(12/31/07) - What do you think was this year's most memorable story on wistv.com?

What do you think was this year's most memorable story on wistv.com?

  • BM, Camden
    I think the most memorable story was the coverage of the abduction of the Lugoff teen who was kept in the bunker by Vincent Filyaw. I liked the way your personnel introduced the story and played no favorites when the Kershaw Co. Sheriff was criticized for his handling of the case and I liked the way your personnel followed up and provided every detail before, during, and after the abduction. Quality reporting as always from WIS.
  • AW, Orangeburg
    The Jena Six and how people was taking up for the six blacks that did hurt the boy for just hanging a noose in a tree. the hung people by noose in the cowboy times and the noose issue at orangeburg calhoun tech college.
  • TB, Lexington
    I think that the Charleston fire was the most memorable story of 2007. As the wife of a firefighter my heart broke for each of the families that were involved. But also, I felt that these men were doing what they loved at the time of their passing & I am sure that somewhere they are all on the ladder truck together keeeping watch over all of us. Thanks to all the firefighters & their families!!
  • HB, Bethune
    I know the most memorable story for me is the trial coverage of Vincent Filyaw. I felt vindicated when he plead guilty to all counts of hurting that young girl and her family. I think WIS did a great job of covering the whole story from the first reports of the abduction down to the sentencing phase.
  • cs, columbia
    i think the biggest story viewed was the firefighters that loss there life in the charleston furnture store fire
  • LG, Columbia
    Actually, there were three, loss of the firefighters in Chas, loss of the students in the beach fire,and the man who had to cut his own arm off.
  • RS, Irmo
    Kara Gromley's investigative coverage of the Jessie Gutierrez and Lisa Rucker cold cases in Lexington County. Our innocent vicims should not be forgotten.
  • RM, Manning
    The heroic deaths of the nine firefighters in the furniture store fire. They unselfishly gave their lives fighting this fire. They are forever heroes. All firefighters know the risks, yet they do it anyway.
  • JA, Ridgeway
    Defintely the Firefighters. It was a shot heard round the country.
  • TC, Lexington
    Ocean Isle Beach, NC fire kills six USC students, one Clemson student
  • BD, Neeses
    A lot of headlines made for bigger play of attention, but without fail, the drought is the story with the biggest effect on everyone viewing WIS. Regardless of location, income, race, etc., the lack of rain providing for water, nourishment for crops, infiltration of salt water upstream in rivers, etc., is an effect upon us all which shall have consequences for years to come.
  • HH,
    The most amazing story to me was the one about the man cutting off his own arm to save his life. BTW, I am glad he was still around to do your interview too!! Remarkable!!
  • DT, West Columiba
    I would say it is the preoccupation with USC athletic programs, football in particular. In looking back over previous QODs for 2007 I counted 18 on that topic, more than on any other single issue addressed in this forum. I hate to think that this is a reflection of news priorities at WIS-TV, but somebody comes up with these questions.
  • BL, west columbia
    Thomas Ravenel and his drug dealer!
  • AC, Orangeburg,SC 29115
    (9)Nine firefighters from Charleston.
  • kc, west cola
    The firemen who gave their lives in charleston, thats the top story of 2007 in my opionion.. Thank you
  • jo, columbia
    when the police officer found the baby in a tree after a tornado and sit the baby on the hood of his patro car.
  • CP, Winnsboro
    Ocean Isle Beach, NC fire kills six USC students, one Clemson student
  • BS, West Columbia
    I think the most memorable are the profiles on those individuals who "make a difference or are people you can count on". In looking at the profiles of the families helping families people it looks like some of the people receiving should be the ones giving. Also some need education in birth control.
  • GS, Irmo
    I think the most viewed story of 2007 was when Anna Nicole Smith died. I couldn't tear myself away from WIS when that happened.
  • WG, Pelion
    The farmer that had to cut his arm off to free himself from the machinery accident.
  • RG, Little Mountain
    The most viewed story on wistv.com was the Stacy Day domestic violence trials. Many of the laws and programs that seek to curb domestic violence do not work and need to be reformed. Restraining orders do not prevent future violence. Mandatory arrest of alleged abusers often place the victims in greater risk for future violence. The laws are really designed to break up families and marriages. For too long, victims of abuse have been revictimized by a system that ignores their wishes, escalates partner conflict. Prosecutions without the victim's consent minimize the role of the victim.