the plaintiff sadistically killed a man and his wife, then shot their two-year old child who survived. Not a good test case. Who cares if this man experiences a headache before his life is ended. Career criminals need to know that if their acts lead to the death of innocent victims, their death may be just as horrible as the one(s) they inflicted. You can call it inhumane. I call it justice.
  • EC, Sumter
    Is the manner in which these perpetrators killed their victims humane? Absolutely not. At some point we as a society have to start putting the rights of victims first instead of the rights of the criminal. It seems to me that once a victim is gone, all we care about is how the criminal is treated. Letahl injection is a treat compared to being raped, tortured, beaten, strangled, stabbed, shot, etc.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Admittedly, criminals are unsympathetic plaintiffs. As some here have pointed out, who cares if a murder feels a little pain at his execution? But the Supreme Court is more concerned with the larger questions of making the justice system better in an absolute sense than it is with the fate of a particular criminal. It is important that we as a society continue to strive to make our justice system more correct, more fair, more just, more humane. That is the work of the Supreme Court and I support it.
  • aw, lexington
    I agree, why do we care if the criminal suffers a little pain? The reason they are there is that they killed/murdered someone and didnt care about the pain and suffering of that person, it may have taken them hours or days to kill. Let them suffer.
  • RB, Chapin
    Take them out the same manner they chose to take their victoms out. They didn't give a second thought as to what pain their victoms suffered or the families of the victoms who live the rest of their lives with the pain of what was done to their loved ones. Who cares about their sufferage!!!!
  • CK, Columbia
    OK, why do we care if the criminal suffers a little pain. Did he/she ask their victim if they were in pain while they were being beaten, stabbed, or shot to death. If you are convicted of murder and sentenced to death then there is justice. We have to quit feeling sorry for the criminal and start standing up for the victims again. Murderers should have no rights!
  • OW, Springfield
    Take each inmate that has been on death row for 10 years or longer and put 1 bullet in his or her head. This is quick & painless,we need the room for other inmates & think of the money tax payers will save. This will also send a message to other people that if you get a death sentance you will die soon. To me if you are sentanced to death you have 30 days to get all your things in order then on the 31st day you die. Just think of the pain & suffering this person has caused for everyone else,then he or she thinks they have a right not to suffer. Put them to rest & move on