(1-3-2008) What issues are important to you heading into the primaries? - wistv.com - Columbia, South Carolina

(1-3-2008) What issues are important to you heading into the primaries?

What issues are important to you heading into the primaries?

  • BZ, Hilton Head
    Any issues dealing with financial and long term health security - Social security and preservation of pensions tops the list while affordable health care for all is a close second
  • AM,
    That a Democrat win.
  • tc, conway sc 29527
    1st of all the war in Iraq want our boys brought home and now 2nd inflation the govt keeps telling me how low yet I seem to be paying so much more example gas health ins milk 3rd more honesty fm our leaders and less bs tired of them promising the sky when they know they cant deliver so why not tell the truth
  • TM, Batesburg
    My biggest concern is our seniors, taxes, Education, health care, our troops, the borders, foreign made products & most important of all is trying to take God out of Everything. This nation was built on the trust and Love Our Lord God in Heaven and now just about everyone including Our Government wants to do away with that. It first started in Our Schools ...... 2nd make it right that same sex marriage is ok when in the Bible it says its a sin and someone who commits these acts will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. I do not understand how Our Elective Officials can make this legal. Thank God I don't live in New Hampshire and other places where this is Legal. God Bless America and Please help us all to Chose the Right Person for President.
  • JP, Columbia
    1. Border security. 2. Ending all welfare programs. 3. Eliminating all parole for felons.
  • JH, North Charleston
    So many issues, where do you begin? First and foremost in my mind, the Internal Revenue Service needs a complete overhaul, no question there. Health care in this country is a joke,the price of gasoline has become virtually unaffordable, social security is on the brink of bankruptcy,crime is rampant,and we continue to pour billions of dollars into a war that we will never win. So if there is a candidate running for president that has the ability to fix all of these things, would someone please tell me who that person is??
  • CB, Kershaw
    I think all candiates should address the problem of American jobs going overseas, the jobs that are staying is hospitality and resturants and they don't pay enough to keep a family going. Sometimes couples are working two jobs to make it in this world and they wonder why the juvinile crime rate is high and gangs being formed all across this country. I say stop all this NAFTA and keep American jobs in American and pose a fine on these companies that close plants up to move overseas or Mexico.
  • WG, Charleston
    Making available accessible affordable health care for all Americans.
  • TC, West Columbia
    What are the candidates views of how to deal with the ever increasing problem of illegal immigration?
  • MD, Columbia
    Health care and all of it's related areas of concern not the lease of which is Medicare. Of equal concern is how we provide economic security. In both of these issues there are critical roles for the individual to play but the government has an ever more important role in supporting us.
  • MW, Aiken SC
    1. Health Care (Universal)Affordable 2. Financial Security 3. Immigration 4. The current war. Must end.
  • NW, Kingstree
    health insurance for all United States citizens ending the war in Iraq
  • KM, Columbia
    The war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and future plans for troop pullout. Healthcare.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Like most other respondents here, I am concerned about health care, Social Security, and domestic spending generally. But as MP, Columbia reminds us, the president will never get anything done alone. So I want to know how and why each candidate thinks that he (she) can get something done when so many before have failed.
  • RW, Myrtle Beach
    No. 1 - Universal Health Care Coverage No. 2- Illegal immigration N0. 3- Economy
  • sl, Aiken, S.C.
    There are 2 (two) that I would like some kind of an understanderable answer. #1 Did you and your colleges vote for or against the request from all Korean War Veterans be given a Federal Charter for so they can be recognized as a Offical Veterans organisation representing ALL Korean War Veterans. #2Doing more than LIP service to helping our Iraq and Afghanastan veterans with the problems that they are having from Medical ,Post war Syndrome and financial.Look how many years it took to finally declare the Korean Police Action a WAR. Freedon is not FREE Peace,Love & Shalon  
  • JB, Columbia
    Military. Economics. Medical. Gangs.
  • MG, Charleston
    I believe it is important that all people in our country should have good available health care.  I think it is unforgiveable and immoral that we have people living on the streets in one of the most wealthy ocuntries in te world.  I think older citizens should be able to live in dignity and relative comfort and not have to worry about losing the homes they worked for because property values have gone up so much in some areas that they cannot afford to pay their property taxes.  I would like to know how the candidates would approach these problems.
  • MP, Wagener
    Healthcare Costs, specifically for those between 55 and 64 who have been refused Health Insurance. I believe the Insurance Industry should be required to take all applicants and find a way to abosorb the cost of what they call "High Risk" consumers.
  • RW, Seneca
    Like many other seniors I am concerned about health care and Social Sercurty.
  • JW, Columbia
    Health care, pensions and Social Security
  • WH, Johns Island
    Universal Health Care. Medicare Entitlement Funding. Social Security Entitlement Funding. Taxation without Roads.
  • MP, Columbia
    Most importantly I am looking for a candidate that will work to find common ground between the politcal parties.  The candidate needs to set a tone that will help get us out of the horrible partisan divide we have been mirred in most of the last 15 years. My most important issues of concern are making health care affordable and available for all people, righting the economy, instituting a sane long term foreign policy and restoring fiscal respondsibility to the budget and spending process.
  • JC, Hilton Head
    Immigration. The war.
  • RA, Columbia
    The candidates are mostly responding more to each other in games of "One-Upmanship" (and gottcha),with an eye and ear to how the media reflect the consequences.  The real substance of issues is generally lost. Serious issue discussion is largely missing.
  • LB, Aiken
    Making it a priority to develop a way for quality health care to be available to all Americans; assuring that we all have the prospect of financial security in old age, after a life-time of working, paying taxes, social security, etc. etc.  Moving away from exptreme, super-partisan political stances and finding leaders who know that there is truth on both sides of the "aisle" and that compromise is sometimes the only path forward.
  • DH,
    The economy with the falling dollar - Foreign Policy especially Iraq-Iran-Pakistan and Afghanistan - The power we just give away to the powerful corporations - The mixing of our Government and Religion - The environment - Bi-partisanship - The tax rate of 15% on dividend and interest income for the wealthy should be stopped instantly.
  • BS, Hopkins
    Being a senior citizen, health care, social security, medicare, taxes, and mortgages are my top priority.  Each candidate says how they "plan" to take care of these issues but will they keep their "plans" once elected.  Who can we trust or believe at this point?
  • EH, Columbia
    The rising costs of healthcare are extremely important. I want to hear the candidates bipartisan and workable solutions to the issues of healthcare.
  • BT, Gray Court
    Health Care for retirees.
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