(12-21-2007) How big of a problem is theft among children?

How big of a problem is theft among children?

  • vc, chapin
    I spent many many years working for DSS. Trust me, the last thing you want to do to save a child is to have DSS involved. Never.Never have DSS become involved in your life. You will never ever get rid of them. It's like giving Barney Fife the missile keys to a nuclear sub. Just trust me on this.
  • jg, Columbia
    I hope that woman in the video will be prosecuted for both theft AND child abuse, because teaching a child to steal is a form of abuse. On another note, those of you who want to make this a racial issue should remember that thieves come in all colors. Executives who steal millions of dollars from companies and pension funds are almost never black people.
  • DS,
    The child is not to blame at all as this is what she has been taught. This is a typical example of what our society has come to. Children are not taught right from wrong in many homes and then when that child grows up and joins a gang and ends up in prison, the parents moan and groan about where in the world did they go wrong...and the cycle will continue through generations.
  • BS, Hopkins
    Working in a retail store, adults are seen stealing by children. Children copy adults. Just take a look at how many children are in DJJ and wonder how we as a society have broken down...whatever happened to "get to the seat of the problem." DSS intervention of accusations of child abuse if you spank your child for wrongdoing. Let's get back to parents being in control, not governmental agencies.
  • PS, Ft Mill
    What kind of a world are we living in when a mother stands by and encourages a seven year old child to steal? Where are the morals of these people or do they have any?
  • JA, Lexington
    I think its a shame that they are NOT being taught any better at home by their parents . Some parents actually promote lyng and stealing as a "getting over " on some people and government. Look at the people getting welfare that don't deserve it . The children learn from example . We need to bring back old fashion parenting skills . If a child does wrong ,many parents do not hold them accountable for their actions .
  • SP, Columbia
    Apparently for those people, it is not a problem at all, the whole family participates in it. These are the moral values and integrity that have been fostered by the welfare system. Nothing is illegal unless you are caught and then its racial profiling.
  • DH, Columbia
    I saw your story about the young girl stealing a donation box. I have to say that it was the most disturbing thing I've ever saw. I can't believe that the "mother" encouraged the girl to steal. I'm a father of 4 and my youngest took some candy without paying for it. When we found out, we forced her to go back to the business, and apologize in person to the manager and hand the candy back. There is no reason for parents to encourage and show their children how to steal. In my opinion, that little girl needs to be taken into protective custody to protect her from her mother because she obviously doesn't care about her child.
  • NS, Cayce
    Its a huge problem. The problem lies with the way the parents raise their children. They are not born with the instinct to steal. They copy the behaviors that surrounds them in their environment
  • BB, Lexington
    It would be less of a problem if the United States instituted caning as a form of punishment for petty crimes. This girl because her mother coerced her steal, she'd think twice about it next time if she got to witness her mother getting 20 lashes. By the looks of both of them, they're probably on WIS's family tree and picking up their free gifts right now.
  • DT, West Columbia
    Theft, along with other varieties of juvenile crime, has been with us forever. This recent news story notwithstanding, I see no reason to believe that juvenile crime has gotten appreciably worse than it has always been. Still it is a problem whenever children go astray. Whether it is due to lack of guidance - or worse - improper guidance, society cannot afford to ignore criminal behavior in children. Unless it is addressed, young criminals grow up to be old inmates. And that is a terrible waste.