(1-7-2008) Is creating and selling a video game based on 9/11 going too far?

Is creating and selling a video game based on 9/11 going too far?

  • DC, West Columbia
    Video games based on 9/11 is in very poor taste. These themes would not be considered if there is not a chance of making a profit. I have three kids and would not allow them to even play such a game much less buy it for them. I will go as far as boycotting any store that would sell a game with the 9/11 theme.
  • OT, Leesville
    Yep, i think it is going way too far. That day is nothing to laugh about nor play with. What happened to morals?
  • SL, West Columbia, SC
    yes, yes, yes! This is very disrespectful of the brave men and women who died that fateful day.
  • NJ, Columbia
    Yes!! This is sick,sick,sick. Whoever created that game has no concience. To poke fun at a true American tragedy is a perversion of what is comapssionate and caring. Maybe they need to lose a loved one to a horror similar to 9-11.
  • WM, Denmark,SC
    I would like to ask the jerks have they lost a family member in the 9-11 attacks?And what do they stand to gain?My advice to them,don't go in a building that is a major target of terrorists.Your actions may come back to haunt you and claiming that the video game is protected by the First Amendment is bogus.
  • SB, Camden
    Absolutely. Our desire to be entertained in this country has just taken a turn toward disgusting. Come on; pick up a book.
  • CD, Conway
    I am appalled that anyone could think of creating a game about such a tragic and horrific event. It shows a great lack of sensitivity and compassion for the families of the victims and a total disrespect for the victims and for our country.When did murder and terrorism become a source of fun and games? The people who buy and play these games are just as bad as the people who create them. Would they like to see a personal tragedy of their own made into a game for everyone else's amusement?
  • fp, Irmo
    This is america, if people want to make and others want to sell these and other games, they have the right to do so. It is up to us as consumers to buy or not to buy these games. If no one bought them, no one would sell them. I don't like these kinds of games like most people, but I'm glad I have the option to buy or not.
  • PA, West Columbia
    I am a firefighters wife. Whom ever thought of and produced something like this has one, never lost a loved one or doesn't have a heart. I myself beleave they do not have a heart. No one who produces something like that could. To the families, I'm with you. Don't give them any media coverage. Maybe we need to pray for them that somehow they get a heart and realize the pain and disrespect they are causing to those familes. And the others in the rescue family. I pray they get help and that someone stops them..I say..Do not buy the game!!
  • LG, Ballentine
    No. We've been buying and playing war games forever---I bet most of us have played cowboys and indians, built forts and shot lots of the enemy as children. One sees young children dressed in military fatigues and playing with toy soldiers and toy guns. 911 was a sad incident in American history but no more so than the endless wars on American soil and certainly the many wars we supplied our troops. It's a parental/adult decision.What's the big deal--just don't buy it. As an adult, I personally don't want or need censorship at the toy/video/game store.
  • SM, Lexington
    Absolutely, it's a terrible breech of good taste. It's tacky to cash in on that tragedy.
  • SM, Lexington
    Absolutely, it's a terrible breech of good taste. It's too soon to cash in on that tragedy. Let the next generation (that didn't live through it) do that deed, not ours.
  • JB, Lexington
    To say that something is or isn't going too far is really up to the individual. However, that being said, we as Americans are led by greed and the almighty dollar. It has cost us our identity and our pride. There is nothing that seems to be out of line if there is money to be made.
  • DM, Columbia
    I was horrified and disgusted when I heard it on the news. It would take a sick person to come up with an idea like that. How horrible for the families of the victims
  • DK, Columbia
    Creating and selling the game is wrong, but actually buying and playing the game is even worse. Anyone who buys the game is just plain STUPID. And if you play it, you are of a still lower intelligence
  • WS, Newberry
    Yes it's going way to far. I think it's just a disgrace how some people will do anything to make a dollar. 9/11 should NEVER be taken lightly, or made fun of in any way. Or made into anything profitable. People lost their lives there, and should be able to rest in peace, and their families should be able to move on without stupidity such as this.
  • BL, West Columbia
    This is ridiculous! Video games are just that...games...the 911 event was not then or now a game nor was it fun by any means. Innocent people were killed and families and children were left without parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, and loved ones that died by the hand of another. Whoever created this game obviously lives by the 'what's in it for me' question. The movie and books were bad enough, but this is absurd and I hope the creator has accomplished whatever sick and demented goal they set out to accomplish.
  • aw, Lexington
    Depends on how the game is played. There are games out there on the Civil War, WWI & WWII and other war games. Why should this one be different. I do feel for the families and my country on what on 9/11 but maybe if the profits from this game is set a side in a fund for homeland security or something, that may help.
  • BA, Hopkins
    Anyone who thinks desecrating a graveite is humorous would buy such a game. I, for one, had several friends killed on 9/11 and wish to remember that my friends were taken away due to a vicious attack on their freedoms and not because some idiot wants to profit from their death by playing games.
  • DM, Columbia
    I was horrified and disgusted when I heard it on the news. It would take a sick person to come up with an idea like that. How horrible for the families of the victims
  • JP, Gaston
    Definitely too far. Total disrespect of all victims. Money should not be made off of such a terrible ordeal. It should be pulled immediately.
  • LM, Easley, SC
    Yes, any game based on 9/11 is going to far.
  • CB, Kershaw
    Yes it's it going way to far to disrespect those that have lost loved ones in 9-11. People will do anything to make a buck. Such poor taste
  • jh, west columbia
    a game based on 9/11 doesn't suprise me. it's a tragic disaster in the history of our nation who wouldn't be offended. but the thing this it has happened before and no has really even cared. the game- medal of honor rising sun. this game's first mission starts off with you being in the navy at pearl harbor defending your ship! that sounds a little familar. defending your ship, defending the world trade center, in both situations america is under attack(in a game) and you defending it(in a game). so how do you think pearl habor vets and their famlies felt when there life changing situations was turned into entertainment.
  • DJ, Gaston
    It's one of the most repulsive things I have ever seen. I know we have freedome of speach but this is way over the line. The person who made it is sick and anyone who buys this should hang their heads in shame.
  • AP, Hampton
    Yes,I believe this is ridiculous! It is terrible for people to profit off of other's tragedy. The families of 911 victims should be outraged!
  • JH, Bishopville
    Yes, creating and selling a video game is going too far. Money should not be made off of tragedies.
  • RM, Elgin
    You have to ask yourself what is too far. Should Perl Harbor be glorified or maybe even the fall of an interstate brige across a river. We have been so degraded that we think anything is OK. Maybe it is because we see it all the time. News is news and I respect the media but sometimes we see these images over and over to the point that we can think the Twin Towers or all the other violence is OK. When will we realize that we do become what we see.
  • TS, Orangeburg
    Now, I have heard it all..Thats what you think whe you see something like this. Of course it's going to far. New Yorker's should be outraged over this and the rest of us as well. How can someone be so bold as to try to cash in on one the most mournfull time in American history? Not only is this bad taste but it's also unamerican....
  • RS, Irmo
    Video games have become sick and disgusting and are responsible for kids becoming ever more violent. To make a video game based on 9/11 is perverted and disrespectful. Of course, video game makers have made so many sick games they probably ran out of ideas. I hope this event will cause law makers to crack down on this stuff.
  • GQ, Columbia
    Absolutely a bad idea! I pray this does not happen. What occurred 9/11 was no game and should not be made into one either. How tacky for someone to even consider this.
  • DW, Colmbia
    Yes, this is going to far. People have every right to earn a living, but making money off such a terrible event is heartless. The only thing worst then the people who make this product, will be the people who purchase it. No hearts and no souls.