One member of 218th will never forget this Christmas present

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Earlier in the week we told you about Sgt. Louis Wright. He sacrificed his leave from Afghanistan so another member of the 218th could be home for the holidays.

Now Staff Sgt. David Thomas and his family are thankful to be together for the holidays and for Sgt. Wright's sacrifice.

Sgt. Thomas was supposed to be going on leave at the first of the year, just a few days before his young kids were headed back to school.

Now, because of Sgt. Louis Wright, he is home for the holidays and gets to spend more time with his family. Staff Sgt. Thomas says, "He told me he would swap out for me so I could be home with them. We pulled a switch-a-roo. I owe a whole lot to him."

Cindy Thomas says, "We've been married 14 years, together almost 20, and never been apart for Christmas, really wanted him to be home and have a special Christmas for the kids."

The special Christmas is intact. Their six-year-old daughter just can't seem to let daddy go, and their ten-year-old son is glad there is another man in the house.

A world away this dad said the only thing he wanted for Christmas was to see his family. Now Staff Sgt. David Thomas says, "I've been gone nine months; I ain't seen none of them in nine months. It's real good to come home and spend some time with them."

Staff Sgt. Thomas will be headed back to Afghanistan at the end of the month. He says he will never forget the gift Sgt. Wright gave him this Christmas.

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Reported by Stewart Moore

Posted by Chantelle Janelle